The need for a written plan on how your practice will deal with these disasters is obvious but you also need to know that HIPAA requires a written disaster contingency plan.
All downloadable products will be available for immediate download after succesful payment confirmation. To access purchased downloadable products, log in to your account, click on "My Account" and select "Downloads" from the menu on the right. In the case of a natural disaster or personal crisis you might not be able to update your site as regularly as you normally do. In a Worst case scenario – if you are unable to upload to your site and keep things running, or to answer queries about your products, then you can always pay someone else to do it. Using cloud hosting is a smart move because it means your files aren’t restricted to any single server. Ben Austin is founder and managing director of UK based SEO agency SEO Positive Limited, an innovative search engine optimization company based in UK. I am a 29 year old Web Developer, Designer, and Programmer (front & backend) in Lynchburg, VA. This site is full of resources for all levels of web designers, developers, programmers, and geeks of all kinds. We have been honored to be featured all across the net - features, interviews, honorable mentions, etc.

If you believe that because you do not live in the path of hurricanes or tornadoes, you shouldn't have to worry about practice risks - think twice. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. For a while it dominated the headlines, but now we’ve come through the other end there are more important things to worry about. Many businesses such as Shapeways for instance were forced to halt their business and lost a lot of money from the disaster, but in some cases this could have been avoided with better planning.
While you might be in a better position to handle a natural disaster than say a wooden stall that has breakable china, there are nevertheless still ways you can be affected.
This can seriously damage your reputation when people have become used to checking back to your site every day for fresh content.
Unless you want a flood or a dropped laptop to wipe out years’ worth of work and your entire business, then make sure you have your website stored on your server, on the cloud, on online backup and on a USB drive too. Having someone in mind ahead of time and a sound budget planned out is a good way to do this without being completely stressed out by the situation and having to rush through finding the right person to patch things up, which could lead to even more problems. By budgeting carefully you can ensure that you always have the money you need to keep this going even when your assets take an unexpected hit. This then means that say an earthquake did destroy your main server, your visitors would simply be redirected to another one that had an exact up to date copy of your website.

We typically do not focus on any 1 thing more than another, we mainly focus on providing the best info in all possible categories, to keep your skills well rounded - and also we provide some humor, tech news, and geeky stuff from time to time. It is nice to be noticed, and we appreciate all the press that we get, here are just a few places you may have seen us before.
My template will guide you through the steps that will need to be taken prior to a disaster, what needs to be done when a disaster is imminent, and the steps to prepare for resumption of business.
What if there’s a power outage, if the servers go down, or if your computer is damaged? So to prevent this from happening, make sure that you write some content at least up front that you can then keep in reserve.
This is where I share my ideas, experiments, experience and tips in the Industry (and whatever nerdy things I come across). Typical topics are HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery), PHP, MYSQL, Wordpress, Design, Inspiration, etc.
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