Crowdfunding is steeds meer in het nieuws terwijl we nauwelijks weten wat het is en wat we er mee kunnen. This morning (November 26th, 2014) I participated in the DotComplicated show hosted by Randi Zuckerberg with fellow guests Leila Janah from Samasource, Rachel Sklar from, David Hewitt from Heed Your Call and Danae Ringlemann from Indiegogo to talk about crowdfunding for charities. The elite served the elite, for the sake of worthy causes that needed the help, sitting on boards, and organizing parties and private dinners to drum up donations.
Sure, the traditional techniques above are still used, but the dawn of social fundraising has democratized fundraising so that deep pockets are no longer required. Nonprofits that are used to relying on super donors writing hefty checks need to learn to embrace a better way: The idea of crowd-funding, where numerous smaller donations add up, powered by social media marketing. Savvy nonprofits are leveraging this trend born of technology, recognizing that social fundraising has already changed the sector forever (and for the better).
Though fundraising through old school methods still reigns, but layering social media on top of them is what makes a campaign or message explode and go viral. So if you're one of the hold-outs, it's time to shake off your doubts and add social fundraising to your toolbox. Online donations continue to increase year after year, bolstered by the now common practice of texting donations after major natural disasters, and the growing awareness and popularity of #GivingTuesday. Social media has also provided an outlet for organizations to raise awareness like never before, allowing people who aren't wealthy an opportunity to help simply by sharing information with friends who can afford to donate. Have I convinced you that social fundraising is an important element to your overall fundraising strategies? Social fundraising has grown, and will continue to as tech-savvy generations like Millennials make it even more common-place to live the digital life. Adding social fundraising to your organization's arsenal will be beneficial, even if it feels like a big change right now.
Keep using any traditional methods that are working for you, but use social media to supplement your promotional efforts and see how much farther you're able to reach with social fundraising. It is arguable that nothing has shaken up the investment and funding world lately more than crowdfunding. In fact crowdfunding is so disruptive that Obama recently signed the JOBS act (here’s a break down at Mashable). Right now may be a great time to get your product development, prototype or other startup expenses covered via crowdfunding. As always, read the fine print when signing on the dotted line with any of the following sites or other crowdfunding sites.
Rockethub “RocketHub is a launchpad and community for independent artists and entrepreneurs” as it states on their site.
Two notable advantages of Rockethub – Internationally based and they accept money from around the world.
Combien de fois n’ai-je pas deja vu passer une super innovation avec cette meme reflexion qui me vient a l’esprit ?

A defaut d’etre un business angel aux moyens consequents, le financement participatif permet a des quidams dans mon genre de contribuer (a leur niveau) a une serie de projets, qui verront le jour malgre   les reticences des industries concernees (et investisseurs associes).
De l’aspect entrepreneur, je trouve genial de pouvoir tester directement son idee par rapport a son marche. On y retrouve beaucoup de startups de tous horizons (principalement US et FR) et c’est un vrai plaisir de contribuer a l’essor des cerveaux de demain ! Je n’aime pas non plus tomber sur des projets de manifestations culturelles ou organisation de concerts. Bref, je trouve que c’est du racket de demander aux gens de financer ce genre de projet.
Il y a donc une certaine limite a mon implication dans les projets de financement participatif. Je vais me laisser guider en fonction des coups de coeur que je rencontrerai aux hasards d’heureux surfs (merci, les Internets !). It made me reflect on how philanthropy and fundraising have evolved over the last few years. Buttoned-up men and women in pearls hosted elaborate galas, aimed at honoring just the right person in order to boost attendance and support for their cause. I have been around long enough to remember some of these techniques - like the old "spray and pray" approach of sending out a mass mailing, and fervently hoping the money would come flooding in. Applying social efforts will give you greater return on every form of fundraising your organization uses. You don't know where you are, where you should be, and everyone is speaking with a strange dialect you don't quite understand. If anything, it's going to get bigger, and by opting out you're missing important learning moments along its evolution. Giving is easier than ever before, and social media is making it trendy -literally, thanks to smart use of hashtags. It also enables people to make micro-donations, knowing that even a single dollar (something they'd not write a check for), when pooled with the donations of hundreds of thousands or millions of others, will make a difference.
If so, your first inclination might be to go full tilt with the idea and look into developing a $10,000 proprietary online fundraising platform of your own.
Because on top of the fact that it will eat up a lot of time in creation and maintenance, it will eat up money not just in the initial development, but in the overhaul you'll need to do when it becomes obsolete in a few short years. A fundraising platform is simply another tool to help you with your actual mission, raising funds for your amazing cause. Even older generations will become increasingly comfortable with social media and online giving as more and more of them transition to smartphones. Take it in steps, adding a fundraising platform, and integrating social media into your overall marketing, if you haven't already. They’re all different and seem to target a different type of entrepreneur, some are for creatives looking to launch a music career, others are for inventors with a product idea.

If you need funding for you project, Kickstarter is a great place to watch, learn and participate.
As they say on their site “Create Your Campaign” “Gain global exposure” and “Get Inspired”. Dans la plupart des cas, c’est l’association d’un grand nombre de personnes investissant un petit montant qui permettent aux porteurs de projets de trouver les fonds demandes. Cela ne court-circuite pas pour autant les etudes de marche prealables, mais ca permet de limiter la casse, ou ajuster le tir en cours de route si l’offre ne rencontre pas la demande. Par contre, je m’y retrouve moins ce niveau long terme dans une manifestation ephemere de type expo, concert ou festival.
Entre projets foireux et diverses arnaques, il faut malgre tout rester prudent, meme si les sites hebergeurs verifient le plus scrupuleusement possible les dossiers et candidatures. In november 2012 zijn we zelf actief aan de slag gegaan met crowdfunding om te kijken hoe dat nou werkt, wat je er mee kan en of het een mogelijkheid is om in het fysieke domein aan kwaliteit te werken.
Anyone who was anyone was invited, expected to attend, and donate generously -- because they could afford to. Some suggest (and perhaps hope) that it's all just a flash in the pan, so no point in wasting time assimilating in case it all just goes away.
And there are many platforms out there, ready to do the work for you, without any of the headaches you'd incur making your own. With a lot of successful projects, there are some great examples on how to inspire a community to support your vision. The fees vary from 4% to 9% based on the success of your project and a few variables like credit card processing fees. Naar aanleiding van dit onderzoek, literatuur en eerdere berichten hebben we een infographic gemaakt die het principe van crowdfunding verder uitwerkt (klik op afbeelding hiernaast). Also, don’t be afraid to reach out and contact folks who have posted on Kickstarter, they are often more than willing to offer advice and help.The fees are in the fine print 5% + transaction fees, but basically, you must reach your set goal to get funded.
Where crowdtilt may be advantageous is for those individuals that have a strong and large social network group.
Construire une affiche qui ramene suffisamment de gens pour faire tourner le bar, c’est un budget consequent, a rajouter a la location de (la bonne) salle et aux frais de personnel. Don’t count Crowdtilt out for your entrepreneurial product ideas, just be aware that it appears to cater more to smaller one off funding purposes than a fundraising tool with incentives for contributors.

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