As soon as the words nuclear disaster come to mind I shutter at the horrible effects it has on the world and all of its inhabitants.  The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan occurred on March 11th 2011. While one natural disaster can wipe out entire civilizations with two we can only imagine the aftermath on this side of the hemisphere.
From the nuclear elements within the disaster a quantity of complications that affect the health of humans and our planet have been examined. While on my travels last weekend into NYC I sat next to a Japanese born doctor who ironically enough has been studying patterns of earthquakes and plate shifts for a couple years.
Ice storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, severe heat waves, and massive lightning can leave millions without power. The PowertronTap Box is available for a fast connection in case of an emergency, especially if the site is not a candidate for a permanent generator. Give us a call today at 847-956-5000 for a free no obligation review of your electric utility back up plan. Depending on the situation, you may have anywhere from a few seconds to a week or more to make preparations to survive a disaster scenario and its aftermath.
If you live in a region where natural disasters are common, you should have a survival plan of action. If Hurricane Katrina didn’t demonstrate to every American that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not capable of adequately responding to large-scale natural disasters, you were either asleep at the wheel or willfully ignorant. If you have any doubt about the need for knowing survival tactics now, just do a quick internet search on the effectiveness of the federal government’s ability to respond to major natural disaster.
It was a result of an earthquake that led to this destructive matter at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant.
While an 8.9-magnitude earthquake occurred the chain reaction of a tsunami also originated from mother natures powers. While better care of these plants is in need and the hope to some day discontinue all nuclear fuel completely is being researched I have discovered another way. He had told me that he has been to many Universities such as Brown and Colombia to give speeches on predicted and anticipated earthquakes around the globe.
You understand a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
This generator docking station allows temporary power to be restored and connected within minutes!

Take this Power Outage Challlenge and we'll provide you with a electric utility back up plan! How long can your facility withstand a power outage without significant expense or customer satisfaction issues?
Does your maintenance personnel and local fire authorities have the location and access to your main utility disconnect? When was the last time your generator or UPS (uninterruptible power system) was professionally performance tested and serviced?
Do you have a prior arrangement including credit approval with a local generator rental company to expedite a generator rental when you need one? Have you ever considered a cost effective pre-installed device like a Generator Connection Cabinet to assist in the safe and speedy connection of a rental generator? Tornadoes and hurricanes affect large regions of the United States every year, yet few people are prepared or have a plan of action to deal with these common natural disasters.
The federal government has failed to provide timely, useful support to tens of thousands of Americans in the aftermath of numerous catastrophic events.
This decision process could take a few hours or several weeks depending on the nature of the disaster.
If so, Volico can serve as a fully customizable strategy for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.Volico also allows you to customize redundancies in your infrastructure. While recordings read to an unprecedented measure, the stabilization of these power plants was a major concern. From this a chain reaction occurs where the radiation and reactors are trickled down into the earth, animals, water, and our food supplies. Everyday everyone was just looking at the news and see what is going on with the nuclear reaction in Japan. You know, a lot of individuals are searching round for this info, you can help them greatly. The Sarbanes-Oxlet Act is passed in 2002, putting heavy requirements on companies in regard to their financial documents and reporting capabilities.
Powertron's electric utility back up plan will provide you an evaluation of your existing backup power system and possible options based on your current and future requirements in order to stay in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley law. Even with the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina, FEMA was still woefully unprepared for the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy seven years later.

In the event of a disaster at one location, your traffic is immediately rerouted to an unaffected location, making it transparent to your clients.
Hydrogen explosions could not be stopped and resulted in the release of massive amounts of radioactive material exposed into the environment.
Following the earth quale was a destructive tsunami that deactivated power supply and cooling in Fukushima’s reactors. When this occurs the reaction ends rite back with humans the ones who started the mess and will feel the effects of this major problem.
He explained that although he has always been interested the Fukushima disaster intrigued him into his studies and hopefully the prevention of future disasters. Fear, panic and chaos often result within a few days without access to the basic survival essentials; shelter, water, food, fire and basic medical care.
Whether you simply need backup services, or a full Disaster Recovery solution, Volico has some of the most competitive offerings in the world.Two really annoying things about catastrophes are that they happen in the first place and that they often happen by surprise. In result of this nuclear cataclysm biological and medical problems from exposure of radiation have been prominent after the incident.
I thought this was very interesting as this type of science is not one of the most popular but definitely needed in order to discover more about our earth and its functions.
An integral part of any well designed disaster recovery plan should include a backup power system. The fact is the federal government is ill equipped to deal with widespread, large-scale disasters. Professor Matthew Penney and Mark Selden stated in their article on “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster had reached level 7, the highest on the International Nuclear Event Scale. Before Fukushima, the only level 7 case was the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.” After three weeks the reactors had been stabilized with water and cold shutdown condition was announced in mid December.

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