MCGM (Disaster Cell), "The Bombay City Ambulance Corps", and "Mumbai fire Brigade" for faculty and content support. Disaster Management Cell - a Community Based Disaster Risk Management Program to organize people in the community for disaster preparedness, therefore, we are coming up with a training course in Disaster Management.
Training of Trainers Programme in Disaster Management -(first aid and life saving techniques).

Volunteers completing the workshop successfully will be awarded Certificates by Nirmala Niketan, United Way of India and MGCM (Mumbai). The three day course provided an interactive teaching atmosphere using case studies, best practices, and didactic interaction to cover, disaster planning, disaster response, and disaster recovery.
The purpose of the course is to build capacity of community groups to handle any disasters effectively and to save lives of maximum people at the time of disasters by initiating support activities.

On the final day, a simulated Table Top Exercise with full student participation was conducted to reinforce and apply the concepts learned.

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