Disaster Management PlanA disaster is an unplanned event that significantly threatens the health ofthe residents, causes operational disruption, or physical or environmentaldamage, and harm to the city. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Mangaia Island Government recognises the significance of this plan in preparing and protecting its people against disasters of any magnitude.
In 2015, ReliefWeb covered 88 natural disasters, with the Nepal earthquakes the most significant. Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to common problems and learn more about ReliefWeb. The aim is to prioritise the implementation of this plan to safeguard the people of the Cook Islands.

Regular trimming reduces the chances of fallen limbs harming your home or vehicle.Put Away Movable Objects ? Store light and movable items such as outdoor furniture and lawn decorations. Emphasis has been put on safety measures with specific focus on disasters such as cyclones and tsunamis.
These items can be swept up by strong winds and thrown at doors, windows and vehicles.Manage Leaks ? Repair all leaks. Global and regional disasters and their devastating consequences is a reminder of the importance of this plan. Even the smallest of untreated leaks can quickly grow into a deluge during heavy rains and cause an unlimited amount of damage to the home.
All leaks should be properly repaired immediately.Protect Your Vehicle ? Park your vehicle under an awning or in a garage.

Vehicles are always at a very high risk of suffering storm damage because they usually are parked outside.
If protected parking is unavailable, park far away from trees, telephone poles and objects at risk of falling or moving.Direct Lightning ? Channel lightning strikes by placing lightening conductor rods in areas of highest elevation.

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