A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.
This whitepaper gives a detailed plan to manage potential disaster and deal with common issues in and around the workplace.
In addition to designing processes for re-establishing failed systems, a disaster recovery engineer must also run simulations to ensure those plans will work when it The attached document is a job description template for a Disaster Recovery Administrator. Not surprisingly, organizations have made it a high priority to develop and implement reliable business continuity plans to to work area recovery. In this article Barbara shares her thinking on how to develop a good business continuity plan. A typical disaster recovery continuity planning no longer resides solely within the IT domain.
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Understand and explain what infrastructure is, enabling the enterprise, its constituents, and the executive team to manage the technology environment more effectively. Analyze the current state of the infrastructure so the enterprise knows where it works well and where to focus improvement efforts.
Justify infrastructure spending, using the template's comprehensive definitions and ready to use examples to link IT infrastructure and the enterprise's bottom line. In order comply with the PCI-DSS requirements the IT infrastructure needs to be defined in such a way that an enterprise can build and maintain a secure data scheme, databases, application systems, network, network components, and other items related to authorization, data retention, data storage, data transmitting and security - including disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Credit Card Companies aim to secure cardholder data wherever it resides, requiring that members, merchants, and service providers maintain the highest information security standards. The PCI-DSS Compliance Kit aid level 4 merchants with infrastructure tolls that address issues that all of these merchants face. PCI-DSS Coordinator - With the onset of the new compliance requirements Level 4 merchants need to have one point of contact for all of the issues associated with meeting the requirement. Formal Security Audit Program - With onset of the mandated requirement a formal audit program is required by even the smallest merchant. Security Polices and Procedures - Structure and rules are required any many Level 4 merchants do not have the infrastructure in place to address these issues directly. The plan sets out to cover every aspect of your business in terms of ensuring that all areas are covered with an effective plan. For general policies, titles include Acceptable Use, Acceptable Encryption, Password Construction, Password Protection, Email Use, Disaster Recovery Plans, and Security Response Plans.

New BCM software tools help organizations to more effectively plan, manage and test for enterprise resiliency.
A serious incident can affect the organization at any time and this includes the next 24 hours!
Activities normally commence once the Board of Directors or the Executive has approved the project.
But other card brands' compliance efforts, and PCI Security Council communications, still need improvement.
These preventative measures are used to protect cardholders from security breaches that could lead to identity theft. While the threshold for PCI compliance is only a minimum standard, businesses recognize that failure to meet PCI requirements can lead to both financial penalties and long-term damage to customer trust and brand equity. The cardholder data environment is that part of the network that possesses cardholder data or sensitive authentication data.
Network components include but are not limited to firewalls, switches, routers, wireless access points, network appliances, and other security appliances.
Server types include, but are not limited to the following: web, database, authentication, mail, proxy, network time protocol (NTP), and domain name server (DNS).

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