Courses are tailored and conducted at your facility in English or Spanish, weekends or weekdays, at a time convenient to your organization. Emergency Preparedness Consultants is able to plan, customize, coordinate, develop and conduct emergency response drills and multi-casualty response exercises. In my previous post, I mentioned there are six keys to disaster preparedness that you should look for in any data center provider: infrastructure design, documented response plans, mock disaster drills, preventative maintenance, clear communication and the right people. It is critical that your data center provider has well-documented emergency preparedness and disaster response plans.
Documentation should be easily accessible to customers upon request in both soft and hard copy, contain critical contact information including the  provider’s management team and escalation procedures to ensure command and control maintainability throughout the event. When it comes to your IP network, it is imperative that your data center services provider knows how to react in a disaster scenario, whether a problem is caused by a hardware or network failure. I’ll leave you to ponder these questions, in the meantime check out the full-length version by reading my eBook.
About InternapInternap's high-performance Internet infrastructure blends virtual & bare-metal cloud, hosting and colocation services across a global network of data centers. Multi-casualy disaster drill simulations can be coordinated with your local fire department. This is an excellent method of evaluating and improving your organization's emergency response capabilities.
Interworks conducted a Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster (PCPD) Preparedness Training in Amman, Jordan. Last week I discussed the importance of choosing a data center services provider with a documented emergency response plan in my list of six keys to disaster preparedness. Has your provider made any changes to their infrastructure since your last disaster drill that might have changed how your drill needs to be operated? Service provider networks are fluid — don’t be fooled into thinking that things will stay the same indefinitely. I’ll end here this week, but stay tuned for the fourth installation in this series — preventative maintenance.

In addition to mock disaster drills, colocation providers should have a planned maintenance program in place.
In our previous video on data center disaster preparedness, we discussed the importance of documented emergency response plans. Just over ten months ago, my wife called me from home with eight used pregnancy tests staring at her from the bathroom trash can. Watch Bill Brown, VP, Data Center Operations at Internap, discuss the keys to data center disaster preparedness and the importance of having a documented emergency response plan.
Our staff is comprised of bilingual EMS professionals with hands-on national and international emergency and disaster response experience.Our faculty has over 40 years of practical experience in real life emergency response. While similar, both plans should be specific to the geographic location and type of facility. See ya here next week as I discuss the third item on the list — mock disaster drills.
The effectiveness of you emergency evacuation plan is proven by conducting an facility-wide drill. Our emergency preparedness staff will supervise the process and facilitate a post-drill critique in order to correct and improve the success of the evacuation plan. This facilitates interaction with your facility emergency response team and local authorities.
The workshop was based on the previous regional workshops conducted in 2009 in Bangkok, Santiago and Maputo and was modified slightly to include two sessions related to the UN Post Conflict Needs Assessment (PCNA) and Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) processes. Very enjoyable workshop thanks to the hard work and input from facilitators to each session. You can run your own network disaster readiness tests, but that, in and of itself, is not enough.
Test regularly to ensure that your service provider’s network hasn’t rendered your disaster preparedness useless!
The mission of Emergency Preparedness Consultants is to assist business and industry in achieving a competent level of emergency preparedness.

Additionally, we have developed hundreds of emergency preparedness programs and trained thousands of workers in CPR, first aid, and disaster response.
These plans identify actions that will prepare the data center operations team in case of an emergency, including the necessary steps that must be taken before, during and after an event. However, only through testing and conducting drills will they truly be prepared for an event. This is accomplished by providing planning, assessments, consultations, training, drills and exercises, provision and supplies.
For example, a prototypical “inclement weather preparedness plan” will specifically address the risks associated with severe weather including tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes and floods.
Your provider’s plan should include specific tasks the operations team should perform at predetermined times leading up to the event – such as arrangements for contractor and supplier support, any changes to staffing levels and hotel reservations if an extended event is expected, among other things.
Unlike data center facility or system issues, where the cause of a problem is often more obvious, network failures often require deeper inspection and detection before troubleshooting can begin.
By conducting simulations of an event, they will be able to verify whether their operations personnel are knowledgeable of their responsibilities and if the infrastructure equipment performs as intended. These tasks should be repeated at regular intervals with a final plan in place a minimum of 12 – 24 hours before the event. Look for providers who perform quarterly or similar simulations of equipment failures, power outages and other related critical equipment events that may occur as a result of a disaster. The findings of these mock drills should be documented on an on-going basis, and the training program should be modified as needed to ensure all on-site personnel are well trained in case of an event.

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