Knowledge and experiences on disaster preparedness for persons with disabilities inaugurated and accumulated in various countries. Promotion of social awareness of disaster preparedness system accessible for persons with all types of disabilities.
Initiatives of Bridging the Digital Divide in the area of Disaster Preparedness of Persons with Disabilities as the implementation of WSIS Plan of Actions, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and other relevant instruments.
Candidates must send abstracts in less than 300 words and CV by 15 April 2009 to the Conference Secretariat. All submitted abstracts will be reviews by the Executive Committee and selected authors will be notified on the outcome of the review process by 22 April 2009.
After the paper selection approved by the Executive Committee, the full presentation must be submitted by 27 April 2009.

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This is the clearinghouse for the research project, titled, Nobody Left Behind (NLB): Preparedness for Persons with Mobility Impairment. This 4×4 poster outlines the best practices for creating a disaster plan that accommodates persons with disabilities.
Approximately 54 million people in the United States—a nation of 311 million—have some type of disability, and their safety in a disaster entails a specific form of preparedness. Information on the research methodology, data findings and conclusions, corresponding topics, recommendations for changes in the field, and much more are listed below in varying formats.
Created by the Cindy Daniel, the National Disability Coordinator at FEMA, this 4×4 poster outlines the best practices for creating a disaster plan that accommodates persons with disabilities.

Objective Three, Part 2: Report on exemplary and best practices in disaster preparedness and response for people with disabilities. Lawrence, KS: The Research and Training Center on Independent Living at the University of Kansas.

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