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A research group comprised of professors Hiroto Takaguchi, Shin-ichi Tanabe, and Keigo Kobayashi from the Faculty of Science and Engineering were selected for the Sustainable open Innovation Initiative (SII) ENEMANE HOUSE 2015 initiative.
ENEMANE HOUSE was established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 2013 as an opportunity for students to think about future housing based on the concepts of “energy,” “life,” and “Asia.” Students build model houses using cutting-edge technology which are then tested and exhibited.

Model houses from participating universities will be on display in October and November in Minatomirai Yokohama. Provide specialized training that may lead to certification through one or more professional organizations.
Whether you're the most advanced researcher looking for detailed resources or the budding family historian looking for help beginning a genealogy search, we've got you covered. In addition to Waseda, proposals from Kanto Gakuin University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Yamaguchi University, and Ritsumeikan University were  selected.

We involve the communities and inform them about routes to higher grounds." He also advised to prepare for a quick and efficient response. A good transportation plan is very important," said the Japanese minister. Gratitude from Ban Ki-MoonAt the end of the opening session secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon thanked prince of Orange as chairman of UNSGAB.

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