In the wake of last month's record Queensland floods, Scientology Volunteer Ministers carry on their work. The team of 40 Scientology Volunteer Ministers, recently featured in an article in Toowoomba's The Chronicle, continue helping Brisbane residents clean up after last month's record flooding. As Brisbane residents carry on restoring order to homes, businesses and schools the volunteers pitch in with whatever tasks are needed-shoveling mud, hauling trash, and providing the extra hands that make the grueling work go faster. At home after home, they sort out what can be salvaged from what cannot, pile up the rubble to be hauled away and shovel and wash the remaining mud away. When medical (and support)  staff working at hospitals all over Australia, take 2 parts ingenuity and 2 parts inspiration to try to make the season a little special for their patients and colleagues. An emergency department nurse at a major teaching hospital in Australia with 29 years clinical experience. Ian has a special interest in the development of mindfulness and non-technical skills to build resilience, quality, and excellence in nursing practice. Following is a Bicycle Touring Checklist which contains a list or checklist (check list) of items to bring on a bicycle tour and this page contains information All About Bicycle Touring.
Comments:- Finding and mounting pannier racks on non suspension, rigid, rear frame (AKA Hard Tail) and rigid fork bicycles is relatively easy. Comments:- Way before a Tour, Panniers should be Tested, Fitted, Rigged, and Loose Ends Taped-Secured-Trimmed. Comments:- We generally do NOT leave our bike light on the bike during daylight hours for mountain trails or rough dirt roads but we often leave lights mounted for road tours. Most of these recommendations come from our own experiences but some recommendations come from other people (told in person, email, or read about; appreciated and cited appropriately). These rivets may make vibration noises while riding and may be very irritating after a while.- Some handlebar bag map systems use Velcro mounting.

There are now hundreds of thousands of people trained in the skills of a Volunteer Minister across 185 nations. We use rubber bands or velcro bundle ties (found in electronic stores) to tie otherwise long straps into a tight coils to keep the straps from dangling, yet be serviceable for different load requirements.- It takes about a half a day to setup new panniers and a little test ride over washboard road will determine very quickly how well loaded panniers will ride or even stay on the rack. We use permanent marker for these items: Silver Marker for Dark Colored Objects, Black Marker for Light Colored Objects. On the road, one conducts a lot of map reading with the map in it\s holder, mounted or not.
This method provides a lower center of gravity and better handling and control for the cyclist. Also, one folds and re-folds the map(s) frequently (as one\'s track moves across the map(s) route over time). When trail, single track, or no-track touring is involved (including double track jeep, logging, forest access roads or no existing road) then the side mounted pannier needs to be carried a little higher off the ground (about 10 to 15 inches off the ground).
Easy map holder access in very important.- There are two handle bar mounting major issues: Q1) How does the bag\'s mount attach to the handlebar? Having camped like that, we once discovered that a light shined into a styrofoam cup will radiate light like a lantern - it is the only positive thing about styrofoam that we know (for the record, we found the cup).- Always have night lighting for a bike on a tour.
Thus a higher carried load better facilitates road obstacles (trail rocks, shrubs, rogue sticks, tall grass).
One never knows what events will conspire to have a person or persons driving into the dark evening.- Generally, no one likes driving at night, because that usually means something untoward happened during the day. Sometimes there is a rack mounting choice for how high to mount the rack above the ground, sometimes there isn\'t. Almost everyone who has a few tours under their belt, even short duration tours, has a hard luck story that caused them to have to arrive somewhere by bicycling at night.- There are times when some people want to drive at night (other than just for fun or for some night time bike event).

Very often, the panniers themselves have height adjustment mounting capabilities, sometimes not. The wire connecting strap system is very secure and does not undo easily (it is a good news bad news story). When possible, look into these attributes before making a purchase.- Some cyclists, especially mountain riders, pad the top of their rack(s) with duct-taped foam padding. Often the wire strap must be cut in order to remove a handlebar bag mount but users of this system never need to remove the mount, they just remove the bag).
1b) Some \'handlebar bag mounts\' attach with clamp systems (using nuts and bolts) for fastening. In the positive, there are no battery charge issues.- Tail light(s) are a wise investment and may be legally required. We have learned, over time, to pack our front and rear lights away and break them out only for road use. In addition, all of the reflective material on the saddle bags and clothing help with making a biker much more visible at night. The disadvantage is when a person looks at other people it diminishes or ruins the other person\'s night vision capability.- When riding with other bikers, blinking tail lights are quite an annoyance and distraction - run on steady.

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