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Print this ArticleWhen a disaster strikes, it is always unexpected and no one is ever truly prepared. Disaster Prepardness for the FamilyIf you want a guide you can keep on hand in the case of an emergency, this book--Handbook to Practical Preparedness for the Family--is it for you. Paying attention to any advanced signs and warnings dramatically improve the amount of time you have to react and increases your chance of surviving a tsunami or other natural disaster.
The warning for the most recent tsunami in Japan was issued nine minutes after the earthquake hit.
Did the survivors of this and other tsunamis do something differently that helped them survive while others perished?
Yoshio Kimura survived the recent Japanese tsunami by climbing a hill near his home in Onagawa, Japan. Vitalia dismissed this information but her husband took it seriously and the family climbed up a nearby hill and waited for the threat to pass.
Chris Chapman, a survivor of the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004, reported that he and his travel companion were in their guest house, about a half mile from the beach.
Possibly the most famous survivors of the 2004 tsunami, Petra Nemcova survived by clinging to a tree for more than eight hours and Nate Berkus survived by clinging to a telephone pole.
Since the force of the tsunami waves can still knock you into the water, climbing trees and other structures that are in the path of the tsunami may not offer much protection but it’s better than nothing. Leif Giske also got caught in the 2004 tsunami and can credit his quick reaction for his survival.
The odds of surviving a tsunami are not specifically known because they occur so infrequently.

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We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. Unfortunately, this only gave the residents in the hardest hit areas about 15 minutes to react.
Unfortunately, as the recent tsunami in Japan demonstrated, there may not always be sufficient warning of a tsunami to allow time to get to a safer location. However, being in the water when a tsunami hits greatly increases your chance of being killed.
They were not aware of the tsunami until they heard the roar of the water rushing down the streets. Once he and his travel companions observed the ocean reappear in the form of a huge wave, they took off running.

The stories from tsunami survivors offer insight into how we can prepare for our own survival in case of an extreme emergency or natural disaster. This pack has an adjustable belt strap and zipper pulls for quick and easy access to your items.
The 2 gallon water container will provide the additional water needed and the 2- 2400 calorie food rations will provide nourishment. Includes: 1-48 Page Natural Disaster Reference Guide, 1 Thermal Rescue Blanket, 1 Emergency Whistle, 4 Bandages, 2 Alcohol Wipes, 3 Antiseptic Swabs, 1 First Aid Quick Facts Card. Many of these handbooks reveal how to perform medical necessities, like delivering a child, without the help of modern technology. After a 9.5 magnitude earthquake hit the area, she was told by a passerby that the sea had receded from the shore. So, alternatively, experts suggest climbing onto a roof or the upper floors of a building to increase the chance of survival. Had they not been able to escape, the best solution would have been to try to grab onto a piece of debris that floats or something sturdy like a tree. Heeding warnings and responding to our natural instincts may be our best chance of survival. This homeland guide provides information for evacuation, chemical threats , power failures and general first aid. Includes: 1 Emergency Blanket, 1 Flashlight with Batteries, 1 Emergency Whistle, 4 Bandage Strips, 1 Mini First aid booklet, 2 Alcohol Wipes, 3 Antiseptic Swabs.

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