On occasion, people have picked up my purse to move it out of their way and been shocked at how heavy it was.
I like to be prepared, and in the past the best way I knew of to be prepared was to keep too much stuff in my purse.
I once had a bra strap break & having a safety-pin in my purse let me repair it until I could get home.
When a sinus headache comes on, finding a dose of sinus medication in my purse gave me the ability to move forward with my day instead of laying my head against the table in pain.
Having bug spray and sunscreen with me has kept us from getting bit up or burned after making a spontaneous decision to head to a friend’s house, go fishing or head to the lake.

It recently occurred to me that I could make an emergency preparedness kit to keep in my car. I realized could even include items for a wider range of emergencies because I have so much room to store things in the car than my purse. I decided to make a DIY emergency kit for my car for true emergencies like having the vehicle break down with a dead phone battery to smaller inconveniences like getting to a wedding and realizing you have dog hair on your outfit. So to make my kit, I ordered trial and travel size products from a site called Minimus which sells tons of trial, travel and individual-use size products. Plus, all orders of $20 or more ship for free.Do you keep an emergency preparedness kit in your car?

I have to say I hadn’t thought of grease, but I do keep a container of oil in the trunk.

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