Less about the effects of the EMP or even the cause because in today’s political arena we are all too aware that an EMP is a distinct possibility. Your browser has JavaScript turned off.You will experience a more enjoyable time at this Web site if you turn JavaScript on.
The technology has been around to create one for many years and the possibility of a natural cause is as old as time.

Eventually like it or not man made or natural there will most likely come a time when the grid becomes disabled. Here is an experiment that you can do with your mobile phone - Learn how to make a simple Faraday's cage and block the signal reception from your mobile phone!
We in America have already seen that technological warfare is a distinct possibility since the North Korean Hackers waged a war of sorts against Sony Pictures.

If technology is  being used by one country to control the business decisions of a company in another country… it’s not so far fetched to wonder how long before something a lot more serious than a movie is attacked via the disruption of technology?

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