Directed by Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line, Fog of War), Tabloid tells a story of intrigue, eccentricity and the media.
The story of Eliot Spitzer’s downfall is old news at this point, but my interest was rekindled after his recent attempt at re-entering political life in NYC. Power Animals is a blog written by four friends living in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One night in December, I may have stumbled into BK Night Bazaar after an evening of cocktails and drunk-purchased one of Snash‘s rings (the Ice Cream one, to be exact). Okayplayer’s Mixtape Mondays feature has opened me up to a whole new world of mixtapes. On a recent outing searching for dresses at Urban Outfitters (a truly useless search), I stumbled on a pair of Pons Avarcas and thought I had hit the jackpot. There are certain times when everything on the racks fits your body type, and you could go from H&M to Opening Ceremony and find a suit that fit. As winter draws closer, a good Netflix marathon is sometimes the perfect medicine to soothe any instances of SAD. Nearly ten years ago, environmental photographer James Balog embarked on an arctic pilgrimage to gather real-time evidence of global warming in Iceland for National Geographic. So without further ado, here are the top documentaries on Netflix Instant rated by Rotten Tomatoes.
In this spellbinding documentary, filmmaker Werner Herzog offers an unprecedented examination of the Chauvet Cave, a cavern in southern France that contains the oldest human-painted images yet to be found on Earth.
A 13-year-old boy who vanished in Texas and shows up three years later in Spain now has the same tattoos, but looks different and speaks with an accent.
Living simply and using a bicycle to get around New York, 80-year-old photographer Bill Cunningham tirelessly records what people are wearing in the city — both out on the sidewalk and in the salons of the wealthy. Cinema verite tackles football in this inspirational profile of an inner-city Memphis high school football team, whose downtrodden players combine with a dedicated volunteer coach in a valiant effort to reach the school’s first-ever playoff game.
Filmmaker Thierry Guetta’s project to chronicle the underground world of street art takes a fascinating twist when he meets elusive stencil artist Banksy, who turns the project around to film Guetta while he reinvents himself as a street artist.
In this graceful and heartfelt documentary that spans five years, Arthur Agee and William Gates, two young boys from equally rough Chicago neighborhoods, make use of their prodigious basketball talents to aim for a life outside the ghetto. In 1969, Donald Crowhurst, a former engineer whose bravado outweighed his sailing expertise, entered a London Times-sponsored yacht race around the world. Members of two Irish families continue an ages-old grudge and settle their differences with violence in this documentary.
Keanu Reeves produced and narrates this engaging documentary about the history of digital cinema technology and its vast impact on the movie industry.
After a terrible beating left Mark Hogancamp brain damaged, he began creating models of a fictional town, Marwencol, to process the trauma. Scrappy street orphan Alejandro (Alejandro Polanco) lives and works amid the mass of auto shops and junkyards known as the Iron Triangle just outside Queens, N.Y. Director Alex Gibney turns the spotlight on the life and career of politician Eliot Spitzer, the New York governor whose potential to become the first Jewish president of the United States was thwarted by his indiscretions. This gripping docudrama retells the mountaineering trek gone awry of Simon Yates and Joe Simpson, who falls and breaks his leg while climbing in the Andes.
With the emergence of DNA evidence, the justice system is seeing a wave of reversed criminal convictions.
Author Sebastian Junger and photographer Tim Hetherington spent a year embedded with the Second Platoon in Afghanistan, chronicling the hard work, fear and brotherhood that comes with repelling a deadly enemy in this Oscar-nominated documentary. New Movie Releases on Netflix Streaming [July 2014]2014 is already half way over and July should bring some serious heat.
Grab a beverage, a blanket and your pet (if applicable) and curl up with these glorious combinations of knowledge and entertainment – all currently available to stream on Netflix!
As a native Buffalonian, I feel a kinship with fellow rust belters in Detroit, so I was both heartbroken by the city’s troubles and excited about the people and organizations working to make it rise once again. You’ll spend 85 minutes alternately LOLing at her jokes and respecting her career and unbelievable work ethic.
Her love of hip-hop and show tunes (but not hip-hop show tunes) combined with her inventive dance moves (sexy robot, anyone?) and amazing voice also make this secretly shy Buffalo native a karaoke genius. I’ve been meaning to watch Tabloid and Client 9, and now I’ll ad the rest to my list!

We blog for fun about the things we love: fashion, music, NYC, manicures, prosecco, food, showtunes, and small adorable things.
I am Jasmine, they are Aladdin and this particular mixtape is RUH RUH LIKE A DUNGEON DRAGON. I had given up on waiting for the bus at ALL unless I actually saw it coming with my own eyes…until the advent of the Bus Checker app! Once you've caught up on Orange is The New Black, we suggest binging on inspiring true stories. His incredible firsthand account of The Extreme Ice Survey took years to complete, only to become the epically heart wrenching visual masterpiece in the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice.
Two years and 27,000 miles later, Laura became the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the planet solo. Set before the majestic backdrop of the Colorado mountains, Tiny lets us witness what it takes to construct a tiny home, step by step, nail by nail, on absolutely no income. Brian Steidle is forever transformed by the atrocities he witnesses as a military observer for the African Union.
Director Ian Palmer spent years traveling with members of the Quinn McDonagh and Joyce clans to profile their ongoing rivalry. Despite the digital takeover, many fans still embrace the unique qualities of celluloid film. Jeff Malmberg’s documentary explains how Hogancamp uses the elaborate dioramas as stand-ins for real life. But when his teenage sister (Isamar Gonzales) arrives, the ambitious boy is inspired to make life better for them both. But what happens to those who are set free, sometimes decades after being imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit?
This Oscar winner for Best Documentary explores the preparations that went into the stunt as well as the event and its aftermath.
In truth, the story of Detroit is the story of America and I left the film inspired to take a closer look at where the things I purchase are being made. With a love of Korean food, RuPaul and bargain shopping, you never know what awesome direction a conversation with Nicole may take.
Here are ten must-see, compelling and critically acclaimed documentaries you can watch (or re-watch) on Netflix right now.
Balog’s haunting time lapses of mass glacial deterioration result in a dramatic and completely moving experience for the viewer. This inspiring documentary goes inside the fight to keep chess alive and well at the struggling school. Nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, this sophomore feature from director Ramin Bahrani offers an unflinching look at life on society’s margins. Jessica Sanders takes a close look at some of these people in this gripping documentary that’s both a harsh criticism of the current judicial system and a touching look at those profoundly affected by it. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this documentary follows Clash’s remarkable career as a puppeteer. Some of the most notable wars have taken place in the last century including the two world wars, the Cold War and more recently the one ongoing in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Her determination got her though a ten-month court battle with her home country of The Netherlands in which policy makers strongly disapproved of her proposed expedition. Urgent, breathtaking and beautifully rousing, the Netflix original film is a documentary about protest unlike any other. It is everywhere and no one can deny the allure of the scents and the flavors the holidays bring.Which makes this a perfect time to take a closer look at exactly what you are eating. But without getting to involved it’s safe to say Netflix has your back when it comes to Military Documentaries covering a wide variety of different conflicts throughout the world. A child of the sea, having been born on a boat and spent most of her youth sailing local waters, Laura ultimately won the battle, raised her own money, and embarked on one of the greatest oceanic feats in history. Is the food you are eating not just good for you but safe for you and your family?The 10 documentaries below are available on Netflix and take a look at our food supply and our health from a different perspective. Some may be extreme suggesting a plant based diet or juicing as the solution to all of our health problems, but don’t let that turn you away from watching them. Secrets of the Dead Series This includes three documentaries that are currently streaming on Netflix at this point in time.

You will learn a lot watching every one of these, with the core message often being that where your food comes from matters. This is a tale of love, abduction, scheming newspapers, silly disguises, an evil cult and magic underwear. It’s also a documentary.Samsara20 years after Baraka, Ron Fricke’s back with another non-spoken, non-linear documentary. The unique blend of imagery and music plays out like a cross between a Tate Modern art installation and a BBC wildlife documentary – an acquired taste that automatically brings your inner David Attenborough to life. The Invisible War (2012) – 97 minutes Groundbreaking documentary looking into sexual assaults within the US military. It’s a 100-minute screensaver, but it just so happens to be the most breathtaking screensaver you’ll ever see in your life. Produced  and directed by Kirby Dick the 2012 film is available to stream on Netflix was one of the most critically acclaimed military war documentaries ever created. There’s no dialogue to distract you or characters to worry about: shot on 70mm with care and attention, this is cinema in its purest form. Winning tons of awards including Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival it focussed on issues that comes within the military ranks. He started as he intended go on with Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, a hilarious, witty depiction of the rise of fall of the infamous corporation. I know that a few friends were raving about one of those and I don’t recall which one. The Civil War – A film by Ken Burns (1990) Focussing on one of the most pivotal points in American history Ken Burns documentary masterpiece focusses on The Civil War taking you through the timeline of the Civil War throughout the 9 episodes.
Cheating and defrauding their way to the top, pretending to have money when really they were bankrupt, it’s a tale of greed and cover-ups that feels even more relevant in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Murphy sexually abused boys in a Milwaukee home, the response was silence – both from the victims and the church. The result is a devastating and vital expose of a cover-up that continues today.Chasing IceHave you ever seen a glacier the size of Manhattan break off from land and collapse into the ocean?
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Essential.I Am AliClare Lewins’ documentary about the life and career of the legendary boxer is told through archive footage and multiple interviews with his family, friends, opponents and colleagues.
To watch an entire genre like this, weaved together as naturally as the braids in a prom queen’s up-do, is to witness the on-screen canonisation of a singular teen experience. Director Lauren Greenfield seems to take it to heart for The Queen of Versailles, a documentary that depicts the lavish lifestyle of David and Jackie Siegel. The property mogul and his wife are at the pinnacle of the housing boom, his timeshare business never better. Pretty awesome, judging by this documentary.Sarah Gavron follows the day-to-day goings on in the community of Niaqornat. One of the smallest settlements in Greenland, it’s bordered by water on one side and snowy wilderness on the other.
It really is a village at the end of the world.The closest the film gets to a narrative is following the group’s attempts to reopen the fish factory so they have enough money to make it through the winter, but Gavron wins you over through the gentle rhythm of routine and the sincere closeness of the group.
A happy trudge through the snow.The SummitFor every four people who reach the summit of K2, one person dies. But it’s nothing compared to 2008, when a disaster killed 11 climbers on the world’s most-feared mountain.
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