Each project will be 6 half days delivery in an Early Years setting in central Somerset, working directly with groups of under fives. Huge congratulations go to the 681 fantastic young dancers who took part in Take Art’s Spring Forward and InspirED PrimaryFest youth dance platforms as part of Spring Forward Youth Dance Festival 2016.
The dancers aged from four to 19 years old demonstrated their creativity, talent and commitment to dance through their excellent performances in a range of styles, to 1,224 audience members. Over the last two months, Take Art Dance and InspirED welcomed professional dance companies to the county to work with young people and offer CPD opportunities for dance practitioners and teachers in the county. Spring Forward Festival also highlighted an array of exciting professional dance performances in Somerset venues, including shows from Mark Bruce Company, Zoielogic Dance Theatre, Joli Vyann, Cscape and Motionhouse, which many young dancers took the opportunity to go and see.
Take Art joined Salisbury Playhouse, Theatre Bristol and Activate Performing Arts to initiate discussions between those working in theatre in the South West at the launch of Theatre Fest West in Salisbury on Friday 18 March.
The day of celebration kicked off with a discussion between panel members Gemma Paintin (Action Hero), Anna Himali Howard (Breach), Tim Crouch and Niki McCretton (Stuff and Nonsense and The Lyric Theatre, Bridport) to share their own experiences of best practice and how they have overcome challenges they have faced as artists working in the South West. Sarah Peterkin, Director of Rural Touring and Co-Director of Theatre at Take Art, and Mark Helyar, Co-Director of Theatre at Take Art, joined Russ Tunney of Pound Arts to lead a Rural Touring discussion during the afternoon.
Phil Hindson, Arts Council England, led one to one Grants for the Arts surgery sessions throughout the afternoon. Celebrating theatre makers from across the south west, Theatre Fest West runs from 18 March to 2 April with events taking place across Wiltshire, at Salisbury Playhouse, Salisbury Arts Centre, The Pound arts centre, Wiltshire Music Centre and Trowbridge Arts. Farnham Maltings' touring production is a poignant, uplifting story - and more relevant now than ever.
Spring Forward is Somerset’s County Youth Dance Platform, produced by Take Art, where young dancers get the opportunity to perform on a professional stage, to be inspired by their peers and supported by Take Art and each other. 2016 will be the twelfth year of Spring Forward and each year attracts ever growing numbers of entries.
Alfred the Mouse Goes to School is an innovative new project that the Taunton Early Years Clusters are running across the more than 300 Somerset pre-schools they cover, supporting under-fives with the sometimes daunting transition to primary school.
Children will be able to interact through a series of creative activities addressing specific areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage. Alfred can be seen taking part comfortably in the reception class and wider school environment. Supported by Somerset County Council through the Raising Achievement Plan, and by the Taunton Early Years Clusters.
It started on Saturday 23 January with the first in a series of writing workshops, and had a fantastic turn out of 22 participants. The organisers are seeking first time and experienced writers to create five-minute scripts specifically for, and about, the town. Burnham-On-Sea Community Theatre Group was set up in 2015 with the aim of making the professional theatre experience available to all, to work with everyone in the local community.
In Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017 Take Art is taking part in an exciting national initiative* to bring more dance theatre performances to rural Somerset. But we need new energy to join our existing team of brilliant volunteer promoters to help us put these shows in front of an audience!
So, on Monday 11 January, we offered a safe and comfortable place for colleagues to have an honest conversation around diversity in the performing arts in Somerset.
Over 25 performers, participants, promoters and venue managers joined us at our office to get the ball rolling and talk.
We plan to look at how, between us, we can begin to implement some of these suggestions, particularly the role we can play at Take Art about widening the debate and supporting further networking opportunities.
SYDC will perform their piece Dreamstate on Saturday 12 March 2016 at The Edge, University of Bath. U.Dance is a programme led by Youth Dance England, which seeks to increase the number of youth dance performances and support those who organise them.
Due to popular demand, this season Take Art is running two training events designed for those working within the performing arts. Led by Mark Helyar, who has considerable experience in project planning, strategic management and fundraising, these training events offer a friendly environment for to share challenges and creative solutions. This training event will help people who want to explore prospective funding and investment opportunities for their work. Both events will take place in Take Art's large comfortable meeting room, Flaxdrayton Farm, South Petherton TA13 5LR. These FREE sessions are available for theatre makers who would like one-to-one advice on project planning, funding or any other specific areas of support. Champion fiddle player (and Buffalo Gals founder) Kate Lissauer has penned a film score for three early works by one of Hollywood's most distinctive and undiscovered directors. Champion fiddle player Kate Lissauer is well known to many on the Take Art circuit from her very popular old-time country music group Buffalo Gals. Beginning his career as a successful and sought-after actor, Borzage began directing short films in 1915. Kate Lissauer began her career as a champion fiddler in her home state of Maryland and is also an expert claw-hammer and old-time three finger banjo picker, a guitarist and an excellent singer.
John Whelan has been playing country and mountain music on the five-string banjo for many years.
Jason Titley was a long-time member of The Daily Planet, which toured extensively throughout Europe and in the US and left three landmark albums in its wake. Four emerging regional dance companies, Heather Walrond Company, aKa Dance Theatre, Exim Dance and Richard Chappell Dance, have been selected to perform as part of the prestigious annual dance festival, Resolution, at The Place, London. There is stiff competition to take part in the performance platform; to have four places offered is a rare opportunity for these local dance companies to showcase the high standard in current South West choreography and performance. From Somerset, aKa Dance Theatre Company will be performing their most recent work Next Door on Tues 26 January. Resolution is currently in its 27th year, and is a renowned performance festival for showcasing emerging new artists.
Hot off the press this week, our latest brochure covering January to June is packed with this Spring's performances, news on our projects and opportunities aplenty. If you are on our mailing list our Spring brochure is winging its way to you now - and if you're not, why not?! The rural touring diary is bursting at the seams with theatre, music, storytelling, puppetry, cabaret and dance, with performances taking place from now until the end of April all across Somerset.
Audience favourite Kate Lissauer (founder and fiddle player of the well-loved Buffalo Gals) visits us in a different guise, this time with Sonic Silents, a trio performing a live score alongside short early films by Borzage.
The brochure also has news on our work and projects across Dance, Early Years, Theatre, Music and education (InspirED). Take Art's associated company Tangle have been awarded ?49,900 from the Arts Council Strategic Touring Fund for virtuoso ensemble Tangle Company. Tangle Company will tour three township theatre works to new audiences and non-traditional venues across South West England through their two-year New Landscapes project.
New Landscapes is aimed at rurally isolated localities that have very limited access to professional African Caribbean arts activities.
Working alongside ZoieLogics 5 dancers, from 8th - 12th January 2016, exploring the concept of protest. ZoieLogic are looking for a volunteer with experience or interest in stage production and technical work to join them at the Octagon Theatre from the 8th - 12th January. Take Art has been granted ?89,150 from Youth Music to expand on the Early Years Music Network in the South West. Following on from the first Soundwaves network, Take Art has secured funding to continue their work connecting individuals, musicians and organisations keen to develop music in early years settings in the region. This grant will be boosted by match funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, SCC, InspirED and RIO to further strengthen the regional Early Years music practice. Five year olds are inspired by the very Long Gallery at Montacute and make their own noble self portraits…. A collection of eight renowned contemporary dance companies and artists are set to take dance to a new level – the rural stage. National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF) and their partners China Plate Theatre, The Place and Take Art are proud to announce the companies that have been selected to be part of the Rural Touring Dance Initiative.
Four of the eight companies selected for 2016-17; Panta Rei, Phoenix Dance, Spilt Milk and Sonia Sabri Company, were pre-selected as part of the bi-annual New Directions showcase 2014. All companies attended The Lab, a three-day specially designed course held at Halsway Manor in Somerset from 19-21 October. James Wilton of James Wilton Dance expressed his delight about being involved with the initiative: "I am thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Rural Touring Dance Initiative for many reasons.
On Sunday 27 September there was a great buzz all day long at Red Brick Building Glastonbury as it played host venue to the first Micro Theatre Festivals for Somerset. Samsa Theatre kicked off the festival with an exciting new production of Metamorphosis, presented by four young women and one young man from Huish Academy. These five companies repeated their shows throughout the day to a wide range of happy audience members of all ages. Our autumn Rural Touring programme kicks off this weekend with a rugby themed theatre production. Coinciding with the Rugby World Cup 2015, Live Wire Theatre presents Hands Up For Jonny Wilkinson's Right Boot, touring to two Take Art venues shortly and a third in October.
This play sees three rugby fans meet in a pub in Twickenham before a crucial England match. Catch it at Charlton Horethorne Village Hall on Sunday or West Coker Commemoration Hall on Tuesday (also at North Cadbury on 23 October).
It’s a new season for Take Art in Somerset and our autumn brochure is hot off the press, making its way to mailing listers and various outlets across Somerset. To book tickets for any of our shows please visit our What’s On pages or click on the show links above.
Take Art continues to reach thousands of people across Somerset with opportunities and workshops in dance, theatre, music and early years creativity.
Take Art are offering audience members the option to bring a friend for free to these dance shows, and we have ten tickets per performance up for grabs. Youa€™re starting your Pozible journey, the idea is solid, and now you just need to get people on board. Dan Christie is the Co-Founder and Publicist at The Rag and Bone Man Press, an independent publishing house dedicated to books for change. For anyone out and about in Melbournea€™s emerging music scene, you've likely experienced the sweet tones of Erica Bramham at Open Studio or The Paris Cat. Security has always been high on our priority list, and wea€™ve learnt a lot in the last few years. Currently when you make a project, you can create an embedded widget that shows real time progress of your campaign. Successful projects currently have the option to keep their page open as a selling platform for products and other project-related goodies. To be able to show you around our shiny new site, wea€™re gonna need time to pack up and move in. If youa€™re currently drafting a project, avoid starting or ending at this time, and talk to one of us here at Pozible about planning for these changes. If you experience any problems using the new website or if you have any questions, please let us know.
A big part of my mission here at Pozible is to raise number that is actually pretty meaningful to a lot of people. On a daily basis I work closely with creators, providing advice at all stages of their campaigns. This question sent me on quest for answers into the data stores of Australia's biggest crowdfunding platform.
The next line up from that (orange line) is the campaigns in-between the 30 - 50% funded milestones. The next up (yellow line) is where i'm focused on over the next few months - if this group could be bumped up over that stubborn 70% funded mark, their chances of hitting their target would be much higher. Although this information is very general and doesn't really account for different peak activity times for different length campaigns, we can still learn a lot and at least we have some benchmark to compare to.
We know the look well - ita€™s the slight edge of panic that comes over our workshop crowds when you mention a€?social media strategy.a€? Because whether youa€™re doing it for work or leisure, social media is a big scary time suck - and one that can often be ineffective if you dona€™t know what youa€™re doing.
Plenty of businesses and campaigns are simply not suited to social media, but get involved because they think they have to. Dona€™t try to divide your time between 5 different platforms if your core community are only on Twitter. Great Forest National Park ran a highly successful Facebook-focused campaign built purely on great images.
Scheduling might feel impersonal, but in reality it frees you to improvise with your social media posts while the campaign is running, rather than playing catch up to the stuff you should have posted last week. There are plenty of tools out there to help you do what youa€™re already doing so you dona€™t have to. IFFFT for their dead easy a€?recipesa€? that bridge the different apps and platforms you use most often.
Ensuring photos shared from Instagram to Twitter show up as photos, rather than an unappealing link.
So the silly season is here but that doesn't mean your creative juices need to stop flowing. Some social good campaigns have had a lot of success with donation certificates as christmas gifts, "This year your christmas money went to XX in need" - A perfect gift for those who are impossible to shop for. While we do see a drop off in projects submitted for review over December for obvious reasons, there isn't actually a drop off in pledges per project. You'll notice in the graph that December is actually one of the best times a year to launch, with a greater average number of campaign supporters.
Pozible has ticked past some pretty mega milestones recently, with our 10,000th project launching within a week of our $40 millionth dollar pledged. Our most active categories have always been from Australia's creative industries, with Film, Music and Performance getting the biggest project numbers. We also spent some time with the people who often get forgotten - unsuccessful campaigners. Joana Partyka is a freelance writer and editor currently interning at Pozible and painting in her spare time. We spend a lot of time trawling Instagram to learn more about our projects, find inspiration and indulge in procrastination (shh).
For a business run by and for creative professionals, ita€™s little wonder Communea€™s Instagram feed is heaving with, well, creativity. Last year's winners were Bike Cabs, Bamboo Monkey and the Foster Care Association of Victoria.
Porter Novelli Melbourne is part of the Clemenger Group Limited, Australiaa€™s largest and most successful group of communications companies. Though it may seem the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be, waiting for someone in charge to pick you is an outdated idea that bears little fruit.
Making the decision to truly back yourself and ruthlessly pursue your dreams takes courage.
Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, the women behind the sitcom Broad CityA­, even singer Rebecca Black (remember her?): they all circumvented the accepted route to success by creating their own opportunities instead of waiting for someone important to validate them.
Rejected from multiple entry-level jobs after university, CNN journalist Anderson Cooper also picked himself when he independently set off overseas as a foreign correspondent A­a€“ without any promise of being employed or commissioned. Cooper highlights the need to get out there and actively pursue goals instead of waiting around to be noticed, something many people count on but few experience. Equally, Pozible is all about people picking themselves, a tenet at the very root of the platform.
Applying for bank loans and making big, all-or-nothing investment pitches to businesses a€“ ones that delicately hinge on the whims of a corporate bigwig a€“ are no longer the only way to see your big ideas come into fruition.
So youa€™ve heard the inspiring outcomes of people picking themselves and youa€™re motivated to follow suit. In the age of the internet, the road to becoming a published writer, recording artist, illustrator or entrepreneur is literally a click away. When it comes to successful community-based Pozible projects, few campaigns come close to the mind-blowing success of the Pit Pony Experience.
Despite having zero prior involvement in crowdfunding, the Pit Pony Experience team approached the process with serious smarts, building a strategy around who to approach for support first. In a bid to attract this support, the team held a community meeting at the Collinsville town hall, which was at capacity for the occasion.
Dona€™t underestimate the importance people place on seeing that a project has already attracted significant support.
Sue is adamant her project would have struggled to gain traction with corporate purse-string-holders if not for the initial grass roots support. People often need to feel some kind of a personal connection to a project before theya€™ll part with their hard-earned money. But according to Sue, the driving force behind the entire campaigna€™s success was one reward in particular: the promise of a supportera€™s name appearing on the monumenta€™s wall of fame.
Leta€™s face it: everyone loves to receive rewards in the form of tangible goodies (hello, toy pony?). An intriguing point of difference is crucial to any money-raising endeavour a€“ whata€™s exciting about something thata€™s been done before? Even better, the team cleverly coincided the campaign launch with the 25th anniversary of the pit poniesa€™ retirement from coalmine service.
To secure the all-important large sums of sponsorship money, Sue and her Pit Pony Experience team approached companies that had a direct interest in the very essence of the project.
If your campaign aims to fund a new school in Africa, hitting up Gina Rineharta€™s people for some coin maybe isna€™t going to get you far. If you live on the internet like us, therea€™s little chance youa€™ve missed the work of Peter Drew. At the conclusion of his Australian tour, we had a quick chat to Peter about his experiences, from the crowdfunding process to how his project was received by the people on the street. Where did you get the idea for the project?The project was inspired by the second verse of the Australian national anthem. Can you describe a particular exchange or moment on your tour (negative or positive) that really stuck with you?In the first week of the campaign I met a man in Bondi who wasn't sure about my message. Joana Partyka is a freelance writer and editor currently interning at Pozible and repetitively painting in her spare time.
Every day since April 6th this year, thousands of people around the world have sat down to repeat the same creative act they performed yesterday. How can repeating the same thing over and over again possibly yield a creative breakthrough?
When you look at repetition from this perspective, it makes a lot more sense as the harbinger of creativity. 100 Day Project this year, recounts a conversation she had with fellow artist George Zisiadis. Like Foster Wallacea€™s observations on tennis and Zisiadisa€™ realisation about Picasso, the same principle applies to any other skill-based activity a€“ even launching a successful Pozible project. Mr Black, successfully funded via Pozible in 2013, went through more than 240 iterations of the drink before hitting their eureka moment. Mr Blacka€™s Tom Baker says the Japanese principle of kaizen a€“ greatness achieved through small improvements over a long period of time a€“ underpins the companya€™s operations and is the reason theya€™ve come so far. Tom says the key to hitting that creative jackpot is to simply start a€“ and once you start, the refinement process will take care of itself if you put in the work.
The creative world abounds with examples of people striking gold through their commitment to repetition.
What would happen if you practiced playing the piano for an hour every day over the course of a year?
The beauty of unlocking your creativity through repetition is that you dona€™t need anything special in order to strike gold, just your most basic tools a€“ a guitar if youa€™re a songwriter, a camera if youa€™re a photographer, pen and paper if youa€™re a writer.
Coffee and beer arena€™t a panacea for creativity a€“ you still need to put in the work, and you dona€™t want to develop a dependency on either substance (or on backflipping from rooftops into pools, for that matter). With so many social networks already out there - and plenty more launching every month - figuring out an effective social media strategy for your campaign, product or idea can feel incredibly overwhelming. When your project isn't doing as well as you hoped, it can be really tempting to play the pity or guilt cards to get people to pledge before its too late. More than any other reason, people seem to share as a way to show that they support and care about a particular issue. Ita€™s one of the less obvious issues facing Pozible project creators, but one we hear about time and time again: how do you promote your project and gain supporters without, well, annoying people? Having successfully crowdfunded the first print issue of Aphra Magazine with matchfunding support from Arts Tasmaniaa€™s Crowbar initiative, editor-in-chief Lucy McDonald talks to us about how to maintain that fine balance. Lucy says if they had to do it again, the Aphra Mag team would pay even closer attention to their marketing strategy. Rather than being reactive, Lucy says ita€™s important to devise contingencies for rough or slow patches before they happen.
It can be helpful to prepare marketing tools such as a social media calendar or media outreach timeline a€“ nothing overly formal, just something to give you and your team a clear direction so you're not scrambling for content and ideas halfway through the campaign. Apart from perhaps your nearest and dearest, asking people for money straight up is probably not the friendliest approach.
Consider what might drive someone to back your campaign, and work towards highlighting that in your marketing. Think of it like a mum waving to her son from the sidelines of a soccer match to remind him shea€™s still there, rather than the crazed dad flailing his arms and shouting out instructions from afar. Arts Tasmania's Crowbar initiative offers up to 50% matchfunding for Tasmanian-based arts projects. Theatre has long been one of our most active categories on Pozible, so we thought ita€™s about time someone gave some expert advice on the matter. Loud Mouth Theatre Companya€™s co-founder Campbell McKenzie, who last year successfully funded the company's Hamlet: Heads and Tails project through Pozible with Arts Tasmaniaa€™s Crowbar initiative. Ita€™s one of the more difficult obstacles to successfully crowdfunding a theatre project: your entire product and many of your rewards are tied down to one specific city. When crowdfunding a performance, the bulk of your rewards will no doubt be in the form of show tickets, and thata€™s a great, relevant reward. Campbell says he was initially very concerned about the Hamlet projecta€™s location specificity, but his worries proved unfounded. Though people often do pledge funds for no reward or a reward they cana€™t physically claim, ita€™s probably best not to hang your entire campaign on this strategy. Inspiring Eileen, which funded a performance choreographed by 100-year-old dancer Eileen Kramer a€“ who was also the star of the show. Hamlet: Heads or Tails project was in the novel idea of flipping a coin before each performance to determine which actor would play which part. Wea€™re not saying you should to turn to cheap, insincere gimmicks to drum up interest in your project a€“ just think about what you might be able to offer that no one else can. Inviting the public to have a say or claim some credit in the execution of your project can be a great approach to drumming up interest. If you can find a way for your supporters to be a part of the making process, this can sway fence-sitters into making the leap from admirer to financial backer. Most campaigns experience a slow period in the middle, only to have pledges shoot up again in the final days. Like any other Pozible campaign, your network a€“ and your visibility within it a€“ is often the key to your success. Surely the fairest, most democratic way is for parties to be required to spell out to voters in advance of a local election exactly what it's council tax proposals are, and then be legally required to stick to them if they are elected.
Friends of the Shelter volunteers work hard to make the shelter a warm, inviting place to build relationships between adopters and the cats. Despite the widespread protests that erupted last year, the rate at which people are killed by the police in the US has accelerated. It’s perhaps portentous that a poll to find Britain’s national bird had last week been decided in overwhelming favour of the robin. Chief executive David Harker said: “First Class Futures really will bring huge benefits to the North East if it is able to realise its vision of raising £100,000. Yorkshire travel to Durham looking for their third successive North Division win after beating Derbyshire at Headingley and, last Friday, Nottinghamshire at Trent Bridge.
Kaag says the UN is also looking into recent reports of chlorine gas attacks in the country. Although the research has been pretty clear that there are health benefits to not sitting, we are just starting to understand that standing alone may be a good alternative, said Dr. The researchers then lumped the data in with nine other studies that measured chocolate consumption and heart disease. It was his second injury of the season and he didn't appear again, but while he has been troubled only by the odd niggle this year he has been unable to regain his form. We can do this for him and dance for him, make him well, make him strong, put him on the front, and all his team, dancer Timmy Galalingu said.
The cooking zone features a cooktop with oils, seasonings, pots and pans and perhaps a sink nearby.
Zielke noted that Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is becoming a big destination for weddings, as are cruises.

He also won the FIFA Club World Cup and European Super Cup two times each and the Spanish Super Cup six times. However, Rob Youhill suffered a dislocated elbow on Saturday which will sideline him for two to three weeks.
Disciplined, well organised and extremely hard to break down, Newcastle have rarely looked like conceding throughout their six-game winning run, and aside from tipping over a Richard Dunne header, Tim Krul was barely tested against QPR.
In return, Wijnaldum has been quick to praise McClaren’s input throughout pre-season, with the Yorkshireman’s experience of the continental game enabling him to establish a strong rapport with his club’s overseas contingent. The actual story is one of trying to find somewhere safe to live for some poor INNOCENT young children, not whether some "concerned " residents feel slighted.
An agent in the 1970s had also suggested a name change – “he said Tony Peters was too clubby” – and came up with Septimus Shildon. ECHO Elder Cottage Housing Opportunities (ECHO) units are temporary, movable, self-contained houses designed to enable older persons to live near family members or caregivers.
Under normal driving conditions, 100 per cent of the engine’s torque is delivered to the front wheels so that the car runs with optimised fuel efficiency. Professor Walton said she had heard of many cases of discrimination against junior females, but the culture was to never complain to supervisors.
Mike Abbott, general group manager at The Co-operative Childcare, says: “With men under-represented in the childcare industry, we think they should be championed. The group has found, and cherishes, the 100-year-old Bishop Auckland National Union of Ralwaymen’s banner, plans a railway memorial garden near the station – “real railway seats everything,” he says – has designed LNER-style posters showing the old station in all its improbable glory. Durham City MP Roberta Blackman-Woods demanded that the city council explains how it did not have spare detectors. I’ve been lucky on the job front, mostly down to working with fantastic people and having a positive approach to life. Marquette went three-and-out on three pass plays and, on its own 26, elected to punt and rest its hopes of defending its state title on defense. The Brewers followed a Game 5 stinker in the National League Championship Series with a Game 6 clunker. China should work out a comprehensive income distribution reform package as soon as possible to promote sustainable, fairer and more balanced development of its economy and society.
A home win against the same opponents and a victory away to bottom club Sunderland are Darlington's only wins in their last 14 games, having started with four wins from the first seven. He and Chris Rushworth quickly removed the home openers and it became 49 for three when replaced Arshad and struck with his fifth ball. The game was notable for the second-half appearance of Downing, with the England international kicking off his second spell at his hometown club in an attacking central-midfield role. With the rest of the Boro squad currently on a training break in Marbella, it remains to be seen whether Downing heads straight out to Spain or remains at Rockliffe Park ahead of his new team-mates’ return next week. On Sunday, the forecast calls for a high temperature in the low 20s in Milwaukee, with blustery northeast wind gusts as high as 30 miles per hour. Monroe mentioned Parker's return from injury next season as one of the factors that led him to choose the Bucks over offers from the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers. Nepal's major political parties on Tuesday agreed to reconsider the delineation of states in the wake of countrywide protests against the move in which three people have been killed.
Other completed work on the Port Clarence scheme includes flood embankments to the east and west of the Wilton Engineering site.
Despite their success, Stuart says they have no intention of expanding their operation and is proud of their role in the burgeoning small-scale food and drink sector in the county. The problem for Brentford, however, is whether their soon-to-be departing manager, Mark Warburton, can motivate his team through the final throes of the campaign knowing that he will not be there to reap the rewards next season. Council leader Councillor Bob Cook said: “Local residents and businesses had to endure the eyesore that was Billingham House for several years. While the West Nile virus is not new to Maryland, health officials warn people to take precautions when heading outside to parks or to the beach, especially areas where there might be standing water. However, even though the opportunity to return to Teesside after a two-year spell in London was a powerful attraction, Downing insists he would not have rejoined Boro if he did not believe they had a realistic chance of promotion. Dad, Ian, is director at the family-owned Barkers Furnishing Store in Yafforth Road, Northallerton, where earlier this year Hannah, along with brothers William and Thomas, cut the turf to get a £3m expansion of the business underway. The same night (Saturday), Darlington’s Neil Hepper also took a chance on the road when he travelled to Doncaster and faced the experienced Kevin Hooper over six rounds. The government has declared their strike illegal although GMA members continued services to their inpatients.
The opportunity to meet with many leaders in Israel face to face has impressed on me even more the significance of the vote I will cast in the US Congress. The lifetime Falls resident had worked other jobs, but working for the schools he once attended is special, and not just because it s home. Linzi Nicolls leads the way with a sponsored Mile of Hope.  Many people turned out to do the mile either by walking, running, skipping, and someone even hula hooped it around to raise funds for Lifeline Community Action. The recently launched group is run by YMCA working with Council’s Sport and Physical Activity Team and Hartlepool College of Further Education. Highly commendable but you have to admit Britain has some of the most bone idle, pig ignorant litter louts in (wider) Europe. This is especially heartening, because it fits the theory that those people in our society who work really hard are the ones who get rewarded with a bit extra. Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-Pennsylvania), who is on his first visit to Israel, said he would share with his colleagues and constituency what he learned on the trip about the need for America to stand with Israel in her defense, the 'Post reported. With the last two months of a lost season amounting to something of a tryout for many players on the Milwaukee Brewers' roster, Khris Davis has put a solid foot forward in recent days. It is LVMH’s second-largest fashion and leather-goods brand and, according to analysts at HSBC, this sector of LVMH is doing very well indeed. A southern spokesman said Greville's death had been referred to the coroner, but police were continuing to investigate on behalf of the coroner and WorkSafe.
MISSOULA — A line of thunderstorms grinding up the Bitterroot Valley converged over Missoula on Monday evening, spawning gusts up to 74 mph that toppled century-old trees and flipped pole barns off their foundations. Bahraini authorities have suspended the country's main opposition newspaper, accusing it of threatening national unity and relations with other states, the official news agency BNA reported late on Thursday. If your staff can attend the tables with the professionalism and service that they provide in most US restaurants it will do two things!
Our aim is to provide under fives with the opportunity to work with an artist while at the same time supporting Somerset Early Years workforce, adopting a playful, open-ended and child centered approach.
This has been a great experience for dancers of all ages and abilities to connect, learn new material and be inspired by dancers from Motionhouse, Joli Vyann and local dance professionals working in the county. In the meantime keep an eye on our Take Art Dance pages for more exciting opportunities to see and participate in dance.
One that is surprising, uplifting and a celebration of being alive; a celebration of the similarities of family life, no matter where we live and our shared humanity.
The slideshow follows Alfred around the school to favourite places chosen with the reception classes.
Run by director Sheila Hannon, these workshops are to create scripts for performance in and around shop premises on Sat 16 April. Twelve will be selected for professional production and audiences, residents, shoppers and visitors will see the results on Saturday 16 April. An additional project is running alongside within schools and residential homes, encouraging young people to write short stories as part of a competition.
Promoting live performances from world-class artists in your local hall is extremely rewarding. The event was led by Ruth Kapadia, a Relationship Manager for Arts Council South West, with a specialism in Diversity. Towards the end of the afternoon we welcomed company members from Tangle, South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company, who presented their beautiful new commission Steering by Stars.
The framework aims to provide dance performance opportunities for every child and young person in England. We are delighted to welcome Kate back to our scheme with a fantastic new production, Sonic Silents, starting a three-date Take Art tour this Saturday. Unlike many of his peers, he chose to reject the sensational, overstated obsession with action and spectacle, which was a common ingredient of the cinema of the time, and focussed instead on emotional and sensual elements of the stories he filmed. Together they provide a live performance of Kate’s score for the films, combining original composition and arrangements of traditional material.
She presently performs both as a solo artist and with her bands, Buffalo Gals and Buffalo Gals Stampede. John has learned from and been inspired by some of America's finest pickers, and has developed a creative and versatile style, including his own brand of two and three-finger picking.
Jason also appears on Kate’s solo album Stately Mansion and regularly plays in Buffalo Gals.
These varied flavours of dance will be shown over four separate nights of the performance platform, marking the beginning of a 2016 tour for all four companies. Co-founded in early 2014 by local dance artists Jennifer Grant and Joe Garbett, aKa are currently based in Taunton as company in residence at Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre. It has been a starting point for artists such as Russell Maliphant, Jasmin Vardimon and Hofesh Shechter.
Kicking off the season in a party style to lift the January blues are The Schmoozenbergs - a fab four-piece from Bristol recreating the swinging sound of 1930s & 40s Paris.
Graffiti Classics will be a delight for all ages, in their hilarious all-singing, all-dancing musical comedy show, bursting the elite boundaries of classical music.
Debs Newbold brings us Tales from the Bawdy Bardess in a show strictly for grown-ups - and The Devil's Violin also specialise in storytelling for adults, in their fantastic production The Forbidden Door. Enabling Tangle to offer audiences a fresh performance experience, the project is designed to encourage people of all kinds to grow appreciation and enthusiasm for African Caribbean theatre. Each tour will enable a range of people living in areas of historic low arts engagement to experience high quality theatre presented in venues very close to them. The week at the Octagon Theatre will involve working on set constructions such as a maypole with chains, a bubble wrap wall and working from stimulus devised by ZoieLogic's writer and composer.
Roles will include supporting the Production Manager with developing the set pieces they are planning to work with, rigging and setting up lighting, operating sound and be ready to respond to what the process requires as and when. The project will reinforce regional music practice for the under 5s through high quality workforce development, complemented by a locally identified and varied portfolio of music projects in settings, initially  in Bristol, Devon and Somerset. As part of the initiative these five companies will take part in a week long residency, The Darkroom, where their ideas will be developed and explored further.
Contemporary dance is not something you would normally associate with rural locations so it is particularly encouraging that so many people working within this area of the arts are positive to the idea of exploring the concept.
I am really excited about my choreographic idea and the intimate rural touring setting would be the perfect setting for it.
Whilst upstairs in the studio, Somerset Youth Dance Company performed two pieces from their repertoire. With two hours to kickoff they pass the time arguing about the greatest moments and players in rugby’s history. Full of great rural touring shows, creative opportunities in theatre and dance, lots of stuff for schools and the latest news on all our exciting projects… take a look through the Issuu document below. You can find out more about our work and our shows by reading the programme below, checking out the What's On, News and Projects pages, or by signing up to our mailing list.
We hope that this offer will introduce and encourage new audiences members to develop an interest in dance and attend future dance performances in Somerset. Drop-outs and delays are inherently part of any website, but we've built our new baby to withstand much more traffic and keep chasing that 0% downtime dream. We've got a sweet new Plugins area which allows you to add useful tools and customising options to your campaigns. These cute little boxes are not going to make it in the move, so if you have a widget embedded somewhere on your blog or page, we suggest removing him because he is probably gonna break. You can still create a standard campaign hosted on our site, but we have some newoptions for creators hoping to integrate campaigns on their own sites, with personal branding and no Pozible re-direct.
The migration process might be a little bumpy and it's safe to say we'll experience some minor interruptions between April 2 - 6. The number i'm talking about is the overall campaign dream come true rate (success rate) for campaigns across the entire Pozible platform. From the heart palpitation of the initial launch, to the heart palpitations of joy when they hit their target. It's at these milestones that we see the biggest drop-offs, with each one, you're chance of hitting your financial target increases. This is so shockingly low because all the campaigners who were invigorated with just enough inspiration to get them to the launch button, but then never worked any further on the campaign resulting in $0 in pledges.
The main thing we can all take from this is that after the 10 day line, you really start to know if you're in the top line, or the 50-70% line. The very platforms that started out open and accessible, are now putting walls up to push monetisation. Embarking on social media without a compelling reason why you're doing it is the easiest way to waste your own time. These can often post across social media sites, BUT make sure you test out your preferred scheduling service first to make sure things like tags and images show up properly.
Schedule your "serious" updates, then vary them up with impromptu as-they-happen moments from the campaign, like thank-yous to recent pledgers, a screenshot of a funny comment someone left on your Pozible page, or a photo of your team member passed out from exhaustion on your couch. Youa€™re bound to discover things you didna€™t even know could be automated, which is half the fun.
December's when people are getting together more often, making merry and feeling generous, so it can be a great opportunity to get the word out about your project.
Project creators often tell us they're worried about running a campaign in December, when people might be otherwise distracted, but the important dates are really when you launch and close.
In fact, in theory you'll be competing with less projects for that coveted front page real estate. To celebrate, we did some soul searching, some surveying and some digging into our stats vault to see how crowdfunding has fared in Australia since we started 5 years ago. Buchan itself had only 400 people, but their campaign saw over $600,000 pour in from 1,694 supporters - many of whom had never been to Buchan and probably never would. But with more than 300 million active Instagram users per month, there's a lot of visual clutter to distract you from the good stuff.
Perfectly capturing the languid life of a dog, Nice Digs' feed features the brand's stylish doggy beds, throws, collars and leashes alongside some cute furry friends.
A magazine for young women that got its start on Pozible, YV uses their account to curate a selection of quotes, memes and art from around the Internet - all with their signature "You Go Girl" attitude. In short: you'll see shots of interesting people doing interesting stuff that'll make you want to hire a desk at Commune. Now back in Australia, Evie's Instagram presence showcases the fruits of her residency as well as pieces inspired by her everyday surrounds.
That's why we're thrilled to have award winning agency jack+bill back to support the Pozible community again this year with up to $30,000 worth of free PR support for three lucky Melbourne-based projects and one in Sydney! The three projects were chosen during a pitch night at Pozible HQ, and raised an amazing $55,000+ during their crowdfunding runs. While that faceless person in charge may very well choose you, it's dangerous to hang your entire chance of success on a strategy over which you have no control.
A bunch of Perth go-getters launched an ambitious new restaurant, forgoing the usual route of taking out a crippling business loan. Thata€™s something self-published childrena€™s book author and illustrator Jennifer Cossins experienced firsthand. Youa€™ve recorded the tracks (or not … work on it!), youa€™ve sent out demos to record companies and agents, and now youa€™re waiting. The project aimed to fund a commemorative monument to celebrate the legacy of coal mining ponies in Collinsville, a Queensland town located 250 km south of Townsville.
They understood the need to get the average community member on board before hitting the local council and corporations for larger sums of sponsorship dollars, who'd be more likely to help once they saw the community behind the project. Everyone wants to back a winner a€“ and things are no different in the world of crowdfunding.
If the project hadna€™t had that sort of input at first, neither the council nor the corporates would have run with it,a€? she says. The collective sense of pride and ownership imparted by that simple reward proved to be priceless. But for many people, the idea of gaining recognition for a project they backed is irresistible a€“ particularly in the form of a laser-engraved granite monument there for all to see forever.
The Pit Pony Experience team knew this, aiming to forge a new identity for Collinsville as the pit pony capital of Australia.
Is it blazing a never-before-walked trail, or celebrating something distinctive and noteworthy? As Collinsvillea€™s history is steeped in mining a€“ and the project aimed to commemorate the towna€™s coalmine ponies a€“ local mining companies were an obvious fit.
Since April this year, the Adelaide artist has been travelling around Australia to share his a€?Real Australians Say Welcomea€™ message, pasting up his posters around our capital cities and major centres while talking to people about their views on refugee policy along the way. There was so much that I had to figure out as I went, especially in cities like Brisbane and Hobart where I'd never been before. I've since met dozens of others like him who support immigration, just not so-called 'illegal' migration. A drawing, a photograph, a typographic image a€“ whatever the theme or medium, theya€™re making an effort to repeat this act for 100 consecutive days.
Isna€™t that the complete opposite of creativity, which is all about exploring new ideas and processes? But while it may seem counterintuitive, it actually ignites creativity by building your basic skills to free up your brain for exploring more complex ideas. He was surprised to see sketches exhibited alongside Picassoa€™s Guernica, and says via Luna: a€?You mean it didna€™t happen in one fell swoop?
Also a tutor at Yale School of Art, the project was born as a way of instilling in his students the importance of creative discipline.
By the end of it, youa€™d probably be able to tickle the ivories with minimal thought or effort. Ita€™s why many of our best ideas come when wea€™re out for a jog or in the shower: those actions are so ingrained they free our brains to hit the valuable lightbulb moments seemingly out of nowhere. Commit to repeating your chosen craft regularly a€“ not necessarily every day, but frequently enough for it to gain traction and yield measureable improvements.
Alertness, inhibitions and even circadian rhythms are impacted by our choice of beverage, but does it go beyond that? We love this genius infographic by Ryoko Iwata that shows the surprisingly profound impact our two favourite legal drugs have on creativity and productivity. Take advantage of this by converting your text updates into eye-catching images that are easy and fun to share. However, research suggests that positive messages, especially those that contain humour or the awe-inspiring, are far more popular than ones that suggest sadness, anger or even empathy. Think about the different causes that are important to your target audience, and how your project relates to them.
If there's a particular target audience you're after, take a look at where they hang out, and make notes on what posts prove most popular. It might run counter to your creative spirit, it might seem pointless as your excellent project speaks for itself, or you might be afraid of coming across as an insufferable braggart. But if you're launching a Pozible campaign, ita€™s something you need to get comfortable with a€“ your project depends on it. You want to be the quietly confident mum, classily making her presence known, and not the annoying, in-your-face dad that everyonea€™s wishing would just go away.Put on your PR hatThough Aphra Magazine was essentially a competitor to the very publications it looked to for promotion, Lucy says it was an important component of the projecta€™s marketing strategy.
You want to cast your fundraising net as wide as possible, but youa€™re not sure how people will respond to a project delivered outside of their home city.
But the key to overcoming the seemingly impossible obstacle of location specificity is to offer rewards unbound to location.
Instead, more bankable rewards such as performance posters can spur lots of people to pledge small amounts. Unfortunately, we cana€™t all be amazing 100-year-old dancers, but we can certainly draw inspiration from her. Decked out in various eclectic accoutrements such as corrugated iron and random couches, the grungy location and set made a€?a perfect counterpoint to a play about a rich nation falling aparta€?, according to Campbell. Whether this involves actually contributing content to the show, casting by coin toss, or even just giving them special access to behind the scenes photos and footage as you progress through rehearsals, people who feel like theya€™re an actual part of what youa€™re doing are more likely to pledge and, more importantly, to spread the word. Youa€™re baring your soul, hoping people will respond positively to your creative project and funnel their precious, hard-earned money into it. I've been thinking about it a lot recently - because my kids are going to go to school soon so we're trying to work that out - and realise how important that is, but I never had an inspirational teacher. Not just be left free to increase taxes willy-nilly whenever they want, with the slight chance they may be held accountable for it once every 4 or 5 years. They get to know adopters as well as they ve gotten to know their four-legged charges: Liz and her team try to educate potential adopters and find the best match for everyone who walks through their doors. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 705 casualties in this internal war, 45 more than had been killed by the same date last year. In the Panthers' Horizon League championship win over Wright State, the tenacious forward had seven points and eight boards. They were sent text messages at the end of each day, informing them whether they were working or not.
Unless otherwise specified in the prize notification, all prizes or prize certificates may be picked up at the office of the Promoter at the address below.
Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, director of preventive cardiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. They'll tell you what you need to know about whatever is going on in the world in five minutes or less. She recently helped a couple plan a wedding in Scotland and is currently working on a Fiji wedding. And after knocking each and every one down, Arrowhead is the Cinderella in the Division 1 field.
ECHO units, which include efficiencies and one-bedroom cottages, enable older people to live independently and privately in their own homes, even while on the property of a family member or caregiver.
On icy or slippery roads or when driving on wet off-road conditions, power is distributed to both the front and rear wheels to ensure a safe, stable and dependable drive. He said: “The last two games have been very difficult against two teams in form, Manchester City and Liverpool, but at home we’ve got to do much better.
If you’re going to spend your time doing something, you should always do it with a smile. The income distribution reform, one that is closely related with China's overall social reform and development, is already receiving a great deal of attention. 2 in the final Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association Division 1 poll, was faced with arguably the toughest quarterfinal draw of the four area teams in the Division 1 state girls volleyball tournament but overcame a slow start to score a surprisingly one-sided, 3-1 victory over third-ranked Neenah at the Resch Center.
His family came from Yugoslavia on a trip sponsored by the Lutheran Church, and several times during his remarks, he mentioned his faith, as when he mentioned moving to North Carolina. Mallon was instrumental in demolishing good homes all over Middlesbrough particularly central Middlesbrough. Nicky Featherstone broke into the area and rolled the ball across goal and out of reach of Paynter. Nepal's four major political parties -- Nepali Congress (NC), Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist-Leninist (CPN-UML), Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-Maoist) and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum-Loktantrik (MJF-L) -- on Saturday night came up with a six-province model in the new federal set up, a key contentions issue of Nepal's constitution-making process that started in 2008 when the first Constituent Assembly was elected. He says while Waitrose already champions English wines and Marks Spencer is considering offering domestically-produced tipples, he has turned down offers to export his wines to far flung countries. The Midlands Area champion and former English title challenger in two weight divisions had too much, however, and claimed the win.
A weaker yuan may counter a slump in exports, but prolonged depreciation would trigger capital flight, disturb the financial system and slash investors' confidence in the yuan. If you want to be richer, instead of lying around teaching or nursing or driving trains, do some graft and sell short for an afternoon.
The soft-feel grained plastics and sensible switchgear have trickled down from the larger (and no longer available in the UK) Laguna model. In 2014, LVMH’s leather and fashion brands grew by 10 percent year-on-year and in 2015 it estimates sales will grow by another 19 percent, with a forecast of 7 percent growth in 2016 and 2017.
The fee for each project allows for your preplanning, reflection on the activity with EY practitioners, jointly producing documentation, delivery of one twilight 2.5 hr InspirED CPD session (for which you would also produce a handout) for a wider group of EY practitioners. The workshops and CPD sessions were very well received and have left participants hungry for more opportunities like this locally.
The audience were then invited to join breakout groups addressing the challenges identified by the panel. An ordinary family share a great love for life and food whilst outside a political regime threatens. We sit in their living room with them and experience a family in crisis desperately trying to cling onto what is so dear to them. One performance night (Wed 24 February) is at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil and three (Mon 14 - Wed 16 March) at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre in Taunton.
They are currently working with Show of Strength Theatre Company to produce Love Your Town – Trading Local.

The stories will hopefully be shared amongst the residential homes later in the year who may not be able to access the event but would want to be involved.
It will be hard work but as a co-promotion we will be working closely with you to ensure that all goes smoothly. She encouraged us to explore the diversity barriers in our work and how we might overcome them. Performed in a township theatre style, it featured a cappella songs that took the audience on metaphorical journey around the Atlantic Circle.
U.Dance South West celebrates and showcases excellence in youth dance from across the South West of England.
The regional panel will select two groups to go forward to this three-day youth dance festival hosted at The Lowry, Salford, in July . It will also include a session on writing Grants for the Arts applications to Arts Council England. This fantastic production features three short early films by Frank Borzage, one of the most distinctive and undiscovered film directors to have emerged from Hollywood with a new, live score by Kate. Jason’s flair for improvisation and deep understanding of rhythm - he is also a percussionist - always makes his playing engaging and exciting.
Artistic Director Jen gained her MA in choreography at Laban, prior to this she trained at The University of Chichester. The festival will run through January and February and provides a platform allowing companies to present fresh new work. Our brochure is also distributed to libraries, tourist information centres and a few other outlets across the county. Master of the one man show, Somerset's own award-winning Pip Utton takes on possibly his greatest challenge yet, as he becomes Maggie.
Tangle has come a long way in the last couple of years and this is a very positive step forward for us'.
Roles will include participating in company class, shadowing the rehearsal director so he can step out of the work, contributing to creative tasks and development of the work.
Learning will be shared through early years networks, Music Education Hubs, CPD opportunities, partner meetings and a final Symposium in Spring 2018.
Due to the superb quality of the applicants it was hard to select just the nine – in fact we originally only intended to take eight forward. I relish the challenge of having my work in many venue types-from large scale venues to village halls and believe that the physicality is capable of reaching out to people in all environments. A mysterious stranger tells the story of Frederick Stanley Jackson – a Cornish tin miner who had been a member of the first ever British Lions tour to New Zealand in 1908. If dance sets your heart a-flutter, you'll love Norwegian dance theatre company Panta Rei and Cornish company Cscape - and what's more you can bring a friend for free!
If you've got an idea for a Plugin that would make your campaign even more awesome, we'd love to hear it. If you'd like to be a part of our early stage beta testing group then register here for a chance! Here are some easy ways you can trim the time you spend on social media, while also making sure you stay efficient. Set a target for each of your posts so you can see which are doing well once they start going out. If you're running a campaign purely on a Facebook page, you can also schedule posts within Facebook (see how here ). For almost every campaign, the majority of pledges come through in the first and final days of the campaign.
So, we set out to find some of the most creative and cheerful Instagram feeds run by past Pozible project creators. If you squeal in delight at the sight of sleepy puppies and playful hounds, this one's for you. Expect to see images of just that: coffee, snacks, and cool people working to make their slice of the world a better place. You'll see beautiful watercolour paintings depicting sausage dogs, vegetables and emoji alongside alongside equally whimsical behind-the-scenes shots of her life and style.Think we could do better?
The father of the a€?pick yourselfa€™ mantra, American author and entrepreneur Seth Godin says although it's a cultural instinct to wait for permission, taking responsibility for achieving your goals a€“ picking yourself a€“ will inch you ever closer to your own definition of success in ways you never knew possible. Godin says the worlda€™s gatekeepers a€“ the hiring managers, the university selection boards, the sports team captains a€“ are losing relevance and power thanks in large part to the door-opening possibilities of the internet.
And the reality is, waiting to be picked is form of hiding that places the onus of action onto others. Instead of waiting for a retailer to stock her pieces, an Adelaide artist worked to open her own shop and studio.
Jennifer successfully crowdfunded two childrena€™s books through Pozible after initially exploring the traditional (and notoriously tough) route of pitching her idea to publishers. The team raised more than $190,000, smashing their already intimidating target of $150,000, and are on track to unveil the monument by Christmas this year. Work hard at the beginning to secure support at the ground level and youa€™ll find the domino effect can be powerful. Luckily, the proud residents of Collinsville are passionate about where they live, so the Pit Pony project appealed to their sense of community pride and identity from the get-go. Think about how you can get people to feel like theya€™re part of the process A­a€“ any reward that puts peoplea€™s names up in lights can be very effective. Being the last place in the nation to use pit ponies in their local coalmine, Sue says this unique claim to fame generated interest in the project from the very beginning.
By figuring out your point of difference and highlighting it, youa€™ll make people feel like theya€™re part of something innovative, and that can be really powerful.
His project just about broke the internet in Australia, with everyone from BuzzFeed to the Design Files spruiking his message. I especially like the line about courage because it reveals the truth about this issue being a contest between courage and fear. People on both sides have a great deal of passion for this issue and it can easily become overwhelming. I'd never set up meetings with senators or even done much public speaking so it's been pretty intense, but all came so quickly that I really didn't have time to get nervous. Some weren't interested in a discussion a€“ they just wanted to explain to me why I should be afraid of the same things that scare them. Repetition takes you from novice to master, subconsciously reinforcing the skills youa€™re working so hard to consciously hone. Ita€™s now stocked nationwide at Dan Murphya€™s and the team was one of only six liqueur makers globally to win a gold medal at the 2012 International Wine and Spirits Competition in London. Bierut himself undertakes the project annually, speaking volumes about the practicea€™s value even to people from the highest echelons of success. Schedule it as you would an appointment (that old chestnut!), and share it if possible a€“ the 100 Day Project advocates sharing via Instagram, keeping participants accountable and providing a sense of confidence in seeing their body of work improve and grow. In a yin and yang-type relationship, one fosters creativity but hampers follow-through, while the other builds focus and the ability to perform. Add a good caption underneath, but remember that some social networks strip away the text description when an image is reposted - if there's an important message you need to relay (like the link to your project), it's worth embedding it onto the image with Photoshop, or easy free tools like Canva and Piktochart. Try to put a positive spin on your updates, or failing that, throw in a joke and a silly picture of yourself. Too much and it could actually have the opposite-to-intended effect, prompting people to tune out. But while the way you promote your campaign may be an afterthought to your actual project, ita€™s actually in your best interests to plan your approach well before you launch. You want them to remember, but you dona€™t want them to feel overwhelmed.a€?People respond well to changing stimuli, so try to think of ways to connect with your audience and deliver your message in unusual, varying ways.
Think outside the box a€“ that could be anyone from your teacher aunt who can share your campaign with her staffroom colleagues, to your Insta-happy younger brother and his thousands of followers. Youa€™ll greatly diversify your supporter base if you offer something of relative value thata€™s accessible to anyone. Feel-good rewards such as Facebook shout-outs and videos individually thanking your supporters can also encourage out-of-towners to make what they consider a worthwhile pledge.
The campaigna€™s novelty and feel-good factors certainly played a part in its success a€“ a centenarian in a modern dance performance is not something you come across very often.
Instead, think of creative ways to get peoplea€™s interest back, like a new reward or a photo of the team slogging away to remind everyone of the real people and vision depending on their support. The factory-inspired modern building is honest, hard-working architecture that sits in what was the industrial heart of Milwaukee. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., said it Obama is making the right move but said the president should have sought a congressional vote on this issue earlier. Overtime would be paid only after an employee had worked more than his allocated annual hours.
It put the Bears in front, to stay, at 48-46, and clearly saved the day in the win-or-go-home scenario.
The winner will forfeit any prize or prize certificate not claimed within thirty 1 day of winning. Pardew adhered to it more often than not and, overall, has done a decent enough job during his four years in charge. Scott Walker's administration could hold demonstrators at the Capitol liable for the cost of extra police or cleanup and repairs after protests, under a new policy unveiled Thursday. Brett and I were obviously on the same staff at Drake and we've developed an unbelievable bond. Of the more than two-thirds of exchange enrollees reporting dissatisfaction with their plans, paying too much was cited as the top reason. The technology also works perfectly to give a smooth and safe departure when driving away from a standstill on a steep slope, while a lock mode distributes power equally between the front and rear wheels at speeds below 25mph to optimise traction. Then there is my husband (French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault) also who takes me to many places.
On Tuesday, the authorities repeated their earlier statement that the results would be released soon . Whether or not some breakthroughs will be achieved in this area will produce decisive influences on the country's consumption-based economic transformation, which is now in an important period of historical opportunities. The Red, Orange and Light Green subway lines converge in Chistiye Prudy, and buses, trams and marshrutki (gypsy vans) run frequently along the neighborhood's traffic arteries. The town centre needs investment people need to be encouraged to live there not on the outskirts. 6 when Iowa City Officer Ben Hektoen noticed "an odor of ingested alcohol" coming from the vehicle,the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported.
If the issue of state restructuring will resolve the ossue, Nepal will ensure a new constitution and there will be a new president, vice president, prime minister and other major political posts, sources said.
To be honest, it hasn't sunk in yet,” said Lowry who held off the challenges of overnight leaders Justin Rose and Jim Furyk, as well as Watson – all three of them Major champions – to become the first non-PGA Tour member to win the prestigious event since Martin Kaymer in 2011. Stuart says: "We don't make massive batches, the largest amount of anything will be 2,000 bottles.
But if you're going to give quarterback Matthew Stafford the help he needs and a guy to take heat off of budding star defensive tackle Ndamakong Suh, the Lions did it. Repeat offenders , guarded and supervised by Military Police should be cleaning up grot spots like this instead of sitting on their butts for hours in the nick some playing on Pool tables and Game Boys for hours on end.. Tzipi Hotovely a charg l ambassadeur d Isra l en Suisse de pr senter une demande officielle au Conseil f d ral et la municipalit de Z rich de retirer leur soutien financier la conf rence de l ONG Breaking the Silence dans la capitale. The game, which is inspired by ancient apocryphal biblical texts, tasks you as an agent of God to track down several fallen angels.
In February, hundreds of children were forcibly conscripted in the northeastern town of Malakal by a government-aligned militia.
A spokeswoman for the commission says the plan limits participation in the Jonah crab fishery to fishermen who hold an American lobster permit or can prove previous participation in the crab fishery. Applicants must have understanding of the EYFS, proven creative practice with under fives and mentoring skills. Now more than ever, The Iranian Feast is a play for today", says Sarah Peterkin, Director of Rural Touring at Take Art. The show includes traditional Persian food prepared by Abbas, his wife and daughter with help from their friends and neighbours. Ideas included developing a shared language, training and support needs, and building an audience development toolkit. The company performed later that evening at the Royal Oak pub in Crewkerne, a great example of how Tangle is building relationships with local communities in Somerset. Joe (Associate Director) also trained here before completing a year as a member of JV2 - The Jasmin Vardimon Company Professional Development Certificate. Resolution provides a triple bill of new work each night, and each of the four South West companies will be performing their varied styles of dance on separate nights of the platform.
Master of the slide guitar Martin Harley will be playing the Blues at just two concerts in mid Feb and comes highly recommended.
Rewards are a great way to encourage people to support you, and to include and thank them for their generosity in a way that is unique to you.
Tailored banners and notifications will guide you through the site, while the Elev.io sidebar allows you to browse FAQs, check out upcoming events and workshops, and send and receive support straight from any page on our site. Also, the "It's So close, I can't watch it fail" mentality that we love about all or nothing crowdfunding.
Then, refocus your efforts on replicating what is working best, saving time wasted on what you know isna€™t helping. These are the absolute most important times, so it makes sense that these key milestones don't coincide with everyone's christmas and new year's celebrations.
A Melbourne writer and editor recognised the need for a magazine focusing on sexuality and gender and just launched her own. And it all began with a Pozible campaign, during which Peter raised more than $8,000 of his modest $6,000 target. How did you find the crowdfunding experience?It's really changed the way I think about funding my projects. As the project progressed it become more and more important to remember my own aims and avoid being swept up in other people's agendas. But there were far more people who were happy to just chat about it, to find where we agree and where we don't.
I usually ask them why we've changed to a policy of turning people away when previous generations of asylum seekers were welcomed. Even the most personal of projects can have a larger cause behind them - for instance, supporting the local arts scene, or being proactive and determined in achieving a lifelong dream. The crisp, hard edges of the building, which takes on a tire tread-like texture, show deference to the supple shapes and sheen of the bikes that park along the open-air streets, meant to re-create the feel of annual bike rallies in places like Sturgis, S.D. That tragedy led to the country s first Disaster Management Act, followed eight months later by the establishment of the Disaster Management Centre. Prize or prize certificates will not be mailed to the winner without the winner s prior written consent in which the winner shall agree to assume its risk of loss.
The caller told authorities that one person had made it out, but two people were still inside the residence.
Tensions between Egypt and Iran heightened when the Islamic Republic named a street after Khalid Islambouli, who assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Al-Sadat in October 1981. Last week, it widened thecorridor by5 kopeks andsaid that it will continue toadd 5 kopeks tothe corridor foreach $600 million ofintervention money it spends onkeeping theruble inthe corridor.
22, 2013, the Philippines unilaterally initiated compulsory arbitration proceedings with respect to the relevant issues between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea. While both treatments relieved the hot flashes these drugs are designed to treat, in neither case did the scientists find any changes in cognition or thinking, for better or worse. Thehouse's chef serves fine grilled meat, boiled sprats, andFrench fries, among many other treats. Phelps admitted to smoking marijuana before driving his car and agreed to take a breath test and evaluation for marijuana intoxication.
At a press conference in Kathmandu on Tuesday afternoon, the political parties appealed for calm after violent protests erupted in the western region of the country against the proposed six-state federal set-up. Tel Aviv defines such goods as dual use - meaning that while they are needed for the civilian population, they could also potentially be used by militant groups in attacks.
Le but de cet v nement, qui est aussi celui de ce groupe financ par des capitaux trangers, tant de diaboliser et de diffamer l arm e isra lienne.Il semble donc que le gouvernement ait finalement d cid de r pondre aux provocations.
The game is striking in both its anime-style art style and its attitude, which includes God checking in on your progress by calling your guardian angel over a mobile phone.
All his 12 children are to be beneficiaries, but the deciding votes will be held by his wife and one of his children. There is still no official number of dead since the fighting started, but officials estimate in the tens of thousands, while an additional 1.5 million people have been internally displaced and 500,000 have fled abroad. It has two other LNG developments on its books a 5-mtpa plant at Vladivostok that could be on line by 2018 and could expand to 10 mtpa in the 2020s; and the 10 mtpa Baltic LNG project that could be producing in 2018. To wrap up the music in our programme, Northern Harmony join us once again all the way from Vermont, all 16 of them!
Farnham Maltings bring us a wonderful concoction of theatre and Persian cookery lesson in The Iranian Feast. It also looks at how rugby was dominated in its early years by  British Public Schools and excluded players from the working class or ethnic minorities. Neither do you want to be the hungover baboon who can barely string a coherent project update together. Start by taking your big overarching goal and break it down into actionable steps a€“ ita€™s less intimidating that way. For a long time I've wanted to undertake a project on this scale but I couldn't figure out how it might be possible.
Also, knowledge is power, but drink in moderation!You guessed it: alcohol lubricates your creativity, with the equivalent of two standard drinks serving to loosen up your braina€™s centre of conscious thought, the cerebral cortex.
The truth is, even if you pride yourself on being the first of your friends to get on Facebook way back when, you could still be using social media totally wrong. Wea€™d post teaser photos of the print, and articles from online and slip the Pozible link in below. Panicker submitted that it was mandatory for units with more than 10 workers and engaged in continuous processing, manufacturing, and distribution of any product to come within the ambit of the Act. The Promoter, its sponsor, or promotional partner are not responsible for the safe arrival of a prize or prize certificate. The next day, while inaugurating a road while Scioli stood at her side, she said: "We could have saved so much time if (the opposition) had realized just a little sooner" the value of the policies.
Inother words, theCentral Bank is revving up tomanage acontrolled, slow-moving devaluation ofthe ruble that will soften theblow ofan external crisis andpreserve Russia's hard currency reserves: If Greece has acontrolled default, Russia will respond with acontrolled devaluation. Since then, the Philippines has obstinately pushed for the above-mentioned arbitration proceedings despite repeated objections of China.
Here's an idea for MBC, start collecting the rates from those that don't pay rather than hammering the ones that do pay. Phelps then asked Hektoen if he would take a Snapchat selfie, according to the criminal complaint.
A Republican rewrite without Democratic input will not inspire broad confidence that elected representatives will put the public's interest over their own or those of special interests financing their campaigns. In addition, 16 of the 33 Senate seats are up in the November election under the new legislative districts more favorable for Republicans, meaning their party could pick up enough seats to regain the majority. In May-June last year, a Chinese naval task force held military exercises with Cameroon and Nigeria, the first time that the Chinese navy appeared in the west coast of Africa.
The world of El Shaddai ' is mesmerizing and beautiful and an amazing place to escape for hours. Another product is an antibiotic foam for treatment of Impetigo, an infectious disease, which is due to begin a Phase III trial after talks with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
We are invited and gathered to a family celebration and share a small taste of Persian supper together.
This year the company have been touring their triple bill, alongside offering performance experiences to young people and community companies through the creation of curtain raisers before the show. This unique vocal ensemble has garnered a global reputation for their varied ethnic singing styles. Charlie Bicknell brings daring adults her cabaret with claws in No Angel - you will laugh til you cry!
I asked the man in Bondi if he'd ever met a Muslim and he said 'I've seen 'em, but I can't say I've ever spoken to one,' and he smiled as if to admit he sounded a bit silly. For the same reason you called your ex 17 times in an hour or thought jumping off the roof into the pool was a great idea, hitting the juice puts your brain in a relaxed state that sparks new creative connections and ideas. He alleged that the unit processes used syringes and gloves and transports them to Coimbatore to be sold to medical equipment manufacturing units without proper licence from the DFB. The decision to federate the country into six provinces with tentative demarcation of borders sparked protests in various parts of the country. It's a quiet performance yet so assured that it takes you mere seconds to learn to read his silences. Reid Ribble, a Wisconsin Republican, and his Democratic colleague in the House, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, unveiled a pair of bills back in March that got little notice but could go a long way to making the nation's reapportionment process less partisan. Shapcott is one of the world’s leading researchers on how to effectively market to, and teach, women the game of golf.
This poignant show is suitable for all ages and guarantees to stay with you long after you leave. Next Door is a duet, choreographed by Jennifer Grant and performed by Joe Garbett and Sally Smithson. And Cscape Dance return with just one night of their dance theatre show Taste, inspired by Grayson Perry.
A social media shout-out or thank you card is an awesome way to acknowledge peoplea€™s support. I think there are plenty of Australians who are like that, who've perhaps forgotten that it takes courage to combine.What's next for you?'Real Australians Say Welcome' will continue. You care less about whata€™s happening around you, which frees up your brain to wander into lightbulb territory.
On another note perhaps Mallon might reflect on the cost of investigations into his behaviour that of his ex-colleagues that cost the town a fortune under Lancet!
It is the second largest town in North Sinai and the only major population centre remaining in the restive corner of the peninsula, which borders the Gaza Strip and Israel.
Three people were killed and over half a dozen injured in violence that broke out in Surkhet district in mid-western Nepal.
Set in the living room of a man and woman's house, like a fly on the wall we watch the relationship unravel. This show is available to first-time dance audiences on our Bring a Friend for Free scheme. The creators of this reward came up with a form of recognition that was interactive and unique.
In the next few weeks I'm going to pass the project over to everyone thata€™s supported it. The downside is youa€™re less focused and your memory is impaired, so ita€™s difficult to buckle down and work.Enter coffee. Present at the conference were Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, CPN-UML chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, UCPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and MJF-L chairman Bijayakumar Gachhadar.
Chaque ann e, les Pays-Bas consacrent plusieurs millions d euros au financement, direct ou indirect, d organisations dont le seul objectif est la diabolisation d Isra l.
Coffee is the quiet workhorse that can help you execute that amazing idea your inebriated brain generated but was unable to complete because, you know, you were tipsy.
L ambassade isra lienne La Haye et le ministre des Affaires trang res doivent exiger un arr t imm diat de cette campagne subversive et diffamatoire.
To let someone be an extra isn't a huge undertaking for the creators, but something so special for the supporter. And if you still really want to be picked a€“ externally validated a€“ the odds increase considerably when youa€™ve shown you believe in your abilities enough to pick yourself. The clipping itself doesna€™t cost the project a dime, but is incredibly unique and special for people committed to the venue and cause.One of our weirder campaigns was based around researching maggots for medical purposes. No doubt these one-of-a-kind pictures are still pinned to fridges, with an awesome story behind them.ExperienceSome rewards include supporters in the process of your project, or providing them with something to remember through a lived, real-time experience. They were able to come up with an amazing and unique experience relevant to backers of their campaign.
Your project may not naturally lend itself to an ice-cream joy ride, but think - do you have access to anything or anyone who could help you craft an amazing experience for your supporters?The next project had the added benefit of star power, being a little bit famous usually helps when it comes to creating buzz about your cause.Dona€™t let not being in a well known Aussie alternative rock band stop you. Throw a party for your top pledger - it pays off!There are plenty of ways you can allow people to be an ongoing part of what you make or do. You could offer sponsorship or advertising opportunities, mates rates or insider updates for future projects.

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