Pre-production is all about the stuff that needs to be done before the shooting or editing begins.Do you have your documentary idea? Then you're ready to get started.Just like building a house, the prep work often takes much longer than the actual building of the house. I am a professional filmmaker, and I applaud this site for detailing the ABC's of documentary filmmaking. The BBC series Kasic worked on, Yellowstone, gathered numerous accolades including a BAFTA and two Emmy nominations. Kasic's installation, Enter the Wind, won two awards at the 2014 UFVA conference, was nominated for Best Experimental Film at the Wimbledon International Short Film Festival and is currently exhibiting at art galleries. Kathy is a faculty member in the School of Film and Photography at Montana State University and teaches Advanced Cinematography, Documentary Production, Production Management and Film Aesthetics. Mike Kasic is a highly-skilled sound recordist with extensive experience working in extreme environments.
As such, he has engineered equipment and developed new techniques for the acquisition of underwater sync sound.
During the set up of the show Billy Corbin and one of his producers approached Eddie and explained their project. Here is another clip from the sports television production we produced at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida for Action Fight League, Rock N Rumble 2.
AMP FILM STUDIOS is a full service film, video and multimedia production company with headquarters in Florida, New York, and California. An elite team of mercenaries are chosen to carry out a covert operation deep in a former Soviet State.
In this action packed thriller, brothers Tre and Mike set out in search of better lives, trying to leave behind their demons for good. Jean, an elderly Jewish man, pores over the diary of his sister Sarah, written during the German occupation of France in 1942.
Giorgio is passionate about food and always cooks using the finest and freshest ingredients. This documentary tells the story of Southern Norway’s rich history and Nordic culture. Jimi Mistry, a British actor who grew up during the height of the rave scene in the United Kingdom decides to journey to the Balearic island of Ibiza and unravel the complex musical history of the island, and find out for himself if Ibiza’s now spoiled reputation is deserved. This programme shows the great work that SOS have done worldwide providing more than 78 000 children in 124 countries with a new family and home. This programme celebrates the British Jazz evolution in all its great forms from the past to today. Popular artists such Mica Paris and Leee John, demonstrate their love of and roots in Jazz. 80 miles per hour in a 4 wheel drift round Brands Hatch with just you and 6 tons of truck, 14 litres of throbbing diesel and 1000 horse power – there’s nothing like it!
Our new one hour television documentary takes you on board with Powells Racing as they prepare for their last race of the season in the British Truck Racing Championships.

About UPL FilmsUPL Films is the feature film and television production and distribution arm of the UPL Group. In recent years UPL Films have co-produced a wide variety of work for theatrical release, TV, DVD and VOD platforms. We have ventured into many genres, including horror, documentary, action, thriller, romance and war.
It's the same with filmmaking.And in fact, it's a mistake to rush into shooting without thinking everything through.
I am a beginner with an idea, and the info and articles on your website are easy to understand and answer many questions I have.
Her film work has been featured on National Geographic, BBC, PBS, History Channel, CBS and Discovery Channel and has received accolades at numerous film festivals. It was BBC2's highest-rated natural history documentary in over five years with audiences peaking at over six million. Kasic’s latest film, Loose Horses (2015), is a feature-length documentary about horses that are sold for horsemeat.
Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Kasic was an internationally published biologist, researching the nocturnal behavior of a frog species found only in the Amazon. His impressive list of credits include substantial work for the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, and WNET Nature.
Subsequently, special FOUR FIELDS MAPPING software was developed by his firm - TSG - to support the preparation of charts. We have worked on hundreds of projects and Edward Isin has Directed and Produced many Award Winning Documentaries and Sports Television productions. Action FIght League puts on a great MMA show and we where happy to produce a 90 minutes show for Television for them.
They asked if they could get a feed from our HD live to tape mix (packaged with graphics and slow motion playback) of DADA’s fight, since this was a pivitol point in their story. In this video we see the winner chosen and a fight break out in the crowd because the fans do not agree with the decision (time code 1:05). Call us at 1-877-267-4111 and ask about our 100% money back video production guarantee and Turn It Up!
Jackie, an unpredictable psychiatrist, is going to put in place a few shock therapies to find them. They must first battle the ferocious armed militia at ground level before descending through a maze of tunnels inhabited by dark, menacing creatures.
After being released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Mike’s only care in the world is to protect his young daughter from an unforgiving ex. Featuring the maritime events that have shaped not only this beautiful country but the entire world for 1000 years.
Our most recent projects include the exciting co-productions with Spartans Entertainment on the film Five Thirteen featuring Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo, Gary Dourdan and Bokeem Woodbine. Kasic's film, The Fishman, received over 6 million viewers on BBC and was produced for the BBC as part of the award winning 3-part series on the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Kasic's film Against the Current won Best of Festival at the Great Falls Fly Fishing Festival and won two Tellies. Mike lives with his wife Kathy and daughter Phoebe in Bozeman, Montana, just northwest of Yellowstone National Park. We have produced many mixed martial arts shows, and other sports television including Swamp Buggy Racing for sports television networks like HD NET, Fox Sports, and MAV TV. We assembled a five camera HD, live to tape production which included a 30 foot jib, live slow motion playback, and cutting edge graphics packages. In her way are a host of crazy characters who will test her suspicions and paranoia with sex, lies and corruption. But the justice that awaits him on the streets is far worse than anything Mike had experienced in prison. The object of her affection is Hans, a German officer pressured into joining the SS by his overbearing father. Giorgio is inspiring a new wave of italian food with a twist of Yorkshire, where he now lives and runs his award winning restaurant. Most dramatic of all are the re-enactments of the battle of Dynekil in 1716, featuring tall ships and cannons! The Fishman won an award for Human-Wildlife interactions at the International Wildlife Film Festival, was nominated for two awards at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, screened at Telluride Mountain Film Festival three times and won a nomination at Wildscreen Festival, the Global Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival. Recently, while producing a 90 minute MMA sports television show, we assisted in the documentary film production of a newly released sports documentary, Dawg Fight (2015). The footage we produced makes a great ending to Billy’s film, said Producer Edward Isin. Jackie is plotting with the help of her transvestite friend Josepha, who is expecting 2 things in life: the love of a charming prince and the hope of giving birth one day! In good form, we are credited in the final credits of the film as Active Media Partners, CORP – AMP and Edward Isin (see photo).
The film, directed by Billy Corbin of Cocaine Cowboys fame, tells the story of Dahfir Harris (DADA) and his rise from the ghetto in West Perrine Florida by using his braun and illegal backyard bare knuckle fighting.
Dada grew up blocks away from Kimbo Slice who became a Youtube sensation and eventually went to work for him. Remember that in your final documentary, an audience can only get to know 7-8 "characters" in a typical 1-hour documentary.
During this time, seeing Kimbo’s fame and rise to stardom (what a let down, talk about hype), DADA decided to become a fighter. As soon as you have your documentary idea, get going on social media and start building your audience.

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