Sanginittoa€™s love for art developed early, when he began stage acting at the tender age of fourteen.
As a film student at California State University Long Beach, he worked on a long list of film projects, where he learned every facet of film production.
Gersona€™s second feature with Reef, the high-octane thriller Big Game (2008), turned out to be the filmmakera€™s most powerful film yet, and is sure to become a new classic in the thriller genre. 6Turner owns this station, but it is operated by Meredith Corporation under a local marketing agreement. 7HBO Latin America Group has distribution to networks owned by a joint venture of A&E Networks and Ole Communications. This piece embodies many of the filmmaking and storytelling techniques that make a documentary style piece truly great…something that will live on in the hearts of everyone who sees it. I had a blast editing this piece for Hallmark Cards about their new Signature Collection with Director John Ong.
I am over the moon to announce that my short film “Angel in Red” is being distributed worldwide by Gaiam TV and Spiritual Cinema Circle.
A heartfelt thanks and congratulations goes out to those who were a part of making this film and funding the music licenses.

His short film Contend (2004) entered the festival route, winning the a€?Grand Festival Awarda€™ at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival 2005. The Morgue turned out to be a huge success for Gerson, as it was invited to close the Cine CearA? International Film Festival in Fortaleza, Brazil, June 2007.
With limited speech, Tracy Thresher, 42, and Larry Bissonnette, 52, both faced lives of mute isolation in mental institutions or adult disability centers.
The unforgettable subjects of this cinema verite documentary discover that being uncovered can cost them their jobs, health, homes, savings, and even their lives. Gill Cast: Robert Zubrin “Zubrin really, nearly alone, changed our thinking on this issue…” – Carl Sagan The Mars Underground is a landmark documentary about renowned aerospace scientist and visionary, Dr. The film is going to be released this spring (of 2015) on Gaiam TV and on Spiritual Cinema Circle’s May 2015 DVD compilation. It wasna€™t long before he entered the most prestigious and competitive theatre school in Brazil, O Tablado (established by Maria Clara Machado). His comedy The TV Broke (2005) based on a short story by Luis Fernando VerA­ssimo, was chosen for the CSULBa€™s 16th Annual Student Filmmakers Showcase at the Directora€™s Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles, as well the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival 2006, and competed at the Delray Beach Film Festival 2007. The film was distributed in Brazil by Imagem Filmes and was a co-production with Orion Pictures.

The samba schools in Brazil organize the biggest party in the world known as Brazilian Carnival. Filmed in gorgeous high-definition from every corner of the United States, it is a powerful, entertaining, and intimate road movie about the lives and experiences of the men and women who haul every object we touch. Through his exposure to the creative arts, he developed a passion for filmmaking, and moved to America in pursuit of a degree in film production. His greatest satisfaction comes from teaching Jiu-jitsu to his students from his personal dojo in Culver City, California, and making films. This is an overview of lives of beautiful women who work the whole year to prepare for one single day when they become the iconic figure of their community as their drumsa€™ queen.
It was shot in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, giving Sanginitto an opportunity to work once again in his homeland.

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