HBO has released the schedule of documentaries it’ll be airing for the first half of the year and included in the bunch are looks at acclaimed cartoonists, mother-daughter relationships, prison education, weddings, and poverty, among several other topics that will be broached by HBO Documentary Films this year. Subject: Sandra Bush, the mother and muse of director Mickalene Thomas, also a New York artist. Subject: Women and poverty in the United States through the lens of a single mother with three children and a full-time job.
Subject: Hudson Link, a prison education program instituted at Sing Sing Correctional Facility.
Subject: Camp Erin, a camp where children can go and grieve for the loss of a loved one that was founded by baseball player Jamie Moyer.
Subject: Themes of love, commitment, and life following a wedding, juxtaposing present-day reality with wedding-day flashbacks. Shilo Adams is a contributor to TVHackr whose work has appeared on the likes of TVOvermind, KSiteTV, and ScreenFad.
Deadline is reporting that HBO has opted to not move forward with Ryan Murphy drama Open, whose pilot was officially ordered by the network last April.
Frenchman Benjamin Maisani arrives on the red carpet for the New York City premiere of HBO Documentary Films' production, Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper. Tribeca Film FestivalThe 2015 Tribeca Film Festival kicks off Thursday with 11 days filled with flashy red carpet premieres and under-the-radar indie gems. The good news is a handful of titles from this yeara€™s fest will be coming to a theater near you in the coming months.

Why you should see it: Brett Morgen has wowed audiences for years with his fresh approach to docs. Why you should see it: Hawke is tailor made for these kinds of roles and the film sheds light on the anxiety drone pilots endure. Why you should see it: Since the director of this documentary is Jeff Tremaine, one of the creators of a€?Jackass,a€? you know youa€™re in store for a gonzo trip.
Why you should see it: If Tomlina€™s performance isna€™t enough, the film is directed by Paul Weitz (a€?About A Boya€?) and has a great supporting cast that includes Marcia Gay Harden, Judy Greer, and Sam Elliott.
Christie MullenMina (Alba Rohrwacher) and Jude (Adam Driver) quickly fell in love after meeting in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant, and soon after Mina became pregnant with their child.
Why you should see it: The gripping performances by Rohrwacher and Driver led them to receive Best Actor awards at the Venice Film Festival.
Last year included documentaries about amFAR, Stephen Sondheim, and chemical companies, while 2014 has thus far seen The Education of Mohammad Hussein, a documentary centering on an Islamic school dealing with radical Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones. What would you like to see the network profile in the documentaries it’ll produce for the second half of the year?
Morgen uses home movies, recordings, photography, artwork, and journals to chronicle the face behind 90s grudge rock. Just look at the dazzling effects in "The Kid Stays in the Picture"A or the animated doc "Chicago 10."A Ita€™s safe to say his look at Cobain will be full of originality. In a€?Good Killa€? Hawke plays Major Tommy Egan, a veteran of air combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan who now is a drone pilot.

At the height of the cold war, Nick Piantanida convinced investors, engineers and even the US Army to let him attempt this insane stunt. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father who tracks down his teen daughter (Abigail Breslin) at a hospital and learns shea€™s been infected. This could be a turning point for the actor who has been trying to make a comeback on screen unsuccessfully in action-centric films. In a chance encounter at a counseling group, they decide to reconnect, but just as friends. The travel soon becomes too much for him and he's rescued by passerby Silas (Michael Fassbender), who we quickly realize has a connection to young Jay. Egan does missions daily from inside a trailer in Nevada and spends his evenings at home arguing with his wife (January Jones) and pondering the ethics of his current role in the military. But when her teen granddaughter (Julie Garner) shows up unannounced and asks for $600 and a ride, the two embark on a powerfully emotional journey.
What shea€™s told quickly changes her relationship with Jude and the child they're about to have. He takes her home but her progression into a zombie soon makes things very challenging for family life.

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