You know the times when engagement, moral integrity and attachment to a cause win on interests that seem invincible, don’t you?
Virunga is a national park located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and designated as UNESCO World Heritage site. Precisely the protection of gorillas represents a key issue: if they become extinct, also the main reason to prevent the profanation of the park will be gone. Last June, Virunga was awarded as ”Best International Documentary” in Cinemambiente International Documentary Competition. Throughout 2014 the movie has been nominated as “Best Documentary Feature” at Tribeca Film Festival, while it has been winning the “Feature Documentary Award” at DOXA Documentary Film Festival, the “Emerging International Filmmaker Award” at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and the “Golden Rock Documentary Award” at Little Rock Film Festival. At the end of June, the decisive good piece of news: the petition WWF started some months before against SOCO collected more than 750.000 signatures and succeeded!
We are optimistic: because a chapter of this never-ending story has, for once, a happy ending. TweetEmailI’m just going to come right out and say it – you’re looking a little down in the dumps these days.
Anyway, so this was very enlightening for me, because the other day I spilled half a coffee in my car and spent the next several hours convinced that the world had turned against me. Exercise, especially if your exercise of choice involves doing something varied and interesting, like dressing up like a gorilla. If at all possible, try very very hard to move to Bhutan, where the government is measuring the country’s well-being in terms of Gross National Happiness, rather than the more rudimentary GDP. I had a chance to ask Roko a few questions recently, mostly focused on how making the movie changed his life, because…dude. I had an amazing time filming HAPPY, and many of the places we went I would love to go back to. The biggest surprise during the making of HAPPY was realizing how deeply the experience of making the film had changed my life.
After so many re-posts, it's now not clear who first posted the photo as well as details of where and when it was taken, but it has sparked off heated debates over the dog meat eating habit in Vietnam. In the photo, the girl aged 4-5 looked apparently shocked and painful as she touched the body of the dog in a flat basket. Some Facebook users said the photo reminds them of their sad and obsessing childhood memories when their loved dogs were also slaughtered by adults. SILVER Linings Playbook is one of those movies you’ve got to see because everybody else has. Raz(above as principal) wrote children's books, a novel, a collection of short stories, a memoir, and had a weekly column in the local newspaper. Argo is suspenseful and based on a somewhat implausible story, so improbable that it was true. One of the few times my brother and I saw things differently was during the Iran hostage crisis. My brother, Raz, a big Jimmy Carter fan, felt that we should have forcefully gone after them. There was one scene where a stereotypical begot, fat, beaded Southern is whipping a slave while carrying one of these old fashioned dog eared Bible, quoting the Old Testament. I hope Pope Francis is just what the Catholic Church needs and he makes his papacy about the poor and disadvantaged. Most of the old retirees I know are getting more selfish, more self-centered, more mean spirited, and more closed-minded. As the waiter was telling his story I started thinking what a simplistic view he has of his life turnaround, butt then I thought better. Many of these voters, like the majority of Americans, are involved in some way with the federal government. Hard Choice for a Comfortable Death: Drug-Induced Sleep is a great article in the New York Times.
Recently a very good friend sent me a book, “Bailout.” He was taken with it and the thesis of the book .
Regardless of who is at fault, I feel so badly for all the wonderful civilians and others who have to live with the anxiety of cuts, layoffs, and uncertainty.
When I went through “Special Forces” training, you were taught to avoid a fight at all costs.
My friend Barry Sadler(photo left) a Special Forces guy who wrote and sang, the Battle Of The Green Berets believed in avoiding a gun at all cost. With all the newsworthy items in the world, this much time on the Pope"s resignation is more that a bit irritating to me. Listening to a report by the Christian Science Monitor about the violence in Iraq simply made me sick to my stomach. Gun hearings on gun control in Congress is like most of what Congress does: a frigging waste of time. As a country, the majority of us want to at least feel like we are making some response, weak though it may be. The All-Volunteer Army has made the (French) Army more popular with an approval rating of between 80-90 percent.
America has a good military but they come from the lower socio -economic strata of American society. Some researcher, Robert Jones, in a poll, found that a quarter of Americans thought that “God played a role in winning” in Sports. Based on where we are in American life today and knowing a few sports nuts, you better believe they believe this, anything for an edge. I haven’t read the book, GOING CLEAR—Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief but, I did read a Michael Kinsley review which was so “tongue in cheek” that I laughed all the way through it. Hubbard, the founder of Scientology who is probably on Mars, says that when a Thetan discovers he is dead, he should report to a between lives area on Mars for a “forgetter implant” I can’t say anymore. The article, “The Battle of Fort Bragg”(link below) showed a basic lack of understanding of the military. When I first came into the Army during Vietnam, the 82d Airborne saw nothing worse than being a “leg” (non airborne personnel).

The view in the 82d Airborne as we were getting ready to deploy to Vietnam: put us on Ardennes (the main street running through the Division area) and we will run to the war. On NPR (National Public Radio) David Greene interviewed six young people on why they are moving away from religion. Rumsfeld and Bush gave us Petraeus and Allen and a host of other ethically challenged generals. My first exposure to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator was in 1977, way back in the dark ages when I was in the military. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Orca Tilikum watches his trainers from a tank at Sea World's Shamu Stadium in Orlando, Fla.. This essay was written by a student in Katherine Cohen's 7th-grade English class at Greenberg Elementary in Northeast Philadelphia. How would you feel if you were ripped away from your family and forced to perform in a much smaller environment?
In the wild, orcas can swim as far as they please with no restrictions at all, but in captivity that is obviously not the case. Some features of this website (and others) may not work correctly with Internet Explorer 8 and below.
But “Virunga” is also the title of a documentary directed by Orlando von Einsiedel (United Kingdom, 2014), which tells the story of a bloody struggle. Furthermore, it has been receiving a special mention at the Brazilian festival Filmambiente.
The British company would stop its operations in the African national park and keep out of all UNESCO World Heritage sites.
This success is the work of government officials, activists within DRC and supporters worldwide who joined together to help remove the most immediate threat to Virunga” said Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International. We have a lot to do not only in the Virunga park- where we have to help fighting illegal hunting and resources exploitation- but all over the world. Green Film Festival in Seoul is the first and biggest film festival in Korea focusing on environment issues. She has over ten years of experience writing everything from large-scale federal grant proposals to small-scale haiku. Belic also interviews a number of “happiness experts” of various kinds, and finds that happiness is 50% genetic (as in – we begin life at a certain level of happy) and only 10% circumstantial.
Because the movie was only in limited release, Belic has begun working with community members to host screenings across the country.
Clearly, I need to start working out more often, as well as make a host of other life changes. Some that stand out are Roy Blanchard for his childlike spirit (I mean that in a great way) of adventure and his appreciation of life, Melissa Moody for her resilience and tenacity, and Andy Wimmer for his selfless dedication to bettering the lives of others.
Happy people are more productive at work, find more creative solutions to problems, are less likely to commit crimes or pollute the environment. I didn’t think I knew her but had watched her in Hunger Games with my granddaughter and before in Winter’s Bone, also, a terrific movie.
He would have booksignings at local bookstores and sell books on his farm, through the mail, anyway. Maybe the point of the movie was to make us feel so bad that our whole attitude changes , if need be, toward our fellow African American Brothers. But most Catholics, like about a 100%, don’t have a clue what the Bible says, rather what the Priest says. When my brother, Raz, now gone on to his greater reward, and I were writing the memoir for our family, we discovered a distant relative who was Irish. The brothers all escaped to somewhere in the “West.” (we think the cowboy Gene Autry, singing cowboy, came from this branch) We are not sure any of this is true but it makes a good story.
I am sure he has many supporters but he came across as an old man who is all the things you mentioned and I’d add one: arrogant asshole. Many receive Social Security and Medicare or get their health coverage at VA, or government financed mortgages. If you have ever hung out in nursing homes watching relatives or friends struggle in their last weeks, days, hours-waiting for death-you will want to read this long and informative piece. His comment on how the book changed his thinking, “But I will never again take at face value anything said by government or influential corporations and people. If a gun is involved, immediately run, the likelihood of them shooting and hitting you is very low.
It is about a remarkable pilot who was essentially drunk while landing a crashing plane in an impossible scenarioMa feat that no one could do, but Denzel.
There is no such thing as rational when you are dealing with the NRA and a host of other gun nuts and 2nd amendment zealots. Former Secretary of Defense Mel Laid and Milt Freidman sold the American people who care on the Volunteer Army. And, before those, Cheney, who could not go to Vietnam because he had “other priorities.” Come on! Here’s a guy who can be making a speech, somebody hollers, “I love you” without dropping a word, he calls, “I love you back.” He moves easily toward people.
Otto Kroeger, who is probably the foremost present day guru of the theory came to do a workshop at Fort McPherson, Georgia.
However, 23 years ago, Keltie Byrne fell into the orca tank at Sealand of the Pacific, in Victoria, BC, Canada.
The film depicts the interplay of money, politics and the environment in an international conflict, encouraging viewers to take action”. A Boston-area native, Laura has worked for and been involved in a range of fund raising and non-profit organizations.
And Melissa Moody, who has such a zest for life despite the fact that she was once run over by a truck. He’s also designated this coming Saturday, February 11th as World Happy Day, during which there will be about a million screenings in venues all over the world.

Was there anything in particular you started to do differently as a result of filming Happy?
My girlfriend and I moved to another city to be closer to friends – and in particular we moved to a mobile home park with a great community. I heard an interview with him recently talking about it when he said that he told Iran, "If you harm any of the hostages, I am sending in the 82d Airborne. Mom, sorry but it goes beyond scandalous, it is f_____insane that we are the richest country in the world and fifty million of our citizens are hungry. He had four brothers and all were sent to America as indentured (they were in prison in Ireland, probably political prisoners) servants where they could work off their sentence in the tobacco fields of North Carolina. So when we talk about corruption, it's often this very petty kind of corruption that, as I say, is part of the process of living in Italy. I cannot think of a worse indictment of society than to lose the trust of people you serve.” I understand.
First of all, they were protecting the pedophile Priests and now it has come to light that Nuns In Ireland held about 110,000 girls as young as twelve in slave labor in the so-called Magalene Laundaries. The next few years are going to be tough times for “Defense.” We need an enlisted guy at DOD. We can only guess because of our understanding of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the most popular personality instrument in the U.S.
Some of those letters have been revised by the students and submitted to be published in various Philadelphia media outlets. When not working or writing, she can be found espousing her opinion on Saturday Night Live, suburban living, potato latkes, the Hunger Games, and redheaded-ness. I hope that with the help of people who see HAPPY on World Happy Day, that we can get the film screened to millions of people and make it available in schools and institutions of higher learning around the world. I would like to think that if Americans saw the torture, they would realize that this is not the way we want to handle interrogation.
I hate war but based on the Confucian Ethic, “worship of the leader” who probably has the mental maturity of a 7th grader at best, i.
He now lives on Campus at the Seminary, maintains a 4.0 average and can’t wait to receive his masters so he can minister to people on the streets. Let’s suffice to say this: Ball players pray, politicians send prayers to folks in tragedy.
A Vietnam vet, the “leader of the band” in Vets Against the Vietnam War; politics, marries well. Jack Reacher is a guy who drops out and is brought back into a mystery because of a soldier he served with in Iraq.
I can't tell you for sure, but I believe in it because it is a matter of “faith.” Can it be proven? Tilikum is a 13,000 pound bull orca (male killer whale) who has been involved in the death of three innocent people. He is kept by himself, and every now and then his grandson Trua will be able to come be with him for a little bit.
Cruise would do himself a favor if he deployed a little Jack Reacher to escape Scientology. These animals are of course moved into different pools from time to time, but they are still barely swimming as much as they normally would in their natural environment.
After Dawn's tragic death, Sea World was sued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ban all water work with Tilikum because he is too dangerous to work with up close. What I often think: if we could figure out a way to make politicians pay when they send Americans into harm’s way for no reason. With decades of brain-washing, the idea that they would not drop the bomb is absolutely absurd. They vote for a rep who mouths the things they want to hear and don’t make the connection that the sequestration cuts will touch them. However, I don't want to cause pain to people and so whatever these self-serving, non thinking, good for nothing, sorry MFers want, I'll sign. Sabotaged by the “Swift Boat Vets” who were sold a bill of goods by a sorry bunch of draft dodging Republican lying MFers.
As you read on, you will see that it is imperative that Sea World release him back into the wild, where he belongs, immediately. An example: Congressmen like Speaker of the House, Boehner, could care less, knowing that he can be as much a classic asshole as he wants without voter repercussion.
He apparently snuck into the park after hours, took off his clothing and dove into the tank. If you think I’m whistling Dixie, asked around how many doctors, lawyers, Wall Street tycoons or Ivy League types join the military.
I really believed that when all was said and done, the Vets would come to their senses and stand up for a fellow vet. This doesn’t mean to say that he’s not a politician but overall it is his personality, ENTJ. The autopsy showed that he died of drowning and hypothermia, his genitals however were missing. We need to make this message clear to Sea World for the sake of Tilikum's life and the safety of his trainers.
In February 2010, Tilikum dragged his long time trainer, Dawn Brancheau, into the pool by her ponytail and brutally killed her. Three murders, and he is still at Sea World, even though he is a threat to his trainers and anyone who has physical contact with him.

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