I just now watched this documentary movie “HOME” by Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand (a french photographer and world renowned environmentalist).
Coming back to the movie “HOME”, the documentary chronicles how life on earth came into existence 4 Billions years back, how we humans came into existence 200,000 years back and how we started farming 10,000 years back. From BAFTA award-winning director Asif Kapadia (SENNA), AMY tells the incredible story of six-time Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse a€“ in her own words.
An intoxicating documentary thanks largely to its intoxicating--and intoxicated--subject, Amy explores the short life of the talented Amy Winehouse. At the beginning of the movie, the young filmmaker is getting ready to crash a high-class croquet game at some country club. Nicole Buffet works as a nanny for a rich family in California–a family which no doubt has far less wealth than the Buffets. Johnson also interviews his father, sometimes in the company of their longtime financial advisor (who STRONGLY opposed the movie).
Toward the end, the father finally agrees to talk on camera with his son, who then asks him what happened years ago with the film he made. Receive Posts by EmailIf you subscribe to my Feedburner feed, you'll automatically receive new posts by email. We have teamed up with C2C Films to put together a documentary about the amazing tech ecosystem in Ireland. The full movie is available in HD Quality free in Youtube from yesterday till 14th June 2009.
This background helps you to understand and appreciate the destruction we are making on our planet, after the discovery of OIL and our dependence on it.

Featuring extensive unseen archive footage and previously unheard tracks, this strikingly modern, moving and vital film shines a light on the world we live in, in a way that very few can.A once-in-a-generation talent, Amy Winehouse was a musician that captured the worlda€™s attention. I figured this would be a Michael Moore kind of movie, with the documentarian squirming his way into places where he doesn’t belong.
It’s fascinating to hear them reflect on their wealth, and to bare some uncomfortable feelings about it.
Jamie Johnson’s father once made a documentary himself, about hunger in South Africa during the apartheid days.
He begins telling the story, and just as it’s getting very very interesting, he quits.
Not only does Johnson demonstrate his complete lack of knowledge regarding economic matters, particularly when conversing with Friedman, he fails to ever reach a climax or deliver any factual research data to support his viewpoint. These compel me to predict that in next 10 years we will see the end of distribution of entertainment content (movies and songs) in any physical form – it will happen much faster than the best of Internet evangelists have dreamed of and it will happen even in developing countries like India at nearly the same pace. The movie cemented that: by appearing in the movie, Warren Buffet disowned her, totally cut her out of his life. When it came time to inherit his fortune, he told his father that he was going to give it all away. I walked away thinking that Johnson is a snot nosed rich kid bored and searching for meaning in life.
Makes you wonder why he would even sell this, rather give it away in hopes to change someone.
I really liked the fact, the movie didn’t end with a pessimistic note of all being lost on climate change, but on a positive note that worldwide change is happening (though in pockets) and we can reverse the trends.

He got raked over the coals by the company, and the scars of that experience clearly linger. Typical for a kid with nothing but time to kill, instead I’d ask why doesnt he work within the company and attempt to provide solutions for his qualms with with rich. This is a guy who seemed so grounded, and articulate, that I would love to spend time talking to him.
They wanted to be supportive of their son, yet valued the privacy he was intent on invading. At one time, he was an idealistic young filmmaker; now he lives the life of a wealthy heir. I think it was as much about his own rich guilt as anything, and I wonder if his idealism resulted in anything beyond this movie, or was just a fleeting thing. He also failed to mention the amount of employees Johnson and Johnson employs as well as the yearly charitable donations by the company. I have no affiliation with the rich, I’m from a small farm town in Illinois and was lucky enough to attend a 3rd rate university.
My parents never had much money, I was on the kool-aid that Johnson is clearly drunk on after college then I got a job.
Looking back I had no answer to why I was such a Liberal other than that was what was cool, the world of academia promotes it, and the media certainly advocates Liberalism.

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