The Straight Key Century Club Anniversary K3Y on-air party is open to members and non-members alike. For an HF beacon, I envision having enough shock cord between the two sections for a half wave end fed antenna to be strapped to the cord. I would also put a two meter fox transmitter in the rocket to help locate it should it leave the field. In February, I got a surprise visit from John W8JER at the SEARS rocket launch in Samson, AL. In May, I had 18 RaDAR outings (16 Portable, 1 Mobile, 1 Pedestrian Mobile) at ten locations with 42 QSOs. In August, I set up in Tom WD0HBR's neighborhood in Dothan to participate in the Skeeter Hunt.
In September, I made a work trip to the Oxnard California area.This is where all my RaDAR preparation paid off. Rebuilding and repairing a Rebuild MFJ 1622 Apartment Antenna for Ham Radio that I had in storage for a while.
Also if you cut a counterpoise for each band instead of rolling and unrolling the one counterpoise It will hear better. My first new rig was the Icom 703 which made me a QRPer and opened the door to portable operating. I have to say the best antenna is the one that fits your portable operating situation or backpack. This would combine my amateur radio and rocketry hobbies.The first beacon rocket had a successful launch.

Reviewing my photos and blog I can reconstruct a history of antennas I have used for portable operating. So my Go-To portable antennas at this point are the Alexloop and the Trail Friendly End Fed. It was a SKCC Weekend Sprint that day and I racked up quite a few contacts with the Alexloop. The count was 28 QSOs across 17 states and two QSOs from France including Bert F6HKA on 15 meters.
I like the way the ribbon cable folds and I have made long wires and dipoles with two strands of ribbon cable shorted together. I may be able to use altimeter electronics to delay turning on the the transmitter until the rocket is at apogee.
It was this month I discovered the Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio RaDAR concept from Marcus NX5MK. I have made a lot of use of the military mast including field day ops but still a bit heavy. At apogee an ejection charge will fire to deploy the parachute and the antenna, Apogee may be a couple of thousand feet. Perhaps I could have a reference beacon that is ground mounted beacon with a 5 KHz frequency offset. The game in hotel ops is seeing what you can get away with as far as stringing the end fed to near by trees or sticking the Buddistick out the window. I tried many antennas supported by the military mast including ham stick rotatable dipoles for 40 through 10.

This antenna is so compact when wound up that it makes it perfect for my backpack or even my pocket.
This led me to Eddie ZS6BNE's site where I learned how the RaDAR idea got started in South Africa. The community has a global participants including South Africa, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia and the USA. It seems I could use a message like TEST DE N4KGL and be picked up by the Reverse Beacon Network. Later that week, I got off early I operated directly off the top of a sand due with the Alexloop.
RaDAR America has come along with monthly events and the April and November RaDAR contests . It was a little unwieldy and I found it did a good job of catching descending rockets at our launch site.
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