No one knows for sure about the origin of the magnetic field, however, it is widely accepted that a dynamo within the Earth generates it. An image showing the Coriolis effect in the core creating "rolls" of material that create the magnetic field.
A comparison to other terrestrial planets in our solar system have supported the dynamo theory.
This is the second article in my series on “2012 Prophecies and Preparations”, and the second article on Geophysical predictions. I have no doubt that you’ve heard people saying that at this time “the poles are going to reverse”.  On hearing this, the immediate impression for most people is that the ball we live on, aka planet Earth, will physically turn upside down. However, when people speak of a polar reversal, what is not normally acknowledged is that there are two types of polar shift or polar reversal. The first is a geomagnetic reversal of the poles, which I’ll talk about today.  The second is known as a” true polar shift” or “polar wandering”, which I’ll discuss in my next article in this series. What is generally accepted, with regard to magnetic polar reversals of the Earth, is that they come at irregular intervals averaging about 300,000 years between.  However, the last one was roughly 780,000 years ago and so it could be said that we are well overdue for another one.
Interestingly, a NASA article tells us that due to the last magnetic polar reversal, 780,000 years ago, our current magnetic NORTH pole is actually in the southern hemisphere, and the south pole in the Northern Hemisphere [6].
People, especially architects, talk about true north – along the Earth’s axis; and also magnetic north which is where the compass needle points, because they are 8in different places. As at December 29th, 2003, magnetic north was located in northern Canada, about 600 km from the nearest town – Resolute Bay which has a population of 300 [7].
Interestingly, if you started on the equator and followed your compass north you would not go in a straight line directly to the magnetic north pole.  Instead your compass would take you all over the shop because of the movement of the magnetic north and south throughout the Earth’s surface [8].
In more recent times, the magnetic poles have been moving quite a lot and quite a lot more quickly. There has been a lot of talk, especially in recent times, as to what causes the magnetic – and again I stress Magnetic – poles to reverse. Meanwhile, there are some people who argue that the magnetic field is never reduced.  But instead, the magnetic field is just redistributed around the Earth.
According to Glatzmaier, the ongoing 10% decline doesn’t mean that a reversal is imminent. Earth’s magnetic field comes from this ocean of iron, which is an electrically conducting fluid in constant motion. Glatzmaier and his colleague Paul Roberts created a supercomputer model of Earth’s interior. I love the following diagrams which come from Glatzmaier’s computer modeling [15].  They show what is likely to happen to the magnetic field during a magnetic polar flip or reversal. A snapshot of the 3D magnetic field structure simulated with the Glatzmaier-Roberts geodynamo model. Glatzmaier and his team found that reversals are also influenced by “the thermal structure in the lower mantle and the effect this has on the style of convection and magnetic field generation in the fluid core below”[16]. The other interesting thing that Glatzmaier discovered is that “convection in the fluid outer core is continually trying to reverse the magnetic field; but that the solid inner core inhibits magnetic reversals because the field in the inner core can only change on the much longer time scale of diffusion”[17].
Some aspects of this question are very easy to answer – those connected to our scientific and electronic equipment.  Other aspects, such as the effects on living entities are more problematic because the last reversal obviously occurred prior to our current technology for measuring such things. The first two obvious effects are that our compasses will work in reverse; and as a result, the Sun will rise in the Compass-West.
As you are aware, many birds and animals have a magnetic guiding system which undoubtedly would be disrupted. Seeing as the average time between geomagnetic reversals is about 300,000 years, and the last reversal occurred 780,000 years ago, in theory, a geomagnetic polar reversal is just as likely today as it was 480,000 years ago. Meanwhile, some metaphysical researchers say that the reversal will happen within the “twinkling of an eye”, or will happen in 3 days, which will be our 3 days of darkness predicted by the Hopi.
As far as the other two time frames are concerned, 400 years versus 30 days  – I have no idea and I don’t really think that anyone else has either.
Even Greg Braden, who claimed in his early books in the early 1990s that a pole reversal, and much worse, would happen at this time; then changed his views completely in his latest book Fractal Time which was published in 2009.
A topic rarely considered by scientists when talking about these issues is the area of harmonics and global harmonic grid points.  This is an extensive and oft times complex topic and so I’ll just make this point very briefly. In essence, harmonics is all about energetic frequency.  I find it a fascinating and exciting topic and is very relevant to our current changes in global consciousness and so I will go into it a little bit more in Article 9 on our evolving consciousness.
Internationally renowned researcher, Bruce Cathie, ‘discovered’ that the Earth is covered by a magnetic, harmonic grid system which affects different particles in different ways all based on harmonics.
An important example he gives in his book – The Energy Grid Harmonic 695: The Pulse of the Universe – The Investigation into the World Energy Grid– is that of the atomic bomb. So what have atomic bombs got to do with geomagnetic polar reversals?  The same thing as it has to do with approaching asteroids, or any geophysical change or event. Whilst it might be a long shot; however, if the relative motion of the Sun and the Earth are at their harmonic optimum when an asteroid approaches, or when the structures inside the Earth are also in an optimum state, then any geophysical event is possible in an extremely short period of time, no matter how many thousands of years computer modeling says an event might take.
So, whilst all the normal scientific evidence tends to indicate that a magnetic polar reversal would be most unlikely in our lifetimes; if the harmonics and grid point align with the harmonics going on inside the Earth – then anything is possible at that time. Those who do constantly worry about a vehicle accident will probably attract one.  And again, as I’ll talk about in Article 9 in this series – the same applies to all geophysical events adversely affecting us if we as a global community focus energy on that happening.
And, of course if you live in a danger zone, then you will always follow the preparedness advice, just as I do living in a cyclone region. You can do no more, except be prepared not to see any TV, DVDs, or have any communications equipment working for quite some time.  And that might do us all some good. Cathie’s book The Harmonic Conquest of Space (1995) is also an excellent read for those interested in this topic.  It tends to tie together all of Cathie’s previous research.
I can certainly understand your concern for your children with regard to what’s happening in the world.
Angela, this is the most wonderful time for your children to grow up, and they are, no doubt, extremely special children. Originally my reason for beginning the articles on 2012 Prophecies was that there are so many frightening stories out there which are not necessary and a pure figment of the author’s imagination. The thing that I get annoyed about with regard to your comments, now and in the past, is that you are so hell-bend on discrediting anyone who writes on these topics that you don’t acknowledge the truth of what I actually do say.
CK – In a nutshell, a magnetic reversal takes hundreds to thousands of years to occur. KASHONIA – Christopher, you can’t say that there is no evidence that a magnetic reversal can occur in less than 1000s of years. So yes there IS some debate in the scientific community, even if you disagree with that debate.
Nevertheless, whilst the MAINSTREAM scientific community might generally agree with the several thousands of years model, go back a few hundred years and mainstream science said that the world was flat. All I have done is to present to my readers the range of theories that are out there, so that if the general public come across them, unlike you, I have acknowledged that they exist.
To just categorically say this will happen or that will happen is like the doomsayers, whom we both dislike, saying categorically that the world will end on December 21st. CK – Pseudoscientists can make all sorts of claims about it happening in a ‘twinkling of an eye’, but hopefully most people want to see some evidence or proof of a big claim like that.
KASHONIA – I gave my opinion that the reversal in the ‘twinkling of an Eye’ was not one I go for. KASHONIA – This point is 100% correct IF, and ONLY IF, your 1000s of years’ model is correct.
The rest of your comment is very interesting and adds to all of our knowledge and understanding. I would love your entire comments to be as informative as that end part and not erroneously denigrating. And as you can see, but have not acknowledged, I have said that these are the stories that are out there, basically believe what you want, but I am not the least bit concerned about a magnetic reversal in my lifetime. I do not apologize for your claim that I do not acknowledge the truth of what you say because I do. Let’s discuss the rate of reversal first, since that seems to be something you are most concerned with.
I stand by my statement as being correct, there is no serious debate in the scientific community (one which I work in) that magnetic reversals can occur over night or even within a period of days. I find it very interesting that you say if we go back a few hundred years science said the world is flat. Basically, if the facts are kept straight, all of these pseudoscience, doomsayer claims collapse like a house of cards. And this reply is certainly a lot more tempered than previous comments have been, and I appreciate that. However, I am sure that my next comment will also upset you and let you really put me in the whacko class – and so be it. So basically, what I might write now or in the future will always be at odds with a 3 D scientist. Consequently once again – you can write what you like on your blog, but I am not going to interact with you and will probably not publish your comments any more.
When I wrote my last response, I actually wanted to include a quote, but I couldn’t find it until now. I began my PhD in Ethics with the Graduate School of Management (GSM), however all previous Ethics degrees were with the School of Philosophy.
Day one, my Social Science-based Ethicist supervisor gave me a peer reviewed paper that he’d written and of which he was very proud. It was relatively interesting, but if I had been marking it as an undergraduate ethics paper, I would have failed it. The focus of the paper is on the difference between Philosophy-based Ethics and Social Science-based Ethics.

Business School Faculty Member: “These philosophers don’t seem to know much about business. Nevertheless, having said that, believe it or not, but I did appreciate some of your comments – they did make me think that I need to be a little more rigorous. The most frustrating thing for me was the lack of time to argue against many of the points you highlighted. So I’m glad you are now going to leave me alone and move onto someone more deserving of your attention. But Christopher please take special note at the way he talks about it and the people who subscribe to that “crap”. Thankfulness to my father who stated to me regarding this weblog, this website is in fact amazing. D’un cote, il y a des gens chez qui augmente la conscience de la place qu’ils occupent dans l’univers, qui comprennent que nous devons nous unir dans la paix et cesser d’epuiser sans discernement les ressources de la Terre. L’autre versant de la polarisation est une organisation globale qui controle le monde entier et le maintient, en fait, en esclavage, appelee le nouvel ordre mondial.
Toutes les planetes dechargent la capacite qui s’accumule autour du Soleil, a cause d’un exces de courant de protons dans les vents solaires, et lorsque les planetes se trouvent dans certains alignements, cela accentue l’ecoulement des courants sur ces trajectoires.
Et quand de nombreuses planetes sont en ligne, cela ne multiplie pas seulement les courants par deux, mais par cent.
Ainsi lorsque, par exemple, la Lune passe par la phase de Nouvelle Lune, pendant un bref moment la conjonction masque les vents solaires. Au moment des phases de Nouvelle et Pleine Lune, la Terre recoit une forte pression electromagnetique, ce qui est une facon de dire les choses. Quand une grosse comete rentre dans le systeme solaire, elle brouille le champ electrique solaire et excite toute cette energie dans le Soleil, comme nous le voyons, alors se produit ce que je disais a propos de cette polarisation. Les gens qui sont en croissance vers une plus haute conscience spirituelle vont monter toujours plus haut, tandis que les fauteurs de guerre vont se mettre a battre tambour toujours plus fort. Vous pouvez contribuer a la continuite de ce site en faisant un don libre par PayPal ou autre. Entrez votre adresse email pour vous abonner a ce blog et recevoir une notification de chaque nouvel article par email. Noah built an Ark near a city on the bottom of the Mediterranean Basin, where trees were mammoth enough to build a ship to his specifications.
Starting in 1760's with America a United States, my 100 year ship build college to provide 21st century out of the other side through JesusChrist with my bag of college and flight training on my PSP, where I should be able to spark an industrial revolution, out of a revolution with my little rifle business antibiotics and explosives formulas and guided missile electronics.
Congress to stop another government shutdown a Congressman brings in a crate of knives for everyone to grab one, and go into the White House to kill everyone, so I can get the United States of America out of Debt Default, to back to the way I remember community and freedom in 1950's, or in a bunker over two thousand feet deep for what comes next, with the Sun light cycles going out in 2016. Here below are the top and bottom of a moon size iron object what hit the Arctic Circle, in a Japan 9.2 earthquake and tsunami. Though someone asked me what I would do about three nuclear reactor melt downs in Japan, two days ago, that happened now three years ago, long after one melted down in Russia a week after the piece of the Challenger Space Shuttle was picked up off of ocean floor with the hole in it where flame were shooting out of the side of the rocket when the space craft blew-up was found. By coincidence the movement of the nearest two stars beyond it a galaxy blew-up, apocalyptic the people have to build underground, besides what is causing climate change underground, take there all of the breathable oxygen content in Earth atmosphere possible. The interior can be divided into 5 main pa: lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, and the inner core. Despite its small size, Mercury has a magnetic field which came as a surprise when first discovered by Mariner 10.
This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11-year Sunspot cycle — like clockwork [1]. Nevertheless,  extremely long periods of time, called superchrons, have occurred in the past when no reversals took place.  These rare, but not unknown, superchrons have lasted up to millions of years. Sitting above the hot solid inner core, the liquid outer core seethes and rolls like water in a pan on a hot stove. Their software heats the inner core, stirs the metallic ocean above it, then calculates the resulting magnetic field. Magnetic field lines are blue where the field is directed inward and yellow where directed outward. Remember that the Glatzmaier computer model suggests that a complete reversal takes over 1000 years. The relative motions of the Earth and Sun, at this instant of time, cause the disruption of the unstable particles of uranium, plutonium, cobalt or whatever unstable matter is used to trigger the explosion.
I know that I sound like a completey nervous person; but to be honest the main reason why I get nervous is because I am a mommy of three young boys ages ten to three and It breaks my heart to think they might not be able to have a future or a family one day.
There is no debate about this in the scientific community and no evidence to suggest otherwise. You are correct that I should have ensured I was spelling it correctly and I will make those corrections. There are those that claim the reversal can occur nearly instantaneously, but no one in mainstream science supports any such claim. This is actually a perfect example of what I have been saying about your postings and the postings of other people.
We are not certain of the value he came us with because he reported in units called stadia and we are not sure of the value of a stadia. There were certainly people that believed the Earth is flat (there still is – seriously), but scientists (natural philosophers) knew the world was round.
Mark Van Stone – originally a physicist and then got into ancient hieroglyphs and did his doctoral thesis on Maya Hieroglyphs – who like the both of us thinks that a lot of Maya stuff on the Internet is, and I quote, “crap”. Mais quand elle s’ecarte a nouveau, les vents solaires reviennent en force et secouent notre champ magnetique, provoquant une enorme pression sur notre atmosphere. Vous verrez des ecarts de temperature beaucoup plus importants, et vous constaterez quelque chose d’analogue chez les personnes. NASA’s website features a map showing the gradual northward migration of the north magnetic pole in the past century and a half.
So when the Flood got going it only raised his ship up, which storm blew it east for 40 days and 40 nights to a mountain, where it went aground. Spinning on to the northwest it ran into Earth's crust 3 more times in 2011 big tsunami's.
The hot dangerous metals melting down for miles have to just let them melt down, unless you get there fast, to pour a foundation way underneath the plutonium melting down mix it weaker and weaker until it is concrete, or it is down to lithosphere in 50,000 years. Shasta top hot spring steam went out when the lava level in it dropped because its lava broke into Mt.
Elsasser is considered to be the pioneering scientist behind this theory Earth's interior predominantly consists of highly electrical conductive materials such as Iron and Nickel.
There are also theories that simply the rotation of a planet is enough to create a magnetic field. It is the outer and inner cores that are responsible for the magnetic field.Using seismic waves produced by earthquake, we've been able to prove that Earth's core is partly solid and liquid. In a 4-million-year period centered on 54 Ma, there were 10 reversals; at around 42 Ma, 17 reversals took place in the span of 3 million years. Note that in the 500 years prior to reversal diagram, the yellow lines are at the top, and now, after reversal, they are at the bottom. Every test of nuclear devices since World War II has been designed to discover all the geometric combinations possible for the detonation of the atom [22]. You do not need to be concerned about going to bed at night with compasses pointing one way and finding they point a different way in the morning. The most accepted value calculated using ancient works gives a very accurate measure for the size of the planet. So, your example of science believing the Earth is flat is a perfect example of how a little misinformation completely changes the story. Ils se consacrent entierement a ne faire que des guerres, des destructions, et des tueries. Des gens qui n’ont pas une bonne maitrise d’eux-memes vont devenir fantasques, ceux qui n’ont pas un tres bon equilibre le perdront encore plus, et les gens equilibres seront de plus en plus fermes.
The sun reverses its magnetic field like clockwork every eleven years at the peak of the sunspot cycle. Military visits to my web site whenever they do, know I won Power by Default to have a change of command revolution for my reasons and theirs. These fluids are good conductors but needs to be molten in order to create the dynamo that is required for the magnetic field.
Some have also suggested that gravity from neighbouring satellites is the cause of convection currents in the Earth but none of these pose a real challenge to the dynamo theory. It is almost the same density as the Earth meaning it is made of dense material similar to that of Earth's and could be partially solid; this could give rise to convection currents. The dipole moment, a measure of the intensity of the magnetic field, is now 8 x 1022 amps x m2. A transition occurs at the core-mantle boundary from the intense, complicated field structure in the fluid core, where the field is generated, to the smooth, potential field structure outside the core. And, we can see from the record that it did not have any affect on life that we can identify. No one is going to make bundles of money off of this (unless they are around for hundreds of years). Changing the magnetic field generates electric currents within the planet which will work to cancel the change in the magnetic field. We have known for thousands of years the world is round and we even had good calculations of how big it is.
As an interesting side note, his measurements were repeated a couple of hundreds years later that resulted in a much smaller value, about 25% smaller.
That is my complaint about blogs by you and other people that are misleading people to think there may be something to such claims as the Mayan calendar, Nibiru, galactic alignments and any other nonsense you wish to point at.

You put that warning in a posting about magnetic reversals and it was clearly intended to tell people that they should be prepared for things that the doomsayers are predicting.
Ils vont commencer a communiquer sur un plan presque mental, spirituel, tout autour du monde.
Le champ magnetique que produit le noyau, le composant permanent du champ magnetique, est assez librement lie a des depots de fer et de nickel.
The next solar flip is due in 2012.3600 Year Cycles in conjunction with Nibiru's cycle It is not only the direction but also the strength of this magnetic field that is a concern.
NASA scientists who monitor the Sun say that our star's awesome magnetic field flipped 22 months ago, signaling the arrival of a solar maximum.
Disasters come and go, and they say the world is still here with ground under their feet, so they said there would never be a Flood for his ship died in a Flood to believe it, 100 year ship build not for nothing fossilized Ark in a slope. The low lands will be flooded when the Earth collapses smaller turning faster the whole Revelations to the end! Heat trapped with the Earth from its formation and from continuous radioactive decay keeps part of the core molten.
P- waves on the other hand can travel through gases, liquids and solids although it travels slower in liquids.
It also has a relatively fast rotational speed orbiting its axis 3 times for every 2 orbits around the Sun.Venus is the similar size to Earth and is geologically active, however, it lacks a magnetic field. No fewer than 51 reversals occurred in a 12-million-year period, centering on 15 million years ago.
The more quickly the field tries to change, the stronger the currents that are generated and more effective they are in slowing down the reversal.
Ils vont comprendre que nous ne pouvons pas continuer a faire des guerres et a placer nos ressources dans ce genre de choses. In the time of dinosaurs, at an estimated 2.5 gauss, it was eighty percent stronger than it is now.
Taken off the Internet these two maps here 2006 ended 200 thousands of related web sites, 2010 2015 map, to show all 4 of its bounces to rolling around 85° latitude, in 2011.
Soon as it was broken free from going around at only 900 mph it began spinning backwards faster, they don't say. Impurities (such as Sulphur) in the Earth can also have an effect on the state of the interior since it has the ability to alter the melting point of materials such as Iron; impurities would lower the melting point and fluids within the core must stay above the eutectic point in order to stay liquid. Venus has a dense core consisting of electrically conductive material but most scientists believe that it lacks the dynamo because of its slow rotation of 243 days.
Columbus knew how far it was to China going east and, using the erroneous value, believed he could sail west and get to China more quickly. La plus grande, partie de notre champ magnetique est formee par des courants electriques qui passent autour de notre planete avec les vents solaires et dans la ceinture de Van Allen, et sous d’autres formes. The Sun's magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere just a few months ago, now points south.
The heat trapped in the Earth would have escaped into the coldness of space overtime and this cooling would lead to the formation of the solid inner core. By studying seismic tomography data from seismometers placed in different parts of the Earth, seismologists have mapped the interior of Earth with great accuracy. There is the case where rocks from a region known as Steens Mountain, OR seem to indicate the reversal occurred very quickly.
This, of course, entailed a very dangerous open-ocean voyage that sailors were reluctant to make in those days. C’est pour cela que lorsque passe une comete tres chargee d’electromagnetisme, cela peut nous influencer fortement. Cooling of the interior appears right above the solid inner core where it borders the liquid outer core, thus there is a chemical discontinuity. But, But, that interpretation is generally disputed and generally not accepted in the scientific community. Fortunately for Columbus and his crew, someone stuck a couple of continents in the way or they would have all died at sea. The fluid deep in the Earth's interior is less dense and would rise to the surface of the outer core.
Fluid close to the mantle on the other hand hand, cools by losing heat to the cooler mantle and is therefore less dense then the fluid below it, this would cause it to sink back into the interior. Electronic devices would all be at risk: there may be damage to, or complete loss of, all near-earth-orbiting satellites and possibly the space station itself. Jacobs, pg 217-218, available for viewing in Google Books.) A second reported instance of rapid reversal is from rocks in Battle Mountain, NV would seem to support the Steens Mountain evidence. Effects on life forms could range from migrating birds losing their sense of direction to immune system decline and even widespread die-off from radiation-induced cancers.
This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle -- like clockwork. If it's completely liquid, there would be no temperature gradient across the core and thus no material movement or convection currents.
When the history of the magnetic field in that region is examined more closely it appears to indicate that the magnetic field actually may have reversed several times over a short period. Mapping of the Earth's interior with the help of seismology confirms that the Earth's core is partially liquid and partially solid. There are explanations for the evidence other than rapid reversal, but if the reversal did actually occur it was probably a very localized convolution of the magnetic field during a reversal and does not represent a global event, only a local one. Incidentally, by the definition of magnetic fields used by physicists, the Sun already rises in the magnetic west and sets in the magnetic east. There is still much to explore and discover, but there is really no debate within the scientific community about the timescale of magnetic reversals.
Without this field, life is practically impossible and in a short time, life on our planet would be extinguished. Some researchers think our planet is overdue for another one, but nobody knows exactly when the next reversal might occur.
We define the direction of a magnetic field based on the behavior of charged particles in the field. Although solar and terrestrial magnetic fields behave differently, they do have something in common: their shape. By that definition, the magnetic south pole is located in Canada and the magnetic north pole is located in Antarctica.
Revelation 13 - And Satan does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. During solar minimum the Sun's field, like Earth's, resembles that of an iron bar magnet, with great closed loops near the equator and open field lines near the poles. I can think of one way and that would be for the field to collapse and approach zero which would then allow the field to change without generating those large currents.
Joel 2 - And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. According to the geodynamo theory, the fundamental requirements of a magnetic field are convection currents, rotation of the planet and an electrically conductive core. When solar maximum arrives and sunspots pepper the face of the Sun, our star's magnetic field begins to change. This was very confusing for me the first time I was talking to a geologists about all of this, until we got it straightened out and were then talking about the same thing. Sunspots are places where intense magnetic loops -- hundreds of times stronger than the ambient dipole field -- poke through the photosphere. As for something being infallible simply because it appears in reputable journals, that is a very wrong belief. I could give an endless list of examples of published works being proven false, but I only really need to give one.
Andrew Wakefield published a paper in the British medical journal BMJ that claimed there was a link between vaccinations and autism. National Solar Observatory on Kitt Peak, he plotted the Sun's average magnetic field, day by day, as a function of solar latitude and time from 1975 through the present.
The result is a sort of strip chart recording that reveals evolving magnetic patterns on the Sun's surface. It has now been found that the evidence was doctored and Wakefield has lost his medical license. When the colors change (in this case from blue to yellow or vice versa) it means the polar fields have switched signs. The ongoing changes are not confined to the space immediately around our star, Hathaway added. Sunspots are sources of intense magnetic knots that spiral outwards even as the dipole field vanishes.
The heliosphere doesn't simply wink out of existence when the poles flip -- there are plenty of complex magnetic structures to fill the void.
Researchers have never seen the magnetic flip happen from the best possible point of view -- that is, from the top down. Ulysses, an international joint venture of the European Space Agency and NASA, was launched in 1990 to observe the solar system from very high solar latitudes. Ulysses last flew over the Sun's poles in 1994 and 1996, during solar minimum, and the craft made several important discoveries about cosmic rays, the solar wind, and more.

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