A number of viewers contacted Steele on Your Side following this weeka€™s earthquake off the coast of Vancouver Island. Several local businesses offer earthquake kits that include first aid and survival technologies. Four litres of water per person: two litres to drink and two litres for washing, for each day. Steele on Your Side recently aired a story about hackers posing as vacation property owners on the popular website Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO). Finally, you can buy rentera€™s insurance on the VRBO site that protects you from possible fraud.
New research is shaking up the entire notion of what could happen to the Vancouver area during an earthquake, indicating bridges and tall buildings would rattle and sway a whole lot more than previously thought.
Two studies published Monday in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America show that seismic waves are amplified as they pass through the Georgia Basin, the deposit of softer sedimentary rock that lies partly beneath Metro Vancouver. If a quake occurred within 100 kilometres of the city, such amplification could make the ground quake three to four times more than it would if the basin were not there. The authors say people driving in vehicles would notice the shaking and suggest it could damage even well-constructed buildings. She says the waves would spread outward from the earthquake and would have to cross the deep southeast portion of the basin before hitting Vancouver. Molnar says seismologists have known that sedimentary basins can increase shaking, but the influence of a basin in Canada has not been studied until now. The Georgia Basin is shaped like an elongated bowl and lies beneath the Georgia Strait, between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. British Columbia sits on what's known as the Cascadia subduction zone, where earthquakes tend to occur either within the Juan de Fuca plate or the overriding North America plate. Molnar's studies examined the potential impact of deep earthquakes, with a magnitude of 6.8, that occur 40 to 50 kilometres beneath the surface, as well as shallow earthquakes of the same magnitude.
Molnar and her colleagues used computers to look at the impact on tall buildings or long structures. Up until now, construction of buildings was based on the knowledge that softer ground would create stronger tremors during an earthquake. But Natural Resources Canada researcher John Cassidy says soft materials beneath the surface a€” such as a basin a€” could also control the amount of rippling felt above.
When earthquake waves hit the southeast part of the Georgia Basin before reaching Metro Vancouver, southwestern areas such as Delta, Ladner and Richmond experienced tremors three or four times what they would be if the Georgia Basin were not there. However, if the waves hit the northwestern or northeastern part of the basin, they took a different path and either did not affect the Vancouver area or did not cause a significant increase in motion.
Cassidy says the findings will help seismologists determine where to place more instruments to record future earthquakes. The banners on the left side and below do not show for registered users!If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.

All you need is a bigger gun then the guy who has all the shit you're going to take to get you through once all hell breaks loose. Originally Posted by quasi All you need is a bigger gun then the guy who has all the shit you're going to take to get you through once all hell breaks loose.
Originally Posted by meme405 Something I notice missing out of the above bags (all of them): Work gloves.
Originally Posted by StylinRed some of your kits seem more like end of the world apocalypse kits rather than temporary emergency kits Considering how incompetent our government is, if a serious earthquake occurred, I doubt emergency services can get to urban centres in 3 days as they claim. I'm just happy I camp so I have full heaters, tents, stoves so I will be good with the power is out for a long period of time. Originally Posted by willystyle Considering how incompetent our government is, if a serious earthquake occurred, I doubt emergency services can get to urban centres in 3 days as they claim. You think when a earthquake that could knock down buildings comes, power stations, transformers, and the access to these places are going to be easy? Last time I had a power outage at my place in Salmon Arm, it took nearly a week to get power back. Thanks to my parents using camping gear as their go-to gifts for Christmases and birthdays since I was a kid, I am pretty much capable of setting up my own FEMA camp.
Originally Posted by murd0c I'm just happy I camp so I have full heaters, tents, stoves so I will be good with the power is out for a long period of time. The holidays are the perfect time to not only relax and reflect on the year that’s passed, but a perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family, taking in all the city has to offer. To get you inspired to enter #HolidayMode, we’ve compiled 10 of the best family-friendly things to do during the holidays in Vancouver.
Shop over 50 local artisans and enjoy an outdoor light display, hot food trucks, and live music.  A perfect way to spend an evening out during the weekend. Over the next several weeks, countless charities are accepting cash, toys, clothes and canned goods. With a total of over 50 unique vendors, local and international flavour, beautiful lights and delicious food, guests of all ages will find something to satisfy their yuletide appetites at this year’s Christmas Market.
Three hours of Christmas family fun featuring Stanley Park’s Bright Nights Display and Van Dusen Botanical Garden’s Festival of Lights.
Experience the Festival of Lights, a frozen winter wonderland with over one million lights decorating VanDusen Garden.
Stroll with friends and family through themed areas and enjoy the Dancing Lights show on Livingstone Lake, the gnome performance, and the shadow puppet show. Have photos taken with Santa, savour holiday treats, and delight in much more! During the holiday season, the Bright Nights Train and Plaza at Stanley Park sparkles with three million twinkling lights, decorating the darkness that comes early at this time of year. The sails will be lit up in festive colours and you can also check out the Woodward’s Windows display. The Woodward’s Windows are a treasured part of Vancouver’s history that was originally displayed in the Woodward’s department store.

Following the closure of the Woodward’s department store, Canada Place purchased the displays in 1993 and has continued to incorporate them into the Christmas at Canada Place experience. This week, Steele on Your Side takes a closer look at earthquake preparedness and vacation rentals. It is one in a series of basins along the Pacific coast of North America, and is filled with layers of silt, sand and glacial deposits. Big subduction earthquakes, like the one that struck Japan in 2011, also occur in the Juan de Fuca plate. Using three-dimensional simulations of different scenarios, the team found that both deep and shallow earthquakes led to greater shaking if the seismic energy moved through the Georgia Basin.
He also says the findings can be used to upgrade codes for buildings, bridges and other infrastructure to make them more structurally sound. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever.
After an earthquake employees may not show up to there minimum wage job at 7-11 but family run stores will remain open.
In case of emergency, you might not have the time or mean to access your place (or they were simply gone) for your kit, so this would come in handy. Imagine what sort of destruction an earthquake could cause to the power infrastructure, and then think about how long it would take to fix it. This holiday season, TELUS is encouraging Canadians to unplug for the holidays and enter #HolidayMode by trading in phone time for face time and spending quality time with loved ones. We should be giving all year round, however, during the holiday season, it’s always great to give a little extra if you can. This holiday season, FlyOver Canada will be taking you way up north during its special holiday season winter wonderland experience.
Bring your family and friends down to the ice rink this holiday season for a music series as local musicians will perform your holiday favorites from now until December 24.
The contract listed a foreign bank and told the renter to wire more than $3,000 to the account. You can also turn to Consumer Reports' recommended websites like FlipKey, which do background checks on landlords ahead of time to make sure properties are legitimate. A new study shows that the geology of the Georgia Basin would make it act as an amplifier of seismic activity - making any quake shaking stronger and longer-lasting. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
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