What I can tell you is this: if you are prepared, you will get through the disaster far better than those who are not. Following the steps outlined in this guidebook will ensure that you have a Family Emergency Plan in place and that you have purchased and stored necessary supplies to survive the aftermath of a disaster.
Best of all, if you are prepared for an earthquake, you will be prepared for any emergency or disaster that comes your way! This helpful 3-page PDF provides reminders and checklists to help ensure you are prepared in the event of an earthquake.
Designed to help the earthquake prone area of Los Angeles, this 59-page booklet provides a comprehensive guide to preparing for an earthquake, and how to cope after a disaster. This site was developed to educate Californians about earthquake preparedness, but in a unique way, providing earthquake materials that are informative and entertaining.  You will find helpful videos, commentary, and preparedness tips.
Provided by the California Seismic Safety Commission, this 53-page booklet was designed to help homeowners identify common weaknesses that may affect your home during an earthquake, and how to prepare for and prevent damage. This 57-page brochure provided by the California Seismic Safety Commission describes the most common weaknesses that can cause damage to commercial property in the event of an earthquake, how to strengthen a building, and assists with evaluating a commercial property during a sale. I feel that this needs to be published ASAP since there was an earthquake just now (June 19, 2013, around 7:05 pm).

I wish I could tell you what damage your home might sustain or how the earthquake will impact you, your family and your pets. Geological Society provides real time data on recent earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or higher for the past 7 days. Geological Survey (USGS) website provides information about earthquake preparedness, including FAQs, and interesting “Earthquake Facts”. Geological Society (USGS), this 32-page brochure provides 7 important earthquake safety tips and describes how to incorporate earthquake facts into our lives. In addition, this 2-page tip page offers 7 Steps to Earthquake Safety from the Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country brochure. The booklet describes where earthquakes have occurred, where they may likely occur in the future, how the ground will shake when they do, and what may happen in a plausible “big one” on the San Andreas fault. As we know now, LPG pipes which are all around buildings and roads in the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) may be the source of an explosion should there be an undetected leak – and a leak may be caused by several factors, including earthquakes, whether strong or weak. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that if you value safety and the value of your real property, business, or agricultural products, you should not live or buy property along an active earthquake faultline or an active volcano.I was surprised to note that there are around four (4) earthquakes everyday all over the Philippines. I was lucky that our school was far from the epicenter, and the layout of our school made it easy for us to be secure.

Many were not as lucky.Needless to say, we need to be prepared in case an earthquake occurs.
At the time Jay wrote that post, DOST’s Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) was not yet available.
I plan to write an in-depth post about NOAH and geohazard maps which deal with landslide and flood-prone areas in a future post.What can you say about earthquakes and real estate?Cherry Vi M.
Aside from earthquakes, we have to consider the effects of increased rainfall which will increase risks of flooding, soil erosion and landslides. A very good picture of this is what Roxas Boulevard becomes during a strong typhoon.Ultimately, we have to be very careful where we choose to buy our property.
They can rely on others to take their interests to heart.The Philippines, being a natural disaster-prone area, really needs to beef up its disaster risk reduction plans.

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