I found that I alleviate my fears, somewhat, if I can keep an eye on the shifting plates below my feet.
Of course it is important to keep a close watch on those pesky plate shifts, but it is also a good idea to know your earthquake regions. If you really want to be sure you have all of the information available about seismic activity around the globe, this app will help you find what you need.
To get a better idea of where seismic activity is taking place in relation to where you are now, this app includes an interactive globe. The American Red Cross spoke at the WSNA General Meeting on July 10th 2014 and provided preparedness info and resources. Work out a meeting plan with your family members so they know what to do if they're away from home when disaster strikes.
Take some time to think about what you would do and what you would need to survive if a major quake hits our area and your home is unsafe to enter. What would you do if there were no electricity, no phone service, no running water, no gas, closed stores, damaged roads, no EMT services and no police for a week?
If you have an emergency generator make sure you test it on a regular basis and replace the fuel if it's stored for several years. Something small like this is better than nothing but will have limited usefullness in an emergency. At the January 2006 General Meeting, the Santa Ana Fire Department talked about the importance of emergency preparation and the City programs to help. Since the Orange County Fire Authority took over firefighting responsibilities for Santa Ana, the program is no longer offered. CERT volunteers may come through the neighborhood to help where they can and pave the way for police and fire.
Here's something you might not have thought about: what would you do if all the computers in your home and office are destroyed. Microsoft offers 7GB of free online storage with OneDrive and more free when you refer friends and family. Scan your important doccuments like passports, birth certificates, credit cards, insurance information, etc and upload it.
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country A comprehensive guide to living here from the Southern California Earthquake Center.
We Ready.org Caribbean earthquake preparedness plus a Reggae version of Drop Cover and Hold On. We believe the PrepPac Emergency Survival Kit is a time and hassle saver and a great value. An Earthquake Survival Kit List According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 45 U.
Earthquake emergency supplies should be kept in an easily accessible photocopies of birth certificates, deeds, social. After seeing pictures of the wreckage of her apartment, I imagined trying to find my glasses in the middle of that mess. My friend wanted to get into her car and go somewhere safe, but her car was in the garage and the garage was askew and the garage door would not open. When my friend jumped out of bed, she did it instinctively, without thinking, and without looking before she leapt.
In Northridge, as in most earthquakes, the shaking broke natural gas lines, water pipes, and electrical lines.
Next I assembled an emergency tool kit with a variety of miscellaneous items that might come in handy. At this point I became very interested in learning more about emergency preparedness, so I took emergency response classes, joined the Red Cross, studied FEMA procedures, and teamed up with other people in my community interested in disaster preparedness.
Having grown up on Vancouver Island, the notion that an earthquake could be upon us at any time was a very real one. Water: because tap water can quickly become contaminated, keep a reserve of two litres of drinking water and two litres of washing water per day for each person in your family. Special needs items – medications (for people and for pets), baby formula and diapers, and equipment for people with disabilities. Some further items to consider include: Change of clothing and footwear for each person, waterproof matches, a sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person, garbage bags, toilet paper, basic tools, duct tape, plastic sheeting, hand sanitizer and person hygiene items as well as copies of family documentation. The exhibit gives you the opportunity to descend a staircase 14 feet and see the Hayward Fault at eye-level. If one prefers not to go down stairs into the trench, the fault can also be viewed from ground level.
Surrounding the trench are educational displays providing information about earthquakes, faults, and preparedness. The exhibit was developed and operated by volunteers from the U S Geological Survey, Geomatrix Consultants, and other members of the 1906 Centennial Alliance. For more info on Bay Area earthquakes and their probability of occurring, check out the 2003 USGS probability report.
Knowing what has happened historically helps me plan for the future, or at least makes me think I can.

You’ll be able to find out where the nearest shelter is, prepare ahead of time for disasters with the included advice for how to practice an emergency plan, and use the Toolkit to send a strobe signal, activate a flashlight, and send a distress signal. This app shows you the earth’s tectonic plate boundaries, as well as their movement below your feet.
You can view any location in the world by street map, topographic map, terrain map, shaded relief map, and more.
It includes earthquake data from 17 different sources across the world and offers Push notifications for quakes registering above a 4.0 magnitude. With this app, you’ll be able to keep track of seismic activity for tremors of 1.0 magnitude or higher from around the world.
Make sure to set the threshold to 3 or above or you'll constantly get notices of little quakes.
There will be aftershocks for some time to come and you don't want to be inside when a large one hits. That's where the main valves are but there may be another shutoff where the utilities enter your home. Keep plenty of long heavy extensions on hand because you never want to hook it up to your house wiring unless you have the right equipment installed at your service entrance. In an emergency where the power may be out for days or weeks, your source of information may be your smartphone or a battery powered radio. Maybe but the cell sites have battery backups with a limited life so don't counton it after a day or so. It's possible but to get the power needed would cost thousands and require permanently mounted large panels. We take a lot of pride in our neighborhood and one of the things that makes Washington Square different than a lot of California neighborhoods is that residents tend to get to know their neighbors. It's a national program designed to give you the skills to help your family and your neighbors in the event of a catastrophic disaster. They will be wearing green vests and helmets and have been trained in first response basics. So many of us keep so much of our lives in our computers, how can you salvage your data after a disaster?
If you have a address book in a program like Outlook, export your contacts and upload them. 9MB pdf It's a very well done guidebook, our recommendation: download it, print it out, read it with your family and put it in your earthquake kit. If my glasses fly off the nightstand, fall to the floor, and disappear down some dark and dusty crevice, then I am immediately handicapped. Earlier this month, many residents took part in the Great BC ShakeOut – a province-wide earthquake drill to teach us what we need to know during an earthquake.
While it’s incredibly fortunate that damage or injury were almost non-existent and a tsunami never materialized, an earthquake of that magnitude could have the potential to be incredibly devastating.
The BC government has also assembled some tips and ideas on being prepared as well as notable disaster response routes. We thank Risk Management Solutions and Swiss Re for their generous sponsorship and the City of Fremont for allowing the exhibit to be in Central Park. If everything is OK, but you are too busy picking up the pieces to respond to concerned family, send the “I’m Safe” alert to Facebook, Twitter, email, and Text in one tap. It gathers data from 12 different quake measuring sources and shows activity for thousands of locations.
This app specializes in real-time, regularly updated information on quakes that have happened within the past seven days. Tap one to see more information on the date, magnitude, location, time, and find out about tsunami warnings.
Here's a guideline from the SAFD (old but still applicable) A trip to the Target or Walmart sporting goods department might be in order. Talk to your children about what could happen and what they should do if they're at school or away from home.
The next step would be a 100W panel ($185 Amazon) that you can mount on your garage roof or just put out in the sun.
Community services like police and fire may be unable to respond for three days or more in a disaster, would you know what to do? They'll need to know how many people live in the homes around you and if there are any casulties.
One way might be to backup your most important files online so you can access them later to rebuild your life.
Our kits have been chosen to protect staff and students in more than 4,800 classrooms in 42 different school districts. But if you're not satisfied for any reason within 60 days, we'll replace it or refund your full purchase price.
Normally I keep flashlights in the junk drawer in the kitchen, and in the basement on the tool bench, and in the car under the seat, but I didn’t want to be in a position where I had to find a flashlight in order to find a flashlight.
The keys were in her purse and her purse was probably on the dining room table, or maybe the kitchen counter, and both places were buried under so many splinters.

Listen for announcements in your community regarding water treatment following an earthquake. Consider canned and powdered foods and make sure that the items in your preparedness kit are switched up each year to avoid expiration. Given that experts agree that these level of earthquakes occur every 40-50 years, it’s especially important to be vigilant. See activity on the map and view markers for seismic activity with color coding for different magnitudes. You will be able to learn about the history of seismic activity in your area and watch videos showing the effects different magnitudes have on buildings.
Seismic activity is displayed with color-coding by magnitude with links to the US Geological Survey data. Get live reports from a variety of agencies, see information on seismic activity within 500 km of your current location, and receive Push notification for anything higher than a 4.0. Gather the items together and seal them in a waterproof, crushproof container (or containers) and put them in an accessble place.
Your main electric box near the service entrance will have a main circuit breaker (or fuse if it hasn't been updated) that cuts off the power to the whole house. That through a controller will charge a deep cycle battery and power for phones, a few lights and maybe a laptop or small tv. Take pictures of your home, your valuables your family members and your pets and upload them.
I didn’t want to waste any time at all fumbling around in the darkness and confusion searching for it.
There was a magnetic key under the bumper but it was dark and she didn’t have a light. The overwhelmed fire department couldn’t put out the fires because the water mains were broken. Every year we would experience a handful of tremors that would send me scrambling to the nearest doorframe or desk. Filter your search to only see quakes that are of a certain magnitude or localize and get information from specific areas.
Of course, you’ll be first to know about real-time earthquake hazard information with geophysical data right from the California Integrated Seismic Network.
Find out about the most recent quakes within seconds of their registration on the USGS monitor.
You’ll also be able to receive tsunami alerts so you can keep track of the aftermath of that big one off the coast. The list includes the location, Latitudinal and Longitudinal coordinates, and the time of the quake. That might be in a shed in the backyard, in your garage if you have an access door other than the tilt-up or roll up door or somewhere out of harm's way in your yard. The site is from San Francisco Emergency Management but the info is universal, especially the supplies page. So I bought a flashlight with a wrist strap attached, and I gave it fresh batteries, and I hung it from my bedpost along with my glasses. The new crop of them produce as much or more light than a traditional bulb and use far less battery power. You don't want to turn off the gas unless you need to because it may be a long time before the gas company can send someone out to turn it back on. After a quake make sure the overhead wires haven't fallen before you go near the service entrance.
Please take the CERT classes if you can, Washington Square needs many more trained volunteers. Oh, and you can find out a bit of history on seismic activity with the all-time worst earthquakes list. Unless you know exactly how to light each and every pilot light, leave that job to a professional.
If you have an elderly neigbor or one with health problems make it your responsibility to check up on them if a quake occurs. Her injuries came not from the quake, but from cutting her feet while making her way out of the wreckage. I tuned the radio to the station that’s designated emergency broadcast channel in case of emergency. So now, if I’m bleeding and frightened and cold, I can sit in my car and have heat and light and a radio. In my mind’s eye, I rehearsed the scene a few times in which I practiced NOT jumping out of bed, but instead reaching under the bed for the emergency pillow case first. This way I can at least put on shoes to get out of the house, and have clothes to put on while standing around in the street.

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