The lovely Nepal Red Cross can offer certified 3.5 day first aid training courses in English or Nepali for groups of 15 people. An earthquake alarm can give you valuable seconds before the damaging part of the earthquake hits.
Office of Emergency Management (OEM) also recommends keeping emergency supplies for up to seven days at your place of work.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. This way if the house becomes unstable and can’t be used I can still access my supplies, and if necessary use the lawn building as part of a shelter. For your emergency supply needs, visit Major Survival and mention 'COPE' for a 10% discount. Unlike hurricanes and snow storms, powerful earthquakes can strike with little or no warning. Earthquake prone areas that are near coastlines also have the added hazard of a possible tsunami warning. Regardless of how active a fault line is in your area take the necessary precautions to protect your home and your family in the case an earthquake occurs. Even if an earthquake is a modest 3.0 or lower on the Richter scale the shifts and tremors can cause structural damage, cause glass to break and rupture power and water lines. If the quake is massive chances are rescue teams will be hindered in their efforts to reach you.
WASHINGTON COUNTY – Over the spring and summer, the Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service will participate in the Great Utah Shake-Out and other emergency preparedness to ensure that when the need calls, they will be there to answer. WCARES is a group of about 40 amateur radio operators who volunteer their time, equipment and expertise to serve Washington County when the need for emergency communication arises, such as a natural disaster, blackout or other event causing the loss of Internet, cell phone or landline service.
WCARES members participate in regular training and leadership meetings, and have planned a number of field training exercises over this spring and summer. The Great Utah Shake-Out is a massive earthquake emergency drill to be held statewide on April 17.

During the simulation, WCARES will be activated by the Washington County Emergency Management office; each member of the group will be given an assignment. In addition to regular training, WCARES has participated in specific exercises to prepare for their role in the Great Utah Shake-Out.
Earthquake safety tips, drill manuals and the pledge to participate can be found on the Great Utah Shake-Out website.
Alexa Verdugo Morgan began her journalism career in 2009, working for various newspapers, magazines and online publications, including the Mainstreet Business Journal of Southern Utah and Southern Utah Youth Sports Magazine, before joining the STGnews team in October 2011.
When an earthquake occurs underwater it causes the displacement of a large body of water which results in strong and powerful waves that can flood entire cities in minutes. Having earthquake kits and emergency supplies on hand can be the difference between life and death. How an earthquake will shift the earth can't be predicted and you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario to ensure you and your family can survive the aftermath. If you are in a major city or small town the damage caused by a quake measuring 7.0 or higher will be catastrophic and you will need to survive on your own for several days before emergency help arrives. Every member is a qualified operator trained in incident communications, message handling and communications traffic control. 7, two antennas were installed on Intermountain Healthcare Southwest Region’s Dixie Regional Medical Center River Road campus with the cooperation of WCARES to arrange amateur radio as backup communications for the hospital. Operators will travel to remote areas of Washington County and set up radios and antennas to hone their skills in communication “on the go.” They will also participate in the Great Utah Shake-Out, one of the biggest emergency preparedness events of the year.
It encompasses all state, county and municipal agencies, along with many businesses and individuals and tests how citizens will respond to a major seismic event. They will first supplement, then completely replace communication with emergency personnel. Storing them in a garage might be a good idea because many garages are built on concrete floors and therefore will be more stable during a big quake. Areas that feature active fault lines including California, Alaska and Washington are prone to earthquakes, tremors and aftershocks and if you live in a danger zone it is imperative that you have fully equipped disaster and first aid kits on hand to deal with the aftermath of an earthquake.

While a tsunami will come with at least some measure of advanced warning, earthquakes often occur with no alert and catch most people unprepared.
If you survive the shocks of an earthquake you may still have to deal with loss of power, no running water, possible injuries, fires and floods. Having fully equipped earthquake kits and first aid supplies will give you the tools you need to keep you and your family safe. The group also provides non-emergency communications support for events including Ironman St. Over 660,000 Utah residents have already pledged to participate, about 16,000 of which are in Southern Utah.
28, they collaborated with the Washington County Emergency Operations Center, DRMC and the Southwest Utah Public Health Department to simulate emergency message handling.
Depending on the magnitude of the quake and your location it can be days and even weeks until rescue teams and emergency medical staff can reach you to administer aid. During this crucial period a well equipped earthquake kit and survival kit will allow you to stay well-fed, protected from foul weather and have purified drinking water.
The most important thing is to store your supplies in such a way that they won’t fall. Always keep some supplies under your bed including a flashlight, hardhat, gloves, sturdy shoes, whistle, crowbar and extra glasses. Keep supplies wherever you can find space, and  the most important thing is to be actively thinking about and doing what you can to prepare for a disaster.

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