For the 1964 Olympics, Tokyo reinvented itself to accommodate the needs of a world-class sporting event. And Tokyo is redesigning itself again, partly in anticipation of hosting the 2016 Olympics (the location will be decided in October 2009, but the city is hopeful) and partly to fill the needs of this still-growing city. Much of this plan involves building park areas along the Arakawa and Tama rivers (which weren't covered by highways in 1964). Ringing Tokyo will improve traffic to the airports and ports and connect the outlying areas, including the "Tama Silicon Valley," to one another more effectively. Reducing the World's Environmental BurdenTokyo plans to aggressively reduce CO2 levels through use of traffic management and biodiesel public transportation, bringing levels to 25% less than the 2000 measurements. The main goal is to improve not only earthquake safety measures in new construction, but to build flood control and more thorough disaster prevention plans.

Creating a Model City for an Aging SocietyJapan is about to experience a surge in elderly as the post-war babies reach 60. Establishing Tokyo as a City of Charm and an Industrial PowerTokyo will trade on Japan's pop culture and advertise more widely for foreign visitors, making improvements to areas visitors frequent. Creating a Can-do Spirit in EveryoneThis is a soft goal, revolving mainly around encouraging students to seek higher education and for everyone to participate in NGOs and volunteer activities.
Plans also include burying power lines and creating more bright and open spaces in the city. Also in the plans are reductions to CO2 emissions and high tech safety controls on highways.
They will build advanced water purification plants along the Tone River to produce 100% of Tokyo's water and they will create new recycling systems and work with private sector recycling businesses.

For instance, along emergency evacuation routes, new hospitals and public works building will be erected.
Terrorism will be combated with the latest technology (yes, this is as lame as I make it sound).
Tokyo will support youth sports clubs and establish a network of volunteers to train kids in sports.

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