Two men celebrate after being rescued from the totalled PGG-Wrightson building in Christchurch. For years it’s been known that Vancouver is due for a major earthquake (magnitude 9.0) any day now. Sedimentary records studied along British Columbia’s coastal marshes confirm that the province has undergone this devastating phenomenon on average every 500 years. Yet while Vancouverites have been hearing these sobering facts for years, local emergency planners and earthquake experts unanimously agree that the average citizen is still ill-equipped to endure a widespread crisis situation of this nature. For his part, Chris Oliver, general manager of the local Krasicki and Ward Emergency Preparedness Ltd.
For those living and working at sea level in Richmond and the Fraser Valley, the aftermath of a massive earthquake will be even more severe. Even more worrisome is the fact that, depending upon the level of damage, it’s probable that locals will be forced to fend for themselves well beyond the standard 72 hour emergency response estimate. And in case of separation from loved ones, it’s vital to pre-arrange meeting places—especially when young children are concerned. He suggests that parents familiarize themselves with the earthquake policies of their child’s daycare or school and talk over a possible earthquake scenario with their kids.

The next step is to keep a ready-to-go emergency kit in a convenient, accessible location both at home and the workplace.
Finally, residents are encouraged to attend one of several free earthquake preparedness seminars offered by the city—these regular sessions take place in community centres across town, last no longer than two hours, are offered in both Cantonese and Mandarin and include resources tailored for pet-owners, people with disabilities and apartment-dwellers.
In 2011, the city held 299 seminars attended by 7598 people as opposed to 47 sessions attended by 898 people in 2010. 1 Person Earthquake Survival Kit by for Disaster Emergency Preparedness Hurricane Tornado Flood Blizzard Earthquake Terrorism home car office by Earthquake Supply CenterQuality survival supplies to help you get through the first 3 days of an emergency. 1 Person GRAB and GO Earthquake Survival Kit for Disaster Emergency Preparedness Hurricane tornado Flood Blizzard Earthquake terrorism Home Car Office by Earthquake Supply CenterCompact survival kit for car or desk. 1 Person 3 Day Streamline Earthquake Survival Kit for Disaster Emergency Preparedness Hurricane tornado Flood Blizzard Earthquake terrorism Home Car Office by Earthquake Supply CenterSurvival supplies for most any emergency. A magnitude 9.0—the same Richter-scale rating of last spring’s devastating Japanese earthquake—is that most powerful and rarest of seismic upheavals, one able to cause extensive damage over a region of more than 1,000 kilometres. Considering the most recent event took place in the year 1700, Vancouver is poised for a recurrence any day now. Though a tsunami is unlikely along the Lower Mainland—it’s more of a risk for Vancouver Island—the degree of devastation unleashed by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake will still have plenty of consequences.

For starters, individuals need to imagine the various places they could be when an earthquake strikes and prepare accordingly. The standard 72-hour survival kits sold at Krasicki and Ward include essential supplies like water packets, a whistle, band aids, high-calorie food bars, light sticks and a blanket. To put things into perspective, the infamous ‘great’ earthquake of San Francisco in 1906 was a magnitude 8.0. Following ‘the big one’, there will be no electricity, both landline and cell phone reception will crash, all Lower Mainland bridges will close, and structures built prior to the rigorous earthquake codes of 2005 (or not seismically upgraded) will likely find themselves subject to various degrees of collapse.
Survival kits specifically tailored for pets—cats, dogs or hamsters—are also sold at Krasicki and Ward for $53.99 and are particularly popular.

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