Time Trekker I smiled grimly, pretending to watch Deep Blue I and Deep Blue II as they awkwardly tried to figure things out. Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. Wondrous in its variety and remarkably well-adapted to its habitat, the Egana National Geographic Watch is truly a marvel of nature.
But our expedition didn’t let qualms like that deter us from our mission: to observe and catalog these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. Altitude Hiking Mode, accumlates all ascending and descending bits into an ascending or descending display. Hey, you can only buy 3 of these.Leave some for the rest of us!Update the quantity in your cart. None of us were sure what to expect that day as we set off from the 19th street subway station in search of our quarry. The dense, winter-coated crowd packed around us made it difficult to see anyone’s watch, much less spot the elusive Egana NG.

Just north of the park, we spotted the unmistakable orange face of the World Traveler Sierra II, known as the NG741GOMK, one of the most beautiful of all Egana National Geographic Watch species. This savage knew of a hidden sanctuary where various species of these creatures mingled freely! Sure enough, there they were: some two dozen unique varieties of Egana National Geographic Watch.
The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a parking garage, my jaw aching powerfully, my shoes and socks gone, and my remaining clothing soiled by a greenish substance I could not identify. You see, we all live in a greater multiverse, known as the Egana National Geographic Watchiverse. When I asked him what he thought about our chances, Mbumi, our native guide, seemed uneasy. Also, Emily Watkiff, our staff photographer, is pretty sure some guy was rubbing himself against her leg for intimate purposes.
If his fantastical tales were true, this discovery could not only change what Western science knows about these mysterious wonders, but it would enable us to wrap up this article before lunch.

I have no idea how long I stood watching, but my reverie was finally broken when a native sales associate said: “Excuse me, sir, may I help you? The watch perched happily on the wrist of some guy who looked kind of like a fatter Dan Cortez or whatever that one guy’s name was. You know, that cheeseball who hosted the extreme sports on MTV back in the day, with the hair and the backwards baseball hat. It’s got automatic time synchronization, guess that means it talks to the moon or sumthin, but look here, it’s got the seconds in digital, but the hands keep movin’ normally! I scribbled furiously in my notebook and motioned for Mbumi to translate between me and the fat-Cortez native. After such a life-changing experience, I didn’t even care – ironically enough – what time it was.

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