With powerful mains voltage motors, impressive QmotionA® wire-free technology and optional integration with your AV or lighting system - we like to think we've got it covered. We offer all styles of motorised blinds, but around 95% of the blinds we supply are motorised roller blinds - they're the first choice for wide expanses of glass, like bi-fold or sliding doors.
And with nearly all new-build homes basking behind floor-to-ceiling glass, and every new extension constructed around sliding or bi-fold doors - our specialist fabrics are busy making a real difference.
They give you the level of privacy and shade you need to complete your home - available in a great range of neutral tones and weaves.
For doors and windows up to 3 metres wide we're proud suppliers of the QMotion wire-free roller blind system.
This awesome technology is completely wire-free - no power cords anywhere - which makes it perfect for retro-fitting into new apartments. For larger doors and windows up to 4m (or even above) you'll need a blind motor with an isolated mains power supply. If you have (or are installing) an audio visual or lighting control system, the chances are that you can integrate your blind controls.
This neatly streamlines your controls and - depending on your personal preferences - enables co-ordination of multiple, sequential events. Opt for our full installation service and we'll measure, make, fit and programme electric blinds to your requirements - and throw in some design advice whlle we're there! Or - if you or your builder have the expertise - opt for supply only and organise the fitting yourself. We're based in London but we regularly instal across the South East and often goes further afield.
All our blinds are made to measure and electric roller blinds can be supplied up to 5 metres wide using specialist screen and blackout fabrics in over a hundred colourways. Our fabrics have been selected for performance - many have superior UV protection with excellent anti-glare and heat protection qualities.
Depending on the size of the blind and the weight of the fabric your roller blinds can be supplied with mains or low voltage motorisation.
Just like our electric venetian blinds, they can be can be made to turn and tilt remotely, as well as being automatically raised and lowered. Our motorisation enables you to not just raise and lower your blind but (depending on the motor) also to turn and tilt the slats at the touch of a button. Electric pleated window blinds are available up to a staggering 4.5 metres wide x 4 metres drop. Generally supplied in cellular fabric they deliver superb heat insulation and will keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer.
We've a range of neutral colorways - some of which are fire retardant which makes them ideal for offices and commercial installations.
They're discrete and lightweight - manufactured on a tensioned system that allows them to be made in many shapes and sizes - ideal for conservatory and atrium roofs which often have angles and unusual shapes. Our range of fabrics includes materials with high performance solar reflective coatings to protect from sun damage and heat build up. All our electric blind motors and controls are supplied by Somfy the world leader in electric blind motorisation. We supply and install electric blinds throughout the entire UK and have specialists based in all parts of the country, we can either offer you a quote via the phone or if you would rather by email. We can provide electric versions of all the main styles of blinds, Roman, Venetian, Roller, Pleated, Pinoleum and Blackout. It is not for nothing that we comply with the highest European quality standards after all! The shutters are equipped with anti-tear systems, being considered the safest and strongest category. The motorized opening only requires the touch of a button, involving practical and smooth opening and closing. The installation of the automatic conservatory blinds is always made in such a way as to ensure proper insulation. Electric Blinds – SomfyWe are one of the UK's top suppliers of Somfy blinds, also we are one of the only British Blind companies to offer window shading nationwide. If you are thinking of buying electric blinds we supply Somfy blinds and products, these run battery or mains and are the ulitimate in {hi-tech window,window shading. We offer these type of made to measure blinds Nationwide, we will visit you in any part of the UK in order to show you our range. Blinds that Appeal to all TastesNo matter what kind of window shading you need we can help, we have blinds that appeal to all tastes and price ranges.
EveningsIf you are out during the day we can easily arrange for a consultant to visit you in the evening, just give us a call and a local specialist will visit you with some samples. Electric Blinds for LessOur electric blinds prices are some of the lowest in the UK, also we can offer an onlie quote solution for all styles of remote control blinds. VELUX пропонує великий асортимент аксесуарів, що стануть Вам у нагоді, якщо Ваше мансардне вікно розташоване на недосяжній висоті або якщо Ви просто хочете оптимізувати користування вікном VELUX. 36 різноманітних кольорових і дизайнерських рішень, у тому числі 12 веселих і захоплюючих варіантів дизайну з казкової колекції VELUX & Disney.

36 різноманітних кольорових і дизайнерських рішень, у тому числі 12 веселих і захоплюючих варіантів дизайну з казкової колекції VELUX & Disney.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We hope our Help & Advice section will give you all the information you need to help you buy your motorised blinds. Remote controlled blinds are much more than an affordable luxury; they can really enhance your life. Our guide shows you how to measure up accurately to ensure your blinds fit perfectly into place.
Our motorised blinds are as easy to install as normal roller blinds, so you can fit them yourself. Important note when measuring for your powered roller blind:We have to allow for the brackets and motor head at either end of the blind, so please be aware that the fabric width is approximately 3cm less than the overall recorded measurement. Open & Closed Cassette Systems - INSIDE RECESS FIT ONLYWe will deduct 10mm from your width measurement when ordering a cassette system to be fitted inside thewindow recess. This template is to help you record the measurements for your powered blind when fitting into the window recess.
This template is to help you record the measurments for your powered blind when fitting outside the window recess.
This system is supplied as a standard roller blind assembly with a set of universal brackets securing the blind at each end. This system is supplied with the fabric assembly completely enclosed in a cassette profile. As the blind motor requires power to operate, the motor position will determine where you must mount the battery or solar pack. Solar Packs The solar panel fits to the inside window pane behind the blind (on the same side as the motor) and connects to a rechargeable battery pack, that can be mounted in positions as described in the battery pack section. Mains Plug-In Power Pack The plug-in power pack provides a permanent power feed to the motor with the power pack taking power from a standard 230V socket outlet and the supply cable connected to the blind motor.
Somfy Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack has the convenience of battery power with no requirement for wiring. The compact Somfy solar panel is designed to fit behind the blind on the inner window pane and continually charge the battery during daylight. This solar pack comprises of:- Solar panel- Somfy reloadable NiMH battery tube- 10 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries- Adhesive strips to secure the solar panel to the inner window pane- Battery mounting clips. Somfy Mains Plug-In Power Pack is a simple plug-in power pack that provides a dedicated power feed to the motorised blind. We've specialist hardware for today's bi-fold and sliding patio doors and the fabrics you need to go with it.
We generally supply Somfy RTS motors controlled by remote control but there are other options depending on your requirements. Depending on your system you can connect your blinds wirelessly - or simply hard-wire them straight into mission control.
Because we source our blinds from a number of manufacturers our prices are hard to beat, you see we match you with a product that suites your budget. All our systems are fully guaranteed and we can provide a massive range of fabric swatches for you to choose from, our expertise in the area of RC window shades is second to none.
We can offer mains powered packages or battery, battery controlled blinds are suitable for existing buildings or structures and mains controlled electric blinds are great for new build projects. The sliding blinds come with great design, but their price can climb quickly, depending on the finish and the material. Aluminum is modern, environment friendly, but has limited temperature control abilities, due to its low insulation capacity. In the latter category, the primordial choice is the wireless controlled blinds that you can operate using a pushbutton and you can program to open or close at fixed times. We no longer produce them because they are difficult to use, they wear off easily, they precipitate the breaking down of the components, the strap can get dirty very quickly as a result of frequent use, the friction points can get damaged. Your motorised blinds will be made to measure and powered by a Somfy motor hidden discretely within the roller tube. Your motorised roman blinds will be made to measure and powered by a Somfy motor hidden discretely within the roman blind tube.
This is to ensure the cassette profile fits comfortably within the window recess area (there will bea 5mm gap at either side of the cassette profile when fitted).
Please download the ‘Outside Window Fitting’ template if you plan to fit your powered blind to the outside of the window. Please download the ‘Recess Window Fitting’ template if you plan to fit your powered blind into the window recess. A cable is supplied to connect the solar panel to the battery and motor to complete the power connection. The supply cable of the power pack is 3M long, so a socket outlet within close proximity of the motorised blind will be required. This battery pack comprises of- a Somfy reloadable battery tube- 8 x AA lithium batteries- Supplied with battery tube mounting clips.

When the rechargeable battery pack runs low, recharge back up with the rechargeable battery pack charger (supplied separately). The 12V rechargeable battery pack connects to the solar panel with simple plug in connector.
The power pack plugs into a standard mains socket outlet, with the supply cable connecting directly with the motor. Ideal for controlling multiple powered blinds individually and as a group with the addition of timer control. Unlike some companies selling electric blinds we do not use pressure sale, we show you the best products for the job and then leave you in piece to obtain another quote. If you want a great product but also need top notch advice we can help, many blind companies operate as a franchise which means their reps are not always able to offer you the best advise. We have fitted electric blinds in top hotels, schools, offices and of course homes, if you want a specialist then this we can claim to be.
PVC is inexpensive and provides a better insulation than aluminum, but it is not suitable for large formats. It is followed by radio control that comes with a locking system and an automatic closing system for strong sunlight periods, etc.. The installation of the shutters is easier to perform but requires discipline in order to ensure a good system of opening and closing. We specialize in offering our clients futuristic and practical solutions, designed to make everything simple and easy, risk and worries free. You’ll love the way they open and close smoothly, and battery power ensures they are as easy to fit as normal blinds.
This works well for us because our specialists have more experience than the franchise sales companies, our sales people are familiar with not only the types of shades available they know how they are fitted. Electric blinds add a touch a luxury to your home or business premises, they can be automated via both wall switch or of course remote control. One would be that our automatic conservatory blinds, when closed, are secured by: an anti-lock system placed on the damper shaft, which blocks the closing and reduces vibration in the event of high winds (the strap closures are not equipped), and an anti-tear system, a mouthpiece attached to the last blade, increasing resistance to any attempt to pull about 40 pounds. Security The automatic conservatory blinds can be a real security asset, due to the fact that they come with the safest electric shutters, with anti-pull, anti-pick and anti-lift systems. The fabrics and materials available can match any tast or interior design palette, no matter of you are looking for a comtemporary style or bespoke we have many swatches to choose from. Electric security systems are a must, and whether with wire or radio control, our electric blinds always provide the maximum level of security.
The blades reinforced shutters limit the risk of attacks from the outside, being heavier, stronger and difficult to pick.
Indeed, automatic blinds tend to be more expensive than manual blinds, and that is why we always strive to provide our customers with the cheapest solutions.
As for the possibility to find the products you need, our automatic conservatory blinds offer includes several categories. When you install the automatic conservatory blinds, several options are available in terms of the operation mode.
For example, we take our raw materials and components directly from manufacturers, at very affordable prices, and due to our high volume of sales, we can afford to keep the costs of our blinds to the minimum.
Automatic Conservatory Blinds You may not have considered the automatic conservatory blinds a choice your home before, but it is time that changed. Shutters can also be used as component of roof windows, made of PVC, with manual or automatic adjustment systems. There are two main types of electric opening: the wired control (the remote control is fixed and next to the window, connected to the automatic conservatory blinds’ motor by a cable located inside the wall, the system prices are fitted for any wallet) and the radio control (the remote is portable, no cable connects to the engine, the system comes at a low cost).
Besides, our automatic conservatory blinds are long term solutions, meant to last for years, so, even if the investment may seem a little high, it is fully recovered throughout the several years of safe and comfortable use of our solutions. They are available in full leaf (blades glued together) and flying blind (days between the blades). When used for the pool, they maintain the water temperature, avoiding deposits or residues in the pool and preventing the access of the children. The manual opening is achieved by strap, hand or direct pull, but it does not support heavy components and tends to force over time. The choice of controls usually depends on the type of components: the wired system is ideal for smaller houses and can be adapted for sliding blinds, while the radio system allows the closure of several components at the same time.
It is particularly suitable if you have roof flaps, but also for doors and sliding systems. We generally use three materials for our blinds, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

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