By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. In the last couple of years the options for earning points outside of travel has opened up considerably. There are now a few different way to earn points from your gas and electricity bills, and I thought I’d run through the different options for Velocity and Qantas Point earn, as well as some different payment options to consider. I’m not doing any price comparisons in this post given how personal the options can be – you’ll need to look at the different providers and figure out which works for your needs. Lumo Energy and Velocity have been working together for some time, as the only partnership between a utility supplier and Velocity frequent flyer. Lumo will offer you 10,000 Velocity points to sign up for either electricity or electricity and gas plans, and a further 6 points per $ on ongoing spend. Lumo only operates in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia though – so the Northern Territory, Western Australia, ACT and Tasmania are out of luck. In what’s quite a different model to Velocity’s partnership, Qantas teamed up with iSelect, a comparison website, to offer points across a range of providers that iSelect work with. There’s a 2,000 Qantas Point bonus when you purchase an electricity and a gas product, or 1,500 Qantas Points for an electricity product only, or 1,000 Qantas Points for a gas product only. There are once again only in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia, and there’s a 2,000 point earn limit per address each year. Regardless, AGL will offer you 10,000 Flybuys points (worth $50.00) to switch your business to them, as well as a further 500 points apiece to sign up to Direct Debit or My Monthly Bill. The AGL flybuys option I think is only worth considering if you are already with AGL and haven’t yet linked your accounts – you may as well pick up the points. It’s not a utilities provider, but Appliances Online are worth a mention – often when moving house you might want to change white goods too. You should also, of course, earn points by paying your bills with a points earning credit card. Most cards will allow you to earn points at the same rate as other purchases, with the notable exception of American Express Membership Rewards cards which reduce the earn rate to 0.5 points per $ on utility bills.
You may also want to look at using the Australia Post ‘Digital Mailbox’ service which offers an additional 50 Velocity Points per bill payment, and an option to save your credit card in their account for future bill payments. I spent some time looking at iSelect some time ago and found that while they have a broad range of providers, they didn’t actually offer all the available plans from those providers.

In my case, when I went to look at my preferred energy supplier, the plan I actually wanted (which had some specific benefits and a reduced price) didn’t show on iSelect. Key takeaway: as always, take time to shop around and verify you are getting an acceptable deal before you commit to earning points from either Lumo or via iSelect.
Keith started Point Hacks in 2011 to help people earn more points and use them better by sharing frequent flyer tips, deals and reviews. You’ll find Keith writing and managing Point Hacks full time in Sydney’s Northern Beaches unless he's travelling.
75,000 Citi Rewards Points are on offer with the Citi Signature Visa, convertible to 50,000 Singapore Airlines Krisflyer miles or Virgin Australia Velocity points, with an effective earn rate of 0.75 airline points per $ on spend. I have an account with Lumo and when I asked about Velocity rewards upon noticing the offer about a year back, they told me if I went on the Velocity plan I would lose the discounts applied on existing plan, ie could only qualify for points earn if paying for power at a higher rate. In WA you can get $50 discount and 10,000 Fly Buys points on signup plus 1 point per $1 spent from Kleenheat gas.
Using the Lumo pricing estimate calculator – it appears the pricing plan to earn Velocity points is 10% more expensive (per mth).
Cathay has 3 major lounges at HKG – The Wing, The Pier (both with Business and First Class sections), and The Cabin (Business class only). According to a newly-released report, new Environmental Protection Agency regulations proposed by the Obama administration will cost each Mississippi homeowner $850 a year more for electricity and $340 for natural gas by 2020. Higher energy costs would be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for products. The EPA is proceeding with several regulations including the Clean Power Plan, designed to cut 2005 carbon emissions levels by 30 percent nationally by 2030. Mississippi’s Kemper Project, considered by the EPA a model for future coal-fired plants with its carbon-capture system, will not open until 2016, two years behind schedule.
At a cost of $6.1 billion to produce 582 megawatts, Kemper will be one of the most expensive plants per kilowatt hour in the country. Mississippi is also expected to get 10 percent of its power from renewable fuels by 2020, a massive burden for the state, Schwartz said. Steve Wilson is a writer and a journalist whose work has appeared on Fox News, the Huffington Post and the Daily Signal. Don’t miss our newsGet the latest on government waste, fraud, and abuse - directly in your inbox.

A bill tells you how much you need to pay for the services you use.Gas and Electricity BillsYou need gas and electricity to run your appliances and heat your home. Also beware, change of utility may impact credit score, so perhaps it’s more worthwhile get a sign up bonus from CC.
Alinta will then try to get you back, offering a slightly cheaper rate discount of 15%, but if you stay with Kleenheat and refer someone else you’ll get $50 and your rate discount will go to 20% (from the regular 10%). When you move into a new house or flat you need to phone the gas and electricity companies to tell them that you are living there.
But for me, I have solar penal that was installed when the buy back tariff was the greatest. This means they can send you a bill with your name on it so you know how much you need to pay.Gas and electricity is measured in units.
He served four-plus years in the United States Coast Guard after his high school graduation and is a native of Mobile, Ala. The company will decide how much you pay by working out how many units of gas and electricity you are likely to use in a month.If you choose to pay your gas and electricity bills at the bank or post office then you will get a bill every three months. You take it to the bank or post office and give the bill and enough money to pay for it to the person behind the counter. They will stamp your bill to show you have paid and give it back to you.If you have a gas or electricity meter that works with a card you will use this to pay for your bills. You can top up your gas or electricity card at any shop where you see this Pay Point sign:You need to give your card and the money you want to spend to the person behind the counter. They will add the number of units your money can buy.Then you take the card home and put it into the meter.
You need to top the card up before you run out of units or the gas or electricity will go off.Water BillEveryone in Calderdale has the same water company.
You can pay it all at once or half now and half in six months time.Some homes have a water meter that tells you how much water you have used.

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