The blackout began in the early hours of yesterday, when a power failure caused a first interruption; the blackout spread during the morning, to all provinces of the country.
Moreover, cuts in the electricity supply is a recurring element in Syria, a nation battered by five years of conflict that has so far caused over 270 thousand deaths and millions of displaced persons, creating a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions. In the past the government in Damascus had accused rebel groups and jihadis militias of attacking the power plants. However, the causes that led to a complete power cut  throughout the whole territory yesterday are still unknown. It should also be pointed out that, in recent days, the Syrian Parliament had met to discuss the energy issue.
The collection wanted by the Pope, aims to help especially the elderly and children affected by the violence that has caused thousands of deaths and a million refugees. On Divine Mercy Sunday, Francis asks all the faithful to become "living writers of the Gospel" by practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, "the hallmarks of the Christian life”. You never know what you have until it’s gone.Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is about to get a harsh dose of reality on the latest installment of The Flash. POWER to a thousand homes was cut on Friday after a digger struck an electrical cable. Homes across Nythe were left without electricity on Friday morning after construction workers accidentally nicked a cable, shutting down electricity supply. Electricity provider Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution said this was due to a contractor from a different company striking an electrical cable near the Nylands School. Approximately 1,000 homes in the Nythe area lost all power supply for one hour before electricity could be rerouted round the network,.
In a statement an SE Power Distribution spokesman apologised for this disruption caused by the power outage. Newsquest (Oxfordshire & Wiltshire) Ltd, Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Statue of Liberty Using Lemon Powermaxim FULL DETAIL-8 commentsfull view they've been taking ideas from 5th graders Excellent work on the plug & the cables around the lemon. Regis and Kelly Using a Lamp on TVFranko Dark Studio-6 commentsfull view Bloody brilliant!

Candle on the Empire State Buildingtigerprincess -5 commentsfull view The idea alone deserves an admiration! Albert Einstein Electricitybabaloo -4 commentsfull view You know? Solar Atlas Statuesassyfras The Statue of Atlas now creates Solar Power-3 commentsfull view good job on importing the solar object in the Statue of Atlas, So Rockefeller Center and Saks will have light! Statue of Liberty Replaced by a Lanterntigerprincess -2 commentsfull view the statue of liberty is gone!! Fears: The gap between the amount of electricity that the nation's power stations can supply and the demand from homes and businesses is getting dangerously low. The new rules unveiled yesterday would also let National Grid resurrect mothballed power plants to boost supply. DECC said it supports the plans, butA  questioned the figures behind Ofgema€™s blackout warnings.
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Official sources said that by midnight services would be resumed throughout the country; however work continued into today to solve the problem. And in many areas people use diesel generators to ensure - at least for a few hours - energy. Unofficial sources say that yesterday’s blackout was the result of an attack by militants on the power plant of Al-Zara, located in the province of Hama.
The Energy Minister Imad Khamis said that the cost of "direct damage" caused by the conflict in the area between 2011 and the end of 2015 is 3.75 billion dollars. Military and pro-regime militias surround the city of Baniyas to prevent a possible uprising. The authorities blame “armed gangs” and a “one million SMS” sent especially from Israel, pointing the finger at the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps a gesture of reconciliation with the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, after disagreements following the meeting between Francis and the Russian Patriarch Kirill, with which Ukrainian Catholics felt "betrayed". To be "apostles of mercy" by touching and soothing the wounds "also present today in body and soul of so many brothers and sisters".

He further added that at least five of the nation’s 13 main power stations have been damaged by the war. Turkish prime minister condemns the repression, remembers 1982 Hama massacre of 20,000 people.
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expresses frustration and calls upon the Syrian president to resolve the situation "peacefully". Meanwhile, Assad sacks a governor and releases women arrested for demanding the liberation of political prisoners. Great Idea, i wish i had thought of that lol Duracell batteries, preferred by ladies for every imaginable use.
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