This week we've decided to download the free Electric Ireland Appliance Calculator App to see if it really can make a difference to our energy consumption.
This week we've decided to download the free Electric Ireland Appliance Calculator App to see if it really can make a difference to our energy consumption. You’d be surprised how much electricity you waste on a daily basis by simply leaving electrical appliances on standby.
With the app you give yourself greater control over your home energy costs by finding out how much various home appliances cost to run (and how much that hair straightener you bought for your girlfriend is actually costing you). The Appliance Calculator App features a ‘Big Electricity Users’ section, which is categorised into a handy 12-block guide or alternatively, you can see a complete list that covers pretty much everything you’d ever find plugged into a wall. There’s also a handy search function where you can manually enter an appliance of your choice, just in case you don’t see it straight away. The ‘My List’ feature on the Appliance Calculator App is easily the most interesting part, however, it’s also a right eye opener. The app recently received a Quick Quote update, which allows you to get a personalised quote from Electric Ireland’s Home Services Team on the work that could be carried out to make your home more energy efficient. To find out more ways to save money around the home, check out the Electric Ireland website.

Today, Monday 12th September, ESB Electric Ireland announced the launch of Ireland’s first Appliance Calculator App for Smartphones.
Please note that all opinions, views, ideas, and congratulations and criticisms, expressed in this blog, are my own and no one elses. Since the industrial revolution a once perfect environment has suffered wide scale pollution.
You’ll also be surprised at how much an electric shower really costs (€13.24 for 1 hours use - madness!).
You can also see exactly how much it costs to leave certain appliances, such as your Plasma TV, on standby for days on end. It’s all based on the information that you provide when the app prompts you to answer a few straightforward questions about your home. The Appliance Calculator App allows customers to calculate how much their various home appliances are costing them to run.
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It all adds up at the end of your billing period so that’s where the Appliance Calculator App comes in seriously handy.

You'll notice yourself switching off the PlayStation instead of leaving it on standby and turing off lights when they're not needed. You just select your appliances and indicate their typical usage to pin point the energy guzzlers in your home and see their cost.The Appliance Calculator App works with a range of over 130 different home appliances and enables customers to compare the cost of using those appliances in different ways. Although based in Dublin, the blog draws on the entire cyber collective, with insights into both domestic and international developments.
However, you may also find posts on some of the other things I love in life like food, art, events etc. They can also estimate a complete breakdown of their energy bills by creating a full list of all their home appliances.
In addition, the App includes a search function where a comprehensive list of individual gas and electric appliances from games consoles to hair straighteners, kettles to fridge freezers can be found.The App is available to download for all Smartphones.

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