FTR Energy Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crius Energy and will launch in select markets in November 2012. The move does naturally raise the question of whether telcos or cable companies should sell electricity on a retail basis to end users.
The idea of adding power sales to the rest of a telco’s service offerings likewise is not a new idea.
Average monthly consumer electricity bills are higher than they once were, reaching perhaps $110 a month, on average. Beyond that, many consumers might not consider a five percent savings terribly compelling as an incentive to switch. Annual churn rates of 25 percent are another issue, essentially meaning there is 100 percent turnover of the customer base every four years.
A reasonable person might well argue that a more prudent course would be to sell consumption monitoring services to power utilities, rather than selling electricity to end users, as that is a more-logical service, with far less marketing cost. Last week, SpaceX and Blue Origin marked new milestones in building reusable launch vehicles. It's time to dispel the old myths surrounding mobile app development being to costly, complex and lengthy.
Residents of this generally expensive country long enjoyed relatively low rates on at least one thing, electricity.
An extended period of sub-freezing temperatures, surprisingly little snow in the mountains and demand on reservoirs that were full just last autumn sent electricity rates in Norway soaring this week, from less than one krone per kilowatt hour to more than NOK 11 in some areas. The shocking jump in rates was also tied to deregulation of the Norwegian power market and the emergence of a new Nordic market, which means that lower production and higher demand in Sweden, for example, also affects Norwegian rates.

Heavy rain last summer and autumn lulled many into thinking that full reservoirs in the mountains would keep electricity rates low this winter, but the entire Nordic area is experiencing one of its coldest and driest winters in decades and market dynamics changed.
Officials now fear that low water levels in some reservoirs may even mean water shortages, and the city of Bergen (known for its rain) is facing water restrictions. The higher electricity rates prompted several industrial concerns (including Hydro and Elkem) to cut production to save money.
ASSE is the oldest Professional Society representing over 37,000 individual safety, health and environmental (SH&E) practitioners. We are familiar with static electricity when we walk across a floor and then touch a door knob and watch as a spark jumps from our hand to the knob, or when we take clothes out of the dryer and they are stuck together.  We can deal with a little static cling, but that static spark in the presence of flammable vapors, gases or dusts can produce a fire or explosion.
There are many State and local codes concerning bonding and grounding to find out more about the requirements in your particular area, contact your local fire marshal. How Do I Work Safely with Flammable and Combustible Liquids (Static Electricity), Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. It isn’t a new idea, as regulators have been moving to unbundle power generation, distribution and sales for a couple of decades. Regulators have been looking at unbundling of electricity sales for a couple of decades, at least. So for a telco or cable company, the possibility of adding one more service to a bundle is there. For a service provider looking at average monthly consumer bills in the same range, the lure of selling electricity might seem attractive. Hydroelectric power and a regulated market kept energy bills downright cheap, but recent deregulation gave Norwegians a rude reminder this week about the law of supply and demand.

With one of Sweden’s nuclear power plants operating at half capacity, and temperatures just as cold there as in Norway, high demand and low supply sent prices on an upward spiral. Average prices for central and northern Norway, Sweden and Finland landed at NOK 4.10 throughout the day, reported newspaperA Aftenposten. Analysts predicted that if temperatures stay low, Norway may continue to have among the highest electricity rates in Europe through the spring. Membership allows fellow SH&E professionals to work together to advance their professional careers and status as safety professionals, improve their companies' safety performance and advance the overall SH&E profession. If the plastic pail is used for transferring flammable or combustible liquids, there could be the potential of a fire.  Because the grounding wire was attached to a non-conductive plastic pail, I realized that grounding and bonding as it pertains to flammable liquid safety would be a great safety training topic for these employees. Both grounding and bonding connections must be bare metal to bare metal, paint and rust must be removed to maintain a good connection.
Examples of non-conductive liquids include solvents and fuels produced from petroleum including xylene, toluene, gasoline and mineral spirits.  These liquids tend to hold on to their charge when they flow through hoses because they cannot conduct electricity well enough to discharge when in contact with a conducing material, like a metal pipe or container that is grounded. The idea has been to spur competition by allowing third parties to source electricity from power generators, use existing distribution networks and then sell directly to retail customers.
Then assume the consumer’s retail price is set at about five percent less than current retail.

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