Police ask motorists to treat disabled traffic lights as four-way stops until power is back on.
LEANDER, TX -- Police say electricity has gone out on numerous roadways, disabling traffic signals. Centrelink suffered a power outage to a datacentre in Canberra last Friday morning that crippled phone, web and face to face services nationwide, with staff at at least one Canberra branch being sent home without receiving the full picture about what had happened.
Centrelink offices were kept open on Friday to handle basic enquiries and those customers who did not have an urgent matter to be addressed were urged to wait until this week before contacting Centrelink. An ActewAGL spokeswoman was contacted by Delimiter today who issued the above statement and said further information to the cause of the fault was yet to be received at the time of writing the article. This seems to be the same excuse that Ravi from Primus uses each time one of their DCs goes dark.
There’s nothing like a power outage to make you appreciate just how much you depend on reliable electricity. Economists and policy makers have tried to measure the value of having electricity – plus the converse, the lost value from an outage – in several different contexts. Regulators and utility planners bat around a term called the “value of lost load,” referring to lost electrical load. When utility planners and regulators decide how much to spend on building redundancy to weather unplanned events, they try to trade the costs of having excess capacity against the benefit of avoiding outages.
Unfortunately, regulators are using value of lost load estimates that are based on dated and flimsy research. Empirically, estimates of the value of lost load range widely, from $2 per kilowatt-hour to $20.
Of course, even if the regulators used a very high estimate of the value of lost load, the cost-benefit comparison probably wouldn’t suggest that we should invest to protect our electrical system fully against a storm-of-the-century such as Sandy. Another way to think about the value of electricity is to look at how people’s lives change when they first acquire electricity in their homes or communities. While an estimate of the value of electricity that is based on households in rural Kenya or Ecuador that have not previously had grid power may have little relevance to customers in New Jersey, the issues researchers confront in developing these estimates are revealing. One difficulty in evaluating precisely how people’s lives change when they gain access to electricity is disentangling the impact of electrification from other changes happening at the same time. Similarly, electricity outages in the aftermath of Sandy may be particularly costly as they delay storm repairs.
Future research needs to deal with these difficulties because they drive important decisions about how to allocate society’s resources. Cross-posted from Energy Economics Exchange (tag line: Research that Informs Business and Social Policy), a blog of the Energy Institute at Haas. More than 350 UC Berkeley scholars share their perspectives on local, national and global issues.

One of history's worst blackouts darkened cities, delayed trains, and forced many to use backup generators for two days. A barber in Kolkata (Calcutta) cuts a customer's hair by candlelight during Tuesday's blackout.The cause of this week's vast power outages in India is not immediately clear. An electrical short circuit sparked the fire that gutted this train car and killed 32 people in the Indian city of Nellore on Monday.The duration and geographic extent of this week's power outage were unprecedented in India. Indians walk past an electric generator for sale in a market in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, during the second day of this week's blackouts.Power outages in India are commonplace, and residents accept them as a part of daily life.
Muslim girls study by candlelight inside a religious school on the outskirts of New Delhi during Monday's massive power outage.One day after power was largely restored in India following a massive power grid failure, the country was hit by a second, even larger outage on Tuesday. An employee at a power station near New Delhi scales an electric pylon on June 8.Arup Roy Choudhury, chairperson of the state-run NTPC, India's largest power producer, has blamed the government for chronic fuel shortages that have worsened the country's energy crisis and delayed steps to increase power generation, according to The New York Times. In a first for arthropods, the spiny animal kept its brood tethered to its body as it swam Eartha€™s seas 430 million years ago. Whether your video or photo captures something little and local or big and national, we've partnered with NowArchive to get it from you fast and get you or your charity paid fairly when we or other news outlets use it. Super Bowl power outage: Baltimore Ravens, 49ers stay on field after electricity goes out in half the Superdome. The power went out in half of the Superdome on Sunday during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, cutting the lights to, among other things, the scoreboard and the CBS broadcasting team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Power service to the Superdome has never been interrupted, meaning the blackout affecting the 2013 Super Bowl is on the Dome's end, according to Energy New Orleans spokesman Philip Allison.
Leander police sent out the advisory via Twitter earlier this morning.Motorists are urged to treat affected traffic signals as four-way stops until fixed.
Normal Centrelink services were expected to be back to normal for Western Australia yesterday and the rest the nation were expected to resume services today. We are an energetic and engaged community of Australians who work with or who are interested in technology -- all sorts of IT professionals, IT managers, CIOs, tech policy-makers and tech enthusiasts. Just under two weeks ago, crews had to fill a much larger sinkhole less than a block away near the intersection of West 11th Place and South Newport Street. This piece explains many of the shortcomings in the studies that attempt to measure the value of lost load. International lending agencies like the World Bank have funded rural electrification programs around the world for several decades.
For instance, does electrification create more job opportunities in areas that already have paved roads? The value of electricity depends on the context, which makes it hard to put a precise number on it.
How much should a place like the World Bank spend on rural electrification as opposed to building health clinics?

Energy experts warn that such occurrences could become more likelya€”the country's per capita energy consumption is expected to double by 2020. But archaeologists are increasingly confronted with demands to let past generations rest in peace. The players were kept on the field, and CBS' ample crew of sideline reporters and pre-game yakkers were left to fill and fill and fill, with the NFL unwilling to provide an official explanation of what caused the power to go out. In December 2011, two power outages plagued a Monday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in San Francisco. I can’t imagine what Centrelink is doing down in Canberra but this certainly exposes how much they need to upgrade their infrastructure.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. For instance, when a nuclear plant trips unexpectedly, there are enough other plants that can be brought online to produce electricity to keep the lights on. Given that a typical household in New Jersey uses 23 kilowatt hours per day, and probably less than 20 kilowatt hours per day in October and November since no one is using air conditioning, these estimates suggest the average household without power suffered $40-80 of losses per day. They are keenly interested in measuring how these programs contribute to economic development so they can compare investments in the electrical grid to other projects they support. Or, might it look like that in the data as governments target road and grid development to areas that are developing rapidly?
How much should US utilities spend to prevent electricity outages, particularly during storms?
I was lucky enough to avoid the outages associated with Sandy, but I lived through three days without power (or running water, since our water pump was electric) when I was younger and the third day was definitely worse than the first. Several recent studies have made some progress estimating benefits of recent electrification efforts in Brazil and South Africa, but there’s certainly room for more.
I'm honestly curious though, where can you download Mythbusters, The Simpsons, How it's Made, Stargate Atlantis legally in a form that can be saved locally and watched on demand? The traditional wisdom is that your website is like a central hub and that social media, youtube etc all come back to your […]What server brands do you see most out there in datacentres?
All ISP's currently offer plans that were originally created when Labor announced the FTTP rollout. All those times that you thought I was slaving away over a hot iMac, feverishly producing articles for y'all to read, I have secretly instead been obsessively watching preview videos of Dark Souls 3 on YouTube.

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