Shop Windows to the UniverseWarnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather by Mike Smith tells the story of our storm warning system.
When electricity leaves a power plant, we use a device called a transformer to increase or "step up" the voltage. Shop Windows to the Universe Science Store!Our online store includes issues of NESTA's quarterly journal, The Earth Scientist, full of classroom activities on different topics in Earth and space science, as well as books on science education!
If you think of an electrical circuit as being like water in pipes, voltage is like the pressure of the water.

The high voltage electricity (more than 100,000 volts!) is then ready for the long trip over power lines to your neighborhood.
The Website was developed in part with the support of UCAR and NCAR, where it resided from 2000 - 2010. When you plug in an appliance, the outlet supplies power to move electrons that are already in the wiring of the appliance.
They can even mess up our systems that make electricity and that deliver electricity to peoples' houses.

Sometimes that electricity lights up the sky by causing the aurora (the Southern and Northern Lights).

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