He took two hours to scale the 50-metre (160-foot) pylon and was sitting only 10 metres away from the 400,000 volt lines that usually export power to Spain. The man came down from his risky perch early today morning with the help of specialised fire officers and police negotiators. His motives were not immediately clear but he appeared to be somewhat of a political activist. RTE said in its statement that people who climb power lines could be prosecuted and said it might take legal action. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. Reading your electric meter can help you monitor your energy use and track the results of your energy efficiency improvements. Standard electric power meters measure your energy use in watts, the basic unit of measure for electric power. Standard electric power meters feature a clock-like device driven by the electricity that flows through it.

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With Greece deep in crisis, power grid operator LAGHE owes foreign and domestic suppliers 3 27 million euros ($410 million), a court document obtained by Reuters showed, as its revenue falls due to the recession and a refusal by many Greeks to pay their bills.
Greece imported more than 10pc of its power demand in the third quarter of 2011, which includes the summer when heavy air-conditioning use boosts consumption. The UK's exit from the European Union could cause "severe regional and global damage", the IMF warns in its quarterly economic outlook. For more information about the “Multiplier” on your bill visit your utility’s website or call their customer service number to learn more. Knowing how your electric meter works and how to read it can help you track your energy use at home. The speed of revolutions inside the meter reflect the energy use of your home, the more power consumed, the faster the gears will rotate.

Once you read your electric meter you can calculate your actual power consumption and verify that your electric bill is correct. However, if the prices remain high, they will eventually get passed on to companies that are often struggling for survival. Some suppliers from Bulgaria, including its state-owned power company NEK, said they were not experiencing any delays in Greek payments and that the trade continued. The holiday sector accounts for 15 percent of economic output and one in five jobs in a country where unemployment has hit a record high of almost 22 percent.

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