Billy Durant created General Motors in 1908 by consolidating Buick Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Pontiac. There are 1.6 Billion people in the world without electricity [that means no refrigeration, too]. Studies find that married couples with a rich vocabulary of teasing nicknames and formulaic insults are happier and more satisfied.
CHALLENGE #150: What do the ancestors of these have in common: rye, oats, turnips, radishes, beets, leeks and lettuce?
HUMOR [?]: The economic crisis appeared worse in Asia as Japanese banks are the latest to be hit.
Now ya know: In the Palace of Versailles, Marie Antoinette demanded a system of locks so she could bolt her bedroom doors from her bed, furthering rumors of infidelity. Someone who is saturnine [SAT-ur-nyn] might be sad, gloomy, melancholy, sullen, morose, sour, surly, sardonic, and slow to shift moods.
Since the 1970s, the government of Bhutan bases decisions on Gross National Happiness rather than GNP. After being home schooled, he started at the University of Glasgow at age 10 and was the top of his class in mathematics, logic and classics. If you've ever invented a new word, you've created a neologism [nee-ALL-uh-jiz-um] and you are a neologist. In 1824, after a series of financial embarrassments, his family moved to a a€?mean, small tenement,a€? and he dropped out of school, at 12, for 10-hour days at a shoe-blacking factory. CHALLENGE #150 was: What do the ancestors of these have in common: rye, oats, turnips, radishes, beets, leeks and lettuce? CHALLENGE #151: In 1970 in NYC, 127 people started something that has become a major attraction to foreigners. FACTOID: Equality of people and natural resources was the reason so many western states look rectangular. Peculiarities: Pikes Peak is spelled without an apostrophe by law, according to the CO legislature in 1978. CHALLENGE #151 was: In 1970 in NYC, 127 people started something that has become a major attraction to foreigners.
CHALLENGE #152: He refused a seat at Forda€™s Theater the night Lincoln was shot [1865], but was present at the assassination of Garfield [1881] and McKinley [1901].
Featured Quote: a€?Markets need certainty and predictability, and the administrationa€™s actions have actually increased uncertainty and unpredictabilility.
BIG Q #65 : An industrial farm with 5,000 hogs produces as much waste as a town with 20,000 people. Ornery is a dialect use of ordinary and has also been spelled awnry, o'nary, onery, onry, ornary, and ornry. As children, we typically feel slightly older than we really are, but around age 25-30 we begin to think of ourselves as younger. CHALLENGE #152 was: He refused a seat at Forda€™s Theater the night Lincoln was shot [1865], but was present at the assassination of Garfield [1881] and McKinley [1901].
BIG Q #66: Can we really understand our own religion without a deep and sympathetic understanding of at least one other? HUMOR [?]: Did you hear that Somali pirates were issuing a new ransom-backed security to buy Citigroup? Gore's Law:A  As an online climate-change debate grows longer, the probability that denier arguments will descend into attacks on Al Gore approaches one. Conservative Republican Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover [some of our worst until now] appointed eight Justices to the Supreme Court. Deuteronomy means a€?2nd lawsa€™: the 5th book of the Bible containing a recapitulation of the Ten Commandments and much of the Mosaic Law. CHALLENGE #154: What do the following have in common:A  Eugene Oa€™Neill, William Burroughs and his wife, Charles Mingus, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Charlie Parker and Sid Vicious? Bonus Q: How much new debt and new obligations were piled up in 8 years by the Bush administration? EXTRA Bonus Q: a€?I never felt that anxious any other time during my presidency, curiously enough.a€? GWB said about what? Words that sound like what they mean: sarcastic, grisly, moist, esoteric, effervescent, awkward, delicious. Unlike a politician, a statesman must have: a bedrock of principles, a moral compass, a vision, ability to build a consensus to achieve that vision. Remember Bill Clintona€™s farewell speech where he truthfully said he was leaving the country a€?on track to be debt-freea€? by the end of 2009? POLISH is pronounced two ways, depending on whether or not the first letter is capitalized. EXTRA Bonus Q answer: When asked by People magazine what moments from the last 8 years he revisited most often, W talked passionately about the pitch he threw out at the World Series in 2001.
CHALLENGE #154 was: What do the following have in common:A  Eugene Oa€™Neill, William Burroughs and his wife, Charles Mingus, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Charlie Parker and Sid Vicious?
Featured Quote: Multiculturalism is having conversations of respect across significant differences. Now ya know: More than 90% of known chemicals contain carbon--and, therefore, are part of a€?organica€™ chemistry. Peculiar--The origin of the word: from the Latin meaning a€?private propertya€™ from pecu a€?cattlea€™ meaning cattle as private property. CHALLENGE #156: He had alcoholic parents, flunked kindergarden, was a poor student, stammered badly and was dyslexic, but excelled at sports and drama class. BIG Q #69 : Why were two of the greatest teachers [who never wrote a book], Socrates and Jesus, executed on trumped-up charges?
HUMOR [?]: A very elderly gentleman (mid 90s), well dressed, hair groomed, great looking suit, flower in his lapel, smelling slightly of a good after shave, presenting a great image, walks into an upscale cocktail lounge.
The QWERTY keyboard was designed in 1873 to force typists to type as slowly as possible since typewriters at the time easily jammed. The major killers of humanity throughout our recent history--smallpox, flu, TB, malaria, plague, measles, cholera and AIDS--are infectious diseases that evolved from diseases of animals. CHALLENGE #156 was: He had alcoholic parents, flunked kindergarden, was a poor student, stammered badly and was dyslexic, but excelled at sports and drama class.
BIG Q #70 : Does an absolute morality exist; are some things always right or wrong in all times, places and circumstances? Now ya know: The Athenian trial, of Socrates for example, lasted no more than one day, with 501 jurors--they were the rules in the democracy of Athens. Every time an animal eats a plant or another animal, the conversion of food biomass into the consumera€™s biomass is typically 10% efficiency: it takes 10,000 pounds of corn to grow a 1,000-pound cow.
Medieval Islam had far higher literacy rates than contemporary Europe and assimilated the legacy of classical Greek civilization such that many classical Greek books are now known to us only through Arabic copies. In 2006, the FBI had 33 agents with a€?some proficiencya€™ in Arabic, while the NYC Police Dept.
The sole foreign domesticated mammal adopted in Australia was the dog [from Asia around 1500 BC] and became the wild dingo. The earliest attested precursors of ceramics are fired clay figurines made in the area of modern Czechoslovakia, 27,000 years ago. CHALLENGE #158: Carefully weigh 200 pounds of nutrient-rich soil and plant a sapling in it.
Our electricity system is vulnerable to extreme weather events, including coastal flooding, extreme heat, drought, and wildfires — all of which are likely to increase in the years ahead.
Such extreme weather events are likely to increase as global temperatures continue to rise, with significant consequences for the electricity sector. To effectively address these growing climate risks — and ensure a reliable supply of electricity for years to come — we must take steps today to improve our aging electricity infrastructure and reduce the carbon emissions that are driving up the planet's temperature.
Ramping up renewable energy is a key component of this effort, both to make our electricity system more resilient and reliable in the short-term, and to curb climate change over the long-term. Increasing wildfires: Wildfires can directly damage transmission poles and other electricity infrastructure, but the greatest risk comes from smoke and particulate matter, which can ionize the air, create an electrical pathway away from transmission lines, and shut down the lines.
More frequent and intense heat waves: Climate change is already bringing more intense, more frequent, and longer lasting heat waves in North America.
Droughts and reduced water supplies: The electricity sector is highly dependent on water for cooling. Elevated water temperatures: Higher air temperatures warm the water in rivers and reservoirs used by power plants for their cooling needs. Smaller-scale, more distributed power: Renewable technologies like wind turbines and rooftop solar panels are small, distributed, and often weather storms and heat waves better than conventional power plants.
Reduced water risks: Unlike conventional power plants, wind turbines and solar panels do not require water to produce electricity. Decreased fuel supply risks: Most renewable technologies utilize on-site energy sources such as wind and sunshine, making them far less vulnerable to interruptions in fuel supplies. Low-carbon electricity: Renewable energy generates little to no carbon emissions and helps reduce the amount of heat-trapping emissions generated by the electricity sector. Rights and permissions: You are free to use the map graphics above without alterations online, in written materials, and in presentations.
We can reduce global warming emissions and ensure communities have the resources they need to withstand the effects of climate change—but not without you.
New evidence suggests that ExxonMobil knew about the potential risks posed by climate change decades ago, and still chose to fund a campaign of climate deception. We developed Polynet, an agent-based model that simulates cascading failure and is applicable to a wide range of problems. Advanced Simulation for Analysis of Critical Infrastructure: Abstract Cascades, the Electric power grid, and Fedwire, Robert J.
Sensitivity of the resilience of congested random networks to rolloff and offset in truncated power-law degree distributions, LaViolette, R., W. Towards Risk-Based Management of Critical Infrastructures: Enabling Insights and Analysis Methodologies from a Focused Study of the Bulk Power Grid, Randall A. Due to fund constraints, volunteers for watchers are urged to fend for themselves, an uncommon move in Philippine elections where candidates provide food and allowance for their watchers. Duterte said his supporters, in volunteering as poll watchers, would be investing in the future of the country.
Leoncio Evasco, national campaign manager for Duterte, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that they have been planning to recruit 92,000 poll watchers all over the country. He admitted that feeding the watchers would be difficult for Duterte’s camp, which refused election campaign fund donations from questionable sources and even from corporations that have been doing business with the government. He also urged Duterte’s supporters living near polling places to prepare whatever they could to feed the poll watchers.
This week, the Mindanao team of the Duterte’s campaign arm will start listing, recruiting and training election watchers. The poll watchers in Mindanao will be handled by the campaign team, while those in Visayas and Luzon will be recruited by Duterte’s party, the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban).
But in Mindanao areas where there are PDP-Laban candidates, recruitment will be handled by the party. Ding Ladayo, Duterte’s campaign coordinator for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, said they would need at least 6,000 poll watchers for Duterte in the five-province region. Ladayo said that for Muslim poll watchers of the Duterte camp, it would be BYOP or Bring Your Own Pastil (rice meal wrapped in banana leaves). The camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is “humbled” by the recent Pulse Asia survey results, showing the tough-talking mayor in solo lead in the presidential race. In the latest Pulse Asia survey, Duterte gained solo lead with 30 percent voter preference rating over his closest rival Senator Grace Poe who had 25 percent.
Lavina urged Filipinos to convince others to take the path of real change Duterte has vowed to carry out. Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, counsel of former Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) Jupiter branch manager Maia Deguito, dared bank President Lorenzo Tan on Tuesday to “man up” and face him instead of filing a case against him and his client regarding the $81-million funds stolen by hackers from Bangladesh Bank (BB). He said the allegations made by Deguito and her counsel were “mere assumptions” that he oversaw and allowed the questionable transactions to push through. Tan has already taken a voluntary leave of absence from the bank to avoid any perception of undue influence on the ongoing internal investigation.
When asked about the case filed against him and his client, Topacio said, “Okay lang ‘yun.
During the preliminary investigation, Deguito sought more time to answer the complaint filed against her by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). The annual rush to file income tax returns could be avoided if the government would only simplify its complicated tax payment system, vice presidential bet Francis “Chiz” Escudero said on Tuesday. While he acknowledged the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) constant reminders for taxpayers to remit their dues early to avoid the long queues leading to the April 15 deadline, Escudero said much has to be done to encourage the prompt payment of taxes like simplifying the system.
The senator cited a study done by international audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) last year, which ranked the Philippines 127th among 189 economies reviewed in terms of ease of paying taxes for businesses.
The Philippines, he said, even trailed strife-torn countries like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan in the study called “Paying Taxes 2015,” which is an annual research done by PwC and is included in the “Doing Business” project by the World Bank Group.
The study found that in the Philippines, it takes 193 hours for a business to comply with 36 required payments.
Escudero pointed out that the tax issue is not just about lowering tax rates but simplifying tax payment procedures to encourage compliance especially among micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and self-employed professionals, who comprise the second largest class of workers in the country.
He said the Secretary of Finance, who has the authority to promulgate the manner in which income taxes are paid and tax returns prepared, can consider adjusting the schedule for filing tax returns. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales on Tuesday slammed politicians who cry political harassment every time they are charged for corruption by the anti-graft office. She maintained that the office is impartial and only based its indictment against public officials on evidence presented before the office.
In the end, it is not the politicians who are harassed but the taxpayers whose taxes are pillaged by these politicians depriving the constituents of quality social services. Morales also expressed gratitude for the positive trust ratings on the Ombudsman in the Bilang Pilipino-Social Weather Stations (SWS) mobile survey conducted March 28. Morales made the statement after Vice President Jejomar Binay cursed the office for going after his allies in the local level.
In his speech during a proclamation rally in Quezon province last Friday, Binay scored the Ombudsman for making it difficult for local officials to publicly declare their support to the opposition for fear that they might be suspended by the Ombudsman from office. Binay said the Ombudsman is being used by the administration to target political foes while sparing administration allies. In 2006, Garcia as then governor resorted to the alternative method of procurement without public bidding, the Ombudsman said. Also, ousted Laguna governor ER Ejercito was charged before the Sandiganbayan for graft for entering into an allegedly anomalous insurance deal for tourists plying the Pagsanjan gorge when he was Pagsanjan mayor in 2008.
The Ombudsman prosecutors said the insurance deal was entered into without public bidding and that the insurance company was not licensed by the Insurance Commission to engage in the business. In 2014, Ejercito was ousted as Laguna governor by the Commission on Elections for overspending in his 2013 campaign. Also charged by the Ombudsman was sacked Special Action Force (SAF) commander Getulio Napenas, who was indicted for usurpation of powers and graft for his alleged role in the bloody Mamasapano incident that claimed the lives of 44 elite cops. Binay had been critical of Morales after the Ombudsman indicted the vice president and his son dismissed Makati mayor Junjun for graft, malversation and falsification of public documents for the alleged rigging of the procurement for the design and construction of the allegedly overpriced P2.8 billion Makati car park building. While the Ombudsman has yet to charge the vice president because he is immune from suit, it has charged Junjun before the Sandiganbayan for graft and falsification. Vice Presidential bets Senator Bongbong Marcos and Camarines Sur representative Leni Robredo. The poll showed Marcos leading with 28 percent, a three-percentage-point increase from the previous survey. Five percent of the 4,000 respondents said they were not inclined to support any of the presidential candidates.
The survey was conducted from March 29 to April 3—around the time of the clash between police and the Kidapawan farmers, the power outage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the hacking of the Comelec website. The poll said that Marcos was the leading vice presidential bet in the National Capital Region with 47 percent, while Robredo was the top choice in Visayas with 36 percent. Not resting on her laurels, a former child prodigy takes on another venture, this time making her way to law school. Mikaela Irene Fudolig, who graduated summa cum laude from the University of the Philippines (UP) at 16 years old, was among the 218 passers of the 2016 UP Law Aptitude Exam. She began her college life at 11 years old under an experimental program for gifted children. Upon graduation, Fudolig became a faculty member of the Institute of Physics and earned her Master’s degree in 2013 and her doctoral degree in 2014 in UP.
SIA spokesman Nicholas Ionides confirmed the hiring but said no target has been set for the number of women pilots to be hired. Among Singapore carriers, women pilots make up less than 1 per cent of the total pilot population, with SIA currently at 0.1 per cent. SIA did not provide any details of the two women cadets, nor say why it is hiring women only now.
The decision to now hire women is a good move, said Captain Ng Thim Fook, president of the Air Line Pilots Association – Singapore . Female pilots The Straits Times spoke to said that while the industry is still dominated by the men, mindsets have changed. First Officer Amandine Marie Aignan, 37, who has a two-year-old daughter and is now pregnant with her second child, said her employer, Jetstar Asia, has been very supportive.
The airline allowed her to do ground duties when she was pregnant with her first child, said the French national who has been flying with Jetstar Asia for four years. While women pilots are more accepted these days, there are not that many, added the 37-year-old, who is single.
The camp of presidential aspirant Grace Poe strongly denied on Tuesday that she had met privately with President Benigno Aquino III supposedly to explore how they could “help each other” in the upcoming elections. Poe’s spokesman, Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian, said she continues to run as an independent candidate. Aquino has endorsed the presidential bid of Liberal Party’s standard-bearer, former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II.
While she was appointed by Aquino as chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board in 2010, Poe decided to run against the President’s candidate in the upcoming May presidential race.
Presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte gained solo lead in the latest Pulse Asia survey released on Tuesday. Commissioned by ABS-CBN, the survey showed that Duterte got a 30 percent voter preference rating from 4,000 respondents over his closet rival, Senator Grace Poe who had 25 percent.
This means that Duterte gained six points from the previous survey, while Poe lost three points.

Vice President Jejomar Binay came in third with 20 percent, a three-percentage-point drop from the last poll, while Administration bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas II maintained his 19 percent rating.
Four percent of the respondents said they were not inclined to support any of the presidential candidates.
Duterte maintained his lead in Mindanao with 55 percent, while Poe remained to be the top pick of respondents in Luzon with 31 percent. In terms of social classes, Duterte was the top choice of those from Class ABC with 41 percent and Class D with 31 percent. Despite losing her lead, Poe remained as the overwhelming favorite of the respondents for their second choice as president with 31 percent picking her. I phrased the objective this way, optimistically: “How can a candidate lose the presidential race?
It has been two months since that burst of optimism, however, and I have yet to follow through on the plan. In the case of Binay, the erstwhile frontrunner in the presidential race, the unanswerable question seems to me to be related to the corruption charges he, his son, and his allies are facing for the allegedly overpriced construction of Makati city government facilities.
I would have thought that the unanswerable question in Duterte’s case was the hundreds of lives, mostly from the city’s poor, claimed by the so-called Davao Death Squad. In one of the Inquirer Town Halls we conducted in Mindanao in the lead-up to the first presidential debate, one woman’s pained comment struck me.
The video of his casual narration of the “venial sin” of molesting a housemaid is disturbing not only in itself, but also because of the laughter (some of it nervous, perhaps, some more appreciative) that greeted the story and its telling. As the candidate of continuity, Roxas has found himself moving slowly against currents of change. It could be that Roxas’ unanswerable question involves his high-profile role in the “Yolanda” crisis; he has certainly taken a beating for it despite his attempts to set the record straight. Abaya should have been fired long ago; the President’s failure to exact what is only the appropriate penalty on the person responsible for the ongoing tragedy on Metro Manila’s streets and the country’s airports is the specter haunting Roxas’ candidacy. THE PHILIPPINES’ energy mix story had never been so much about climate change as about energy security. Iceland is a country that exemplifies how indigenous energy resources can be used to great advantage.
The Philippine government has been branded as hypocritical for approving so many coal-fired plants even as it calls for reduced carbon emissions. Hydroelectric power, which dominates the power generation mix of Mindanao, is what has traditionally kept electricity prices low on the island. Geothermal can potentially compete with coal as it’s less susceptible to the seasons, and a well-managed mature geothermal development should be able to keep its generation price at par with coal and natural gas plants. Our traditional, fossil-fuel-based power sources are cheaper and consistent and have obvious economic advantages in the short term, but imply future costs that our children and their children will incur. With all these, we will inevitably continue to be mixed up about what our energy mix ought to be. May I just say that I find the debate—sponsored by CNN Philippines and the Commission on Elections—the most organized and lucid of the series of candidates’ debates in this year’s campaign. For a while there, it seemed as if the debate would get stuck on the issue of corruption, dynastic politics and hidden wealth, with Sen. She may be the “best woman” running for vice president, but Robredo is not the only woman running in this year’s elections. It is a roster I am very comfortable with, and I would urge readers to look into the qualifications and records of Robredo and the other women when drawing up their own lists of candidates for election day.
TOWNS has likewise come out with a set of policy recommendations drawn up by “clusters” of members, divided into key issues, that the women are disseminating to the various candidates’ camps in hopes that some (if not all) of them will be adopted by the eventual winners (or even by “losers” who will continue with their public service careers). In the field of business and entrepreneurship, TOWNS recommends concrete measures to increase “ease of doing business” by small entrepreneurs, especially in accessing licenses and following procedures, and simplifying the tax code to make it more user-friendly, with rates comparable to our neighbors.
The transportation cluster echoed the calls of many sectors for improved infrastructure, the elimination of “colorum” vehicles, and synchronized interconnection of the many forms of urban public transports. IN THE field of science and technology, the TOWNS document calls for a drastic increase in the budget to 1 percent of GDP as recommended by Unesco and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development for developing countries. Strengthening the local government units is also needed, the document says, focusing on these as the primary responders in case of natural disasters and with responsibility for creating land use policies. The document also strongly pushes for the development of tourism infrastructure and facilities, while protecting heritage structures and institutions. Among the recommendations for health, the TOWNS document bats for the “full implementation” of the Reproductive Health Law, the passage of pending legislation on mental health, and further studies on the health impacts of climate change and the emergence of new viral diseases linked to changing weather patterns. AGRICULTURAL sustainability was a particular concern of the TOWNS women, who called for more measured responses to climate change by increasing productivity and improving yield stability. The TOWNS women also call for the creation of a separate Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources which can provide better strategic directions and overall care for this sector.
It is indeed a daunting list of recommendations, but at least the men and women who will be taking office in May can no longer complain about lack of direction or guidance on what they are to do with the mandate given them. Sure, seeing myself facing the world head on, armed with the lessons and learnings in school, is thrilling.
To make things worse, I’m filled with doubt: Did my school prepare me for everything that will be thrown my way?
School education is a tool used to present a fraction of reality—one that is harsh and evolving.
I think the real wisdom behind the need to be schooled exists in the fact that human beings are naturally curious, and such curiosity may be an asset or a liability. School is far from perfect, and one wishes there is a learning facility that is free from flaws and inaccuracies. As I wait for my final grades to be encoded, for the days to pass, for the excruciating waiting time to reach zero, I’m relishing the memory of first sitting in a classroom and patiently waiting for my teacher. I’m set to say goodbye to structured classes and eager to unfold a mystery that won’t be danger-free. At the end of the day, curiosity may kill the cat, but satisfaction will definitely bring it back. Karl Montesa, 19, is a legal management senior at San Beda College in Manila and sports editor of The Bedan.
WHAT WOULD you do if you were the richest person in your community and you have issues with your neighbors on property rights? If you are emotionally stable or do not have a chip on your shoulder, you will reach out to them to come up with a win-win solution to your conflict. If you are emotionally challenged or harbor feelings of insecurity, you will perform acts that show your superiority or your neighbors’ weakness in relation to your strength. This is exactly how China, the richest economy in the region (and the second largest in the world), has been acting in recent years in relation to some of its neighbors. Invoking historical rights, China has claimed ownership over practically the entire South China Sea, including a number of shoals, reefs and islands, to the exclusion of other countries that, under the rules of international law, are entitled to certain economic rights over them. After seizing some shoals and islands that lie within the exclusive economic zone or territory of the Philippines and Vietnam, respectively, China recently encroached into Indonesian and Malaysian waters. Although a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), China refuses to abide with its provisions on the peaceful resolution of maritime disputes among its signatories. China wants direct negotiations on those issues with the other countries that have territorial claims in the South China Sea; it does not want those countries to seek relief from Unclos or any other international institution. If a third party—especially a body organized under the auspices of the United Nations or the Western powers—steps into the picture, China is aware that it would be unable to influence the proceedings or decision and possibly lose. China’s recent announcement that it would create a maritime court to hear and decide on maritime disputes in the region lends credence to its feeling of insecurity. The humiliation of seeing parts of its territory under foreign control in the past is still imbedded in China’s consciousness, and it is apprehensive (or paranoid) about the “foreign devils” (as it describes its former colonizers) conspiring to prevent or contain it from becoming a superpower. It also appears disconcerted by the fact that, in spite of its economic and military might, many of its neighbors continue to hold the United States or Japan in high esteem, sometimes at its expense.
American influence in social and political activities remains strong in Asia despite reduced US presence and China’s emergence as an economic power.
With the United States and Japan still looming large in Asia, the most populous, richest and militarily-strongest nation in the region has been reduced to “pygmy status” in terms of political and social leadership in its own neighborhood.
To date, only three countries in Southeast Asia—Laos, Cambodia and Burma (Myanmar)—defer to and treat China as “Big Brother” on significant economic and military matters. For economic reasons, Indonesia and Malaysia have adopted a neutral attitude vis-a-vis China in connection with territorial disputes in the South China Sea.
Unless China learns to respect Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s maritime rights, it may find itself with the same strained relations that presently characterize its ties with the Philippines and Vietnam. If China thinks gunboat diplomacy, the strategy of subjugation used by its former colonizers, will serve its interests, it is totally wrong.
There is still a long way to go before China can accomplish its dream to be recognized and treated as a superpower, at least in this part of the world. I admire the way the debate was organized and I take my hat off to the moderators who never showed unfairness or impatience during the whole time they were on air.
Since the candidates—five senators and a congresswoman—must have been provided the topics ahead of time, there was no question about their preparedness to address every issue for discussion.
In terms of delivery, they must have rehearsed how they would look, smile or smirk to convince the audience to believe what they had to say.
These questions should have been directed at Alan Peter Cayetano: With your claim that political will and courage can make your presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte bring back peace and order nationwide, how can we be sure that he can do it without the rumored extrajudicial killing of suspected criminals? My next questions are for Gregorio Honasan: How can we trust that you will honor your words when almost all your answers were motherhood statements usually uttered by politicians who would rather be vague than be blamed for promising something difficult to accomplish? Here is my question for Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: How can we trust someone who believes that martial law was a blessing to the Filipino people? These questions are for Francis Escudero: With your boy-next-door type of personality brimming with self-confidence, how can we be sure that you are sincere in everything you say?
Antonio Trillanes III looked bright and determined to succeed, but I couldn’t shake off his image of being a rebel against civil authority. PUBLIC SERVICE ads urge us: Vote for a president who has a vision for the future, an effective leadership style, a political philosophy. Vote for a president who is not a thief, whose relatives are not thieves, who does not surround himself with thieves. We don’t expect our local officials, governors and mayors to be paragons of public service.
THE APRIL 2 editorial (“More banditry”) brought to the fore once more the menace the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has been foisting upon this country.
One reason given was that most ASG members were relatives of their counterparts in the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) which in the past had signed a “peace agreement” with the government, which paved the way for the creation of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, with MNLF founder and head Nur Misuari its governor at one time. Then enter the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which took over the “rebellious role” the MNLF used to play, as the former played a new role in the peace charade. Through the proposed law, the MILF seeks to exercise exclusive authority to control and govern most of Mindanao in lieu of the disgraced and corrupt MNLF.
Gross sales revenue increased by 7 percent for the quarter and 8 percent for the full-year period, reaching P32 billion for the entire year. The company invested P4.2 billion in manufacturing and distribution assets last year, 8 percent higher than year-ago level. PCPPI started commercial production of snacks in late 2014 and plans to capitalize on strong category opportunity. On Monday, CIC reported that its net profit in the first three months had expanded by 50 percent year-on-year to P180 million, driven by a double-digit growth in sales of airconditioning systems and consumer durables. The guidance of 15 percent growth for net profit suggests a full-year bottomline level of P758.4 million.
For the first quarter, CIC reported that sales had expanded by 21 percent year-on-year to P2.7 billion.
Under IoT, while netizens are globally connected over the social network, any and all objects such as buildings, equipment, vehicles, home appliances, wearables and other devices will be connected over a spectrum of networks to communicate, control, manage, detect problems and derive insightful information. For example, an IoT-enabled airconditioning system will be able to adjust its thermostat in response to the human body heat. Concepcion acknowledged that Internet speed remained a challenge, especially for consumers, but noted that in an industrial setting, such smart products would be easier to roll out. Discussions at the Property Report Congress Philippines 2016 included panel sessions on infrastructure, emerging markets, technology trends, green building and bubble risks. An annual event that caters to more than 250 C­level executives and top real estate professionals, the Philippines Property Awards 2016, presented by Hansgrohe, returns tonight at the Fairmont Makati. Sixteen­time nominee Megaworld Corporation will battle it out with last year’s champion SM Group, which received a total of 10 nods at the prestigious property tilt.
Other hopefuls include regional developers AppleOne Properties Inc and King Properties, both shortlisted in a new category recognising the Best Boutique Developer. Organised by PropertyGuru, Asia’s leading property portal group with a network of 14 million real estate consumers, the black­tie gala dinner and awards ceremony on 7 April will bring together the best of the best in the Philippines’ exciting real estate industry, boosted by the country’s positive economic outlook, strong office sector and improving investor confidence. Some highly respected VIPs are on the exclusive guest list, including former Senate President Manuel B. Villar Jr, recipient of the 2016 Real Estate Personality of the Year award to be presented by the editors of Property Report, Asia’s leading luxury real estate, architecture and design magazine. Before the evening programme’s four­course gala dinner, the VIP keynote speech will be given by John W. chief connector and managing partner of The Hunting Ridge Group.
Immediately after the closing remarks of the Property Report Congress, the ballroom of Fairmont Makati will be prepped for the Philippines Property Awards 2016 networking cocktail reception that begins at 18:00, followed by the gala dinner. Top winners from the Philippines Property Awards will get the chance for international acclaim when they compete with their counterparts from eight ASEAN countries of the Asia Property Awards at the grand finals in Singapore in late November at the 6th South East Asia Property Awards 2016. Megaworld Corporation took home its first ­ever Best Developer award as well as three more gongs and 13 Highly Commended honours at the fourth annual Philippines Property Awards gala dinner. The Dr Andrew L Tan­led company started the evening with an unprecedented 16 nominations, with Uptown Bonifacio getting six nods. Last year’s Best Developer winner SM Group was nominated for 10 awards through its various subsidiaries and eventually took home Best Commercial Development (Philippines) for SM Seaside City Cebu, a retail project undertaken by its commercial investment arm, SM Prime Holdings Inc.
The conglomerate, headed by Henry Sy Sr, the country’s richest man, also won the coveted Special Recognition in CSR for providing Filipinos “five ­star” homes in prime locations around the country, as well as promoting a conducive learning experience for the youth by building and remodelling overpopulated public school classrooms across the islands.
Presented by Hansgrohe, the fourth edition of the Philippines Property Awards 2016 welcomed a new category to reward the country’s outstanding boutique developers. With this year’s entries doubling to more than 200 compared to 2015, the time has come to widen the scope of the programme, a move that was welcomed by the independent panel of judges and trusted awards supervisor BDO. Another highlight of the ceremony was the presentation to former Senate President Manuel B Villar Jr, founder of the Vista Land Group, of the Real Estate Personality of the Year award by the editors of Property Report. Known for his master planned developments called “Communicities,” the self­made billionaire saw his construction supplies business in the early 1970s grow into a quality housing developer. Proving his company’s worth as a quality housing specialist, Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc took home the Best Housing Development (Philippines) award for Northpoint, located in Davao.
The rise of the country’s emerging markets was featured prominently at the Property Report Congress Philippines, a high­level forum that discussed the past, present and future of the local real estate industry. It was the first time that the Congress took place in the country after the successful debut in Singapore in 2015.
JLL Philippines’ Orr delivered the keynote address about the exciting prospects in the local market, whilst an in­depth workshop on digital marketing for Filipino real estate professionals was given by John W. Mims, chief connector and managing director of The Hunting Ridge Group.
THE NEXT administration should institutionalize reforms at a faster pace to build on the gains made by President Aquino thus far, achievements that have made the country’s economic growth prospects in the next three years among the best in the region, according to the World Bank. But in light of the recent money-laundering scandal that saw the entry of $81 million in stolen money from Bangladesh’s central bank into the domestic financial system, World Bank economists said it was also high time to tighten the country’s antimoney laundering rules and ease the bank secrecy law, although they declined to comment on any potential impact on the economy in general and on remittance flows in particular. The World Bank’s April 2016 East Asia and Pacific Economic Update showed that the Philippines would remain one of the fastest-growing countries in East Asia and the Pacific despite a “modest” easing in economic expansion in the region during the 2016-2018 period.
World Bank senior country economist Karl Kendrick Chua said the higher projection for 2016 from the actual 5.8-percent actual growth posted last year would be boosted by private consumption amid low consumption as well as election-related spending. Key risks this year, however, remain slower global growth, financial market volatilities, the dry spell brought about by El Nino, delays in PPP implementation, as well as uncertainty due to the upcoming national polls.
In the case of the Philippines, World Bank lead economist Rogier van den Brink noted that while “at this moment, things are looking good” for the economy, there remained reform initiatives that should more speedily move forward in order to achieve inclusive growth. Such a personality is like that of someone born when the planet Saturn was rising, according to the ancient Romans. Fields, Charlie Chaplin, James Brown, Billie Martin and Nicolas Ceausescu have what in common?
What do the following have in common: Strawberry Fields, Solitaire, May Day, Tiffany Case and Jinx? Some other such words: JOB, LIMA, RAINIER, READING, NICE, NATAL, MALE, SAID, WORMS, EWE, and BAD. You arena€™t the first doctor to sleep with one of his patients and you wona€™t be the last a€“ and youa€™re single. And, 150 years after publication of a€?Origin of Species,a€? the majority of Americans dona€™t believe we evolved. By November 1923 a dollar was worth 630 billion marks, a loaf of bread cost 140 billion marks, and Germany was disintegrating under the strain..
In 2011 and 2012 alone, 25 extreme weather events caused $188 billion in damages and 1,100 fatalities.
Global average sea level has increased eight inches since 1880, and is projected to rise up to an additional 6.6 feet over the course of this century, greatly increasing coastal flooding risks.
These periods of extreme heat decrease the efficiency of power plants during periods when electricity demand is highest, placing additional stresses on the electricity system. Power production accounts for the single largest share of all freshwater withdrawals in the U.S. If the temperature of incoming water is too hot, or if the temperature of the discharge water is too high, power plants must dial back production or shut down temporarily, as has occurred at numerous coal and nuclear power plants over the past decade.
If individual turbines or solar panels are damaged, the impact on the grid is far less than if a large coal or nuclear plant goes off-line. Energy-efficient homes and businesses require less electricity, deferring or eliminating the need to build new power plants and power lines. State and local governments should require utilities to consider the costs of adapting to and mitigating climate change in their long-term planning. State and federal policy makers should adopt and strengthen programs that support the timely expansion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, such as renewable electricity standards. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future. Sign up to receive critical updates and urgent action opportunities from the Union of Concerned Scientists. The Advanced Modeling and Techniques Investigations (AMTI) group within the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC) apply and extend the results of complexity theory to model and understand complex, interdependent critical infrastructures and guide their evolution to withstand the demands and threats of the future. Ang tunay na lalaki, if tingin mo you were slighted by another man, eh face to face na lang,” Topacio told reporters.
It put the average taxes and contributions paid by a Philippine employer at 42.5 percent, or 6 percent higher than the average tax rate in the Asia Pacific. After careful and objective evaluation of the evidence gathered, we immediately file cases, if warranted,” Morales said.

We file plunder or graft cases as soon as we are done with a thorough and impartial investigation. Gwen Garcia was indicted by the Ombudsman for graft over the anomalous procurement for the architectural and engineering design, and various civil and other works for the P425.6 million-Cebu International Convention Center (CICC). Garcia is running for reelection as congresswoman under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) in the coming polls. Alan Peter Cayetano still trailed behind with 15 percent despite seeing a one-point increase in his rating.
The group’s regional arm SilkAir and long-haul budget unit Scoot already have women flying their planes. This is lower than the global figure of about 5 per cent of pilots, according to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots. It’s a significant investment so you want to ensure that the pilots you train are always operationally ready. That time frame covered the decision of One Cebu party to endorse Duterte, the confirmation of Poe that she met with the brass of Iglesia ni Cristo, the clash between police and the Kidapawan farmers, and the power outage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Both Duterte and Poe gained the lead in the National Capital Region with 32 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Those belonging in Class E were torn among three candidates, with Poe having 29 percent, Duterte getting 26 percent and Binay collaring 23 percent.
Now, with the elections in 27 days, I’m afraid there’s time only for one omnibus column on Vice President Jejomar Binay, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and former interior secretary Mar Roxas.
Grace Poe, I zeroed in, not on the nature of her Filipino citizenship or the computation of her residency in the Philippines, but on her status as a former American citizen.
The Vice President has responded to the accusations with a sweeping statement about politicking, and from the looks of it this is a response that sortie audiences willingly accept. Regardless of what one thinks of former Makati vice mayor Ernesto Mercado’s testimony against Binay, his sensational accusation that Eduviges “Ebeng” Baloloy and Gerry Limlingan received millions of pesos in alleged kickbacks for Binay requires an answer from the two.
But—this is the surprise for me—it seems easier to accept the (reputation for) extrajudicial killings than it is to accept his reputation for crass sexism.
She was a responsible business person, a pillar-of-the-community type, who said she was a proud supporter of the presidential candidate who was a genuine son of Mindanao. Despite the general good will that the Philippines under President Aquino has earned—for the economy’s vibrancy, the calibrated challenge to China in the South China Sea issue, the progress of the Mindanao peace process—public sentiment seems to have discounted all that. But I actually think that the election issue facing Roxas, the President’s preferred successor and the face of administration continuity, is the other face of the Aquino brand of governance: Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.
When we started developing our renewable energy sources decades ago, from hydroelectric to geothermal, it was motivated by the need to reduce our great vulnerability to the volatile price of petroleum, which we almost entirely need to import.
The Philippines, after all, is blessed with a variety of renewable energy resources that can be developed to fill its power needs. But these sources are more expensive, site-specific, and unsuitable for baseload power because of unstable capacity. But operating a geothermal field is more complex than operating a natural gas or coal plant. We have some limited natural gas resources, but these will not be able to keep up with our rising power demands. Despite the candidates occasionally talking over each other, even if moderators Pinky Webb and Pia Hontiveros repeatedly admonished them to observe the rules, the public still managed to get a lucid and even entertaining view of where each of the six candidates stood on a welter of issues. She leads a lineup of women endorsed or supported by the majority of members of the TOWNS Foundation, composed of past awardees of the national biannual search for the country’s “outstanding women.” The congresswoman from Camarines Sur leads a multipartisan lineup of four senatorial candidates, all of them women, endorsed by TOWNS. As for Internet traffic, the women called for greater transparency in the operations of telcos, including properly matching the capabilities of the providers with the number of subscribers and removing the expiration feature of prepaid cards.
It also said that arts and culture should not only be promoted and promoted, but also recognized as a “commercially viable” resource.
They also called for the separation of the functions of research and regulation among government agencies related to agriculture, natural resource management and environmental protection. Those in the agricultural and fisheries cluster also called for shifting focus from “just” rice production to the propagation of higher value crops like fruits and flowers and vegetables. I’ve paid my school dues, claimed my graduation photos, and attended our graduation primer. Earlier I didn’t care much about underachieving, but now that I’m supposed to be mature in making decisions, disappointing my family is the last thing I’d like to do.
Hence, school is where the mind’s curiosity is harnessed to become more of the former than the latter.
Assuming there is one—and most schools still serve their noble intentions—there will be only better days and years to expect.
Like a bully, you may even use force or intimidation to “persuade” them to give in to your demands in deference to your high standing in the community. The subliminal message of China’s demand is, as the “overlord” in this part of the world, it has the right to decide on the manner by which conflicts in the area should be resolved.
China’s erstwhile war enemy, Japan, whose geographical size and economy are comparably smaller, continues to be looked up to by many Asian countries as a model for inclusive economic growth. This behavior does not come us a surprise because China has given (and continues to give) them massive financial assistance to help develop their economy and military.
The world has turned around many times since and replicating that approach today can lead to disastrous results.
I think they have mastered the techniques of propaganda, or they could have hired coaches to train them in how to look convincing and when to add catchy phrases to enliven their delivery. I felt I should make a choice after spending much time and energy watching the debate and taking down notes on the issues discussed.
Many have lamented the fact that your partner, Jejomar Binay, never honored the Senate’s invitation to the series of hearings on his unexplained wealth. This is my question: How would you help preserve civil society after launching a coup attempt against then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? But we would like someone whose father is not in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the biggest thieves of all time and whose mother’s stolen jewels are not on display at the national museum. But we wish not too many of them would have secret bank accounts, offshore investments and New York real estate properties. But we do want our provincial hospitals to be staffed with doctors who show up and do not ask us to pay for aspirin.
But we would like a legislative body where fewer than one-fourth of its members have been indicted or about to be indicted for graft.
Forget the party platforms, the platitudes from the Church and well-meaning advice from NGOs. Why this ragtag group of only about 300 kidnap-for-ransom bandits cannot be obliterated by an Army of about 90,000 soldiers is a really frustrating wonder.
Reportedly, some MNLF members protected those bandits and the government was totally helpless in bringing them to justice.
Revenue growth was ahead of volume growth, attributed to the company’s strong focus on revenue management and overlapping of pricing rollback vs last year. This mirrors the positive economic momentum of the industry driven by consumption and construction growth amidst healthy economic fundamentals,” Concepcion said. Victoria Betita added: “We continue to invest in capability building to prepare for the business growth we are anticipating over the long term.
This will allow the household or commercial enterprise to unlock savings from the use of energy, as consumption could go down by 40-60 percent.
Accolades also await the  outstanding residential and resort developments in Cebu and Davao as the awards programme expands its nationwide search for the country’s finest properties.
The chairman of Vista Land Group will be cheered on by his team as well as his industry peers.
Orr, chief operating officer of Jones Lang LaSalle Philippines, will speak about the rigorous six­month judging process that precedes tonight’s ceremony. Mims leads today’s workshop Mims, called “Driving revenue through social media engagement: strategies that work” at the Property Report Congress. In addition to Villar’s special award, the event will reveal the Winners and up to four Highly Commended in 26 award categories.
The high ­end urban township eventually won Best Residential Architectural Design for the Uptown Ritz condominium development. In the category for Best Boutique Developer, AppleOne Properties Inc pipped King Properties. This project beat all the residential category winners from across the nation and, along with the other ‘best of the best’ winners from the Philippines, will move on to compete at the South East Asia Property Awards grand finale in Singapore this November.
The Philippine conference preceded the black­tie gala gala dinner at the Fairmont Makati and was joined by experts from all over the archipelago and further afield, including current and former Winners and Judges from the Philippines Property Awards. Other thought­provoking discussions covered the rise of branded residences, the crucial issue of infrastructure problems, the future of green building and the impact of technology in the Philippine property sector. The word has two parts: neo-, from the Greek neos (new), and -logism, from the Greek logos (word, speech). They shrewdly cornered the market on a black, sticky substance to cover the roads they were building.
To reduce the likelihood of power outages in the future, we must prepare for the risks we currently face.
Less energy infrastructure means less equipment is vulnerable to damage from extreme weather events.
Utility and grid operators should pursue approaches that make the grid more flexible and better able to intergrate renewable energy sources.
Every peso lost to corruption means less free medicines for indigent patients in government hospitals and health centers, less textbooks and classrooms in public schools, and less food packs for victims of natural disasters,” Morales said. She is now on leave from UNA after her local party expressed support for Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Leonor “Leni” Robredo got 22 percent, a one-point increase from her previous showing, to emerge in a statistical tie with Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, who got 21 percent, a four-point drop from his previous numbers.
Senators Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan II and Antonio Trillanes IV saw no changes in their numbers as they remained in the last two places with five percent and four percent, respectively. Senators Marcos and Escudero were the top picks in Luzon with 34 percent and 25 percent, respectively. Gobyernong may Puso aims to pull out of poverty the more the 26 million Filipinos living in poverty,” Gatchalian said.
Duterte was named the second choice of 15 percent of the respondents, while Roxas was the alternative choice of 13 percent of the respondents.
What is the one weakness, the one election issue, that presents the most serious threat to their candidacy? But if the question were more specific, even his supporters may have a hard time answering it. But she also confessed that she found it difficult to accept the way Duterte treated women; it wasn’t so much the mayor’s womanizing (this is what I understood her to mean) as his generally sexualized approach to women. With good watershed management, these plants can be a reliable source of cheap power over the long term. And as the world shifts away from coal toward cleaner natural gas, natural gas import prices will rise.
But soon the session “moved on” and managed to cover a wide range of issues, from the peace process to Internet coverage, from criminality to China, from transportation to connectivity. They are: former congresswoman Risa Hontiveros, Lorna Kapunan (who is a TOWNS awardee in the field of law), former justice secretary Leila de Lima, and OFW advocate Toots Ople. It also recommended the creation of a Department of Information and Communications Technology.
After nearly 20 years of going to school, sitting in classrooms, half-listening and half-pretending to teachers and professors, doing quizzes and seatwork, standing in front of classmates for graded recitations, beating deadlines, enduring sleepless nights, ranting with friends, I will be free of all of it. My mom treats me like a graduate, my grandparents and other relatives are saying their congratulations, others are anticipating my future plans and actions. I’m cherishing the few more days of wearing a uniform, asking for my allowance, spending time with friends I made, and cementing whatever legacy I will leave.
The additional payback for the dole is their willingness to act as China’s surrogates or defenders in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations when its interests are threatened. They are profiting immensely from their trade with China and its assistance to their infrastructure projects. I was very enthusiastic and looked forward to finding out what else I could learn about the candidates in addition to what I’ve read and heard about them.
Most were careful to answer every issue based on what his or her party or presidential candidate thinks.
Grace Poe’s lack of competence in governance, I was afraid many of her supporters would take advantage of her inexperience. Although she was new in the House of Representatives, she was sponsor or cosponsor of bills concerning the welfare of families, children and women.
We can tolerate a certain level of hypocrisy among politicians, but we cannot accept a senator on bail for plunder delivering speeches against immorality in society.
There is hardly any doubt that the MILF is also protecting those bandits who live in territories the MILF controls. Outside of the government “peace panel” that steadfastly entertains the delusion that only the MILF can bring about peace in the south, everyone else wants that rebel group to first prove its sincerity by putting the kibosh on the banditry of the ASG once and for all. Orr was also chosen to give the “State of the Market” keynote address at the inaugural Property Report Congress Philippines 2016, a high­level conference about the past, present and future of Philippine real estate. Fellow Cebu­based firms, Primary Homes Inc and Cebu Landmasters Inc, collected several Winners and Highly Commended accolades in other categories. Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks.A Ninja Bank is reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black. Measures like burying transmission lines or elevating or relocating equipment can help reduce the risk of outages, but these approaches are often expensive and may not be the most cost-effective long-term solution. These include expanding transmission capacity and energy storage, adopting demand-response programs, and developing microgrids to better isolate outages. Environmental Protection Agency should finalize and implement strong standards to reduce heat-trapping emissions from new and existing power plants. This issue can be summarized in a simple image, or phrased in a single question—a nagging, even unanswerable question. It has achieved the three Cs in power generation that all nations aspire for: cheap, consistent, clean.
We also have ample geothermal resources, and most of our existing renewable energy mix comes from these two sources. But unlike the plants driven by melting glaciers in Iceland, the river-run hydroelectric plants in the Philippines are susceptible to droughts induced by El Nino, which appears to have come at greater frequency and intensity with climate change. Development risk is greater, the rate of return is slower, and the capital investment higher. Coal plants are quicker to put up, and the dropping demand for the fuel promises an oversupply and even lower prices in the coming years. Chiz Escudero’s “balagtasan” posing or even Marcos’ smooth dodging of accusations, Leni did women proud. Yet the fact that I will soon be an alumnus is bugging me when it should be a happy thought. I told myself that perhaps I could use the knowledge I would have gained as basis for my choices for president and vice president on Election Day. I should be looking for someone with competence, experience, compassion, honesty and commitment. Being associated closely with the Vice President, could you have acquired the same attitude through osmosis? Should I apologize for the peace and order?”) When asked if he would apologize for the human right violations committed by his family, he said there was nothing to apologize for because he himself had never violated any  human right or committed any form of corruption.
Under her presidency, our country might be dragged economically backward instead of continuing what the previous administration has established. If elected, she said, her target job would be streamlining and coordinating all the poverty programs of the previous administration to cut the red tape that the poor are expected to hurdle in order to receive the benefits they deserve.
We simply don’t have candidates who are competent, honest, sincere, decent, devoted to their community and country.
They will also have the ability to be controlled by mobile phones to provide real-time energy usage and to automatically react to changing environmental conditions in real-time.
But, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop.A Analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal. But Iceland is an island-nation about the size of Mindanao, with a much smaller population. The International Renewable Energy Agency cites the Philippines as having “good-to-excellent wind availability throughout the country,” ample solar radiation, and considerable biomass potential from agricultural waste. Hence, their total dependable capacity drops significantly during dry spells, and the Mindanao power grid needs to turn to other energy sources. Increasing the share of these FIT-covered energy sources will thus bring the electricity cost up.
With coal as alternative, any power investor would hesitate to develop a geothermal resource, especially since it is not covered by FIT.
She was rational, reasonable, calm and collected, and while lacking in the zing that people had come to expect of women pols like Miriam Defensor Santiago, she managed to score key points.
After all, every student’s aim is to march down the aisle wearing a graduation toga and a bright smile. All types of exams will now come my way at the same time, and I won’t have much time to think and analyze. He also insisted that the payment due the martial law victims had not been released because the current ruling party was blocking it.
But as the nights turn to mornings and my remaining days as a student dwindle down, something has been occupying my mind: I am afraid. Cloudy days will come when solar plants cannot generate their installed capacity, and using batteries to store solar energy would drive costs even higher. But Iceland demonstrates how things can be if a nation need not depend on imported fossil fuels.
To climate change advocates, it is inconsistent for us to keep approving coal power projects, knowing how burning more fossil fuels aggravates climate change, to which the Philippines is extremely vulnerable. These renewable energy sources may be “clean,” but they are not “cheap” and “consistent.” They may be good for fulfilling peak load requirements when baseload is not enough, but they cannot always be relied upon. Furthermore, the country had just pledged to the United Nations a rather aggressive target of 70-percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

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