PSC Solar UK Ltd is a multinational manufacturer of high quality German made Xantra brand super pure sine wave inverters from 1.5KVA to 50KVA. These units are excellent for Estates, large apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, Churches and mosques,government buildings etc. What is the status of your 10-mega watt solar panel manufacturing plant in Nigeria located at Warewa, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State? I m patiently waiting for the psc solar manufacturing plant to start production and I hope it will be this year. 1.) can we have a request for a power plant just like the 500kw or 7kwh to power the school.
LW Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger 1000W-6000W, LCD digital display, 3times peak power, low frequency type with transformer, UPS function.

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High Efficiency Inverter efficiency measures how efficiently an inverter converts DC voltage into AC. Patrick Owelle and Tesvolt Executives, Frank Braun and Mathias Zdzieblowski in an interactive session disclosed that orders for 40 units of the large utility scale power plantsĀ  from local governments, industrial and business customers in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Togo and Niger are currently being produced and will be shipped within 2 weeks.
Owelle states that now, we are currently bringing advanced technology electricity power plants to the market place and that soon, there will be no more excuse for citizens of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Togo and Niger to groan in darkness. I believe we would have to first of all determine the energy requirement of the school before determining whether to use a 7kwh, 10kwh or less or more.
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The major appliances are about 10-20 air conditioners, 5 deep freezers, water pumping machine, several bulbs, street lights, fans and several laptops ND tvs. Since there are many variables involved with each solar electric system, you will need to get an installer to let you know how just how much the Xantrex features could save you. Overall the GT Series Xantrex inverter lives up to the company's claims of efficiency, attractiveness, reliability, and affordability.
Keep Xantrex (and Schneider Electric) on your short list when it's time to think about an inverter for your solar power system.

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