The bond between this 88-year-old Japanese lady and her blue-and-orange-eyed cat will melt your heart. After this husband was away for 20 days, he returned to take this photo of her, then he took a closer look . Counting down the ten craziest natural disasters in the 21st Century, is the world ending?!
His research focuses on global energy politics, mining, infrastructure and trade, global political risk and macroeconomics. Spring fever, anyone?  The end of the school year definitely calls for some high-interest activities to keep kids (and mom!) on board with the whole homeschooling thing!
I announced to the boys last week that we were going to study electricity and magnetism, and they were thrilled!  Before I had kids, I taught science to groups of homeschoolers.  It was a blast, and I had the time to come up with all sorts of neat activities.  Thankfully, I saved all my notes and supplies so that I can easily do the activities with my own boys! For more information on electricity, check out the Magic Schoolbus and the Electric Field Trip.  I love the Magic Schoolbus books for their content and for the fact that they are interesting to a wide range of ages. To make a circuit, you need copper wire, a 6 volt lantern battery, alligator clips, and a lightbulb. The paper switch shows how a switch works, but I also bought a real light switch from Home Depot, and we hooked up the wires to that.  The boys had so much fun switching the switch and watching the light bulb turn on and off! Another fun thing to do with your circuit is to experiment with what materials conduct electricity.  A balloon does not, but a penny does!  You can also try a metal bottle cap, an eraser, and a sponge.
My two young sons are fascinated by this sort of thing – they are always creating little circuits and contraptions with batteries, crocodile clips and other bits and pieces.
You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday! I have consider something along these lines except tapping into the Earth’s natural electric field fluctuations rather than radio waves. While it is possible to reverse radio waves back into usable electricity the parts this guy used are wrong.

Ok just for starters who gives a fuck about being found out about those guys.Fuck what those guys think and who they think they are. You can use the electricity to make H2(splitting it out of H20 is a rather simple proces), unlimited fuel. If you wish to receive a notification each time a new post appears on High T3ch, feel free to subscribe.
I could be wrong but I think I saw this type of technique used by Nikola Tesla in the documentary posted previously. Dug-in combatants would use the power of radio waves on an antenna to power their own makeshift radios.
With a very large (50 meters +) antenna you might be able to gather 2 nano amps at best from radio waves… thats only if you have a 100 megawatt radio station close to you. He used a great deal more electricity to power the coil than he was able to get out of it, he was able to send electricity through the air, not pull electricity out of it. How about giving all the specs of the capacitors and diodes so we can actually test if the circuit really works?
The voltage did indeed get to about 2 volts, but slowly dropped to zero after a few minutes, however, this may be due to the ceramic capacitors I used which were a higher value that what he is using in the video, simply because I didn’t have any at the time. My idea consists of building a capacitor array based on the electric rocket found on Bill Beatty’s website and perhaps modifying the design a bit to make the whole thing into an electrolytic capacitor array.
The voltage may be 2v but the amps dont exist, in order to charge the phone you need xvolts and xamps.
Electricity is designed by GOD to be free for us and ABUNDANT but without SCARCITY there are no profits !!! It will be much more beneficial and educational for them than messing around on the their games console all day.
Also a very interesting phenomenon that has been popular ever since the oil price increase is the Howard Johnson motor, also known as Hojo Motor.

And if you pop over to SandwichINK today, you’ll find a sweet surprise or two for just that reason. It pretty much is a free energy motor build with magnets and its author promises you that you can run your house appliances on his perpetual magnetic motor plans.
If you were able to convert it to the right voltage to charge a cell phone, it would take 50 years to charge it. I will play around some more with this, I might see if more than one circuit can be connected together in series or in parallel.
I did some checking on how an electrolytic capacitor is able to accumulate a 1 volt charge from just sitting around. If you read the constitution that was established by our 4 fathers you will see that we have every right to create and help our country to benefit it for our fellow man.If anybody says that you do not have this right and you believe this you are a fool and mislead and have no understanding of your rights. There are many applications where electricity is drawn from thin air, the most common example is a crystal radio. What I found was that it was from the fluctuations in the Earth’s natural electric field caused by various ojects moving through it rather that what Hodowanec claimed was the cause.
In any case you would need to be very close to the transmitter on a radio tower to power something like an mp3 player let alone charge a phone. It is possible to draw electricity from thin air even if it is capacitance charges that are drawn off in a regulated fashion. Thats why your power companies always drive a 1 to 2 metre copper rod below the power poles or circuit panel to ground.

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