Prolific Spanish DJ Oscar Mulero is traveling to Australia this March to play in both Melbourne and Sydney. Electro Beach has just announced plans to sell individual tickets to events allowing fans to customize their festival experience. But in 2004, already 10 years later, we decided to make some music sessions together, and the first session really failed. Luna is also the name of our collaborative album we released in 2011, but also the name of Stephan´s hilarious wife and my lovely daughter.
This track was what we call Blaupause in German, because many tracks followed, and they were all named after several moons in our solar system. As far as I remember, the first track of KiNK I played was a tune he did together with Neville Watson in 2007, I guess. After checking some further tunes of him, I instantly realized that Strahil (Strahil Velchev aka KiNK) was and is something like a soul mate as he loves old school house and techno, but in a contemporary way when it comes to producing this style these days.
It´s always a big pleasure to come to Sofia, not only to make some music, but also to meet his entire family, enjoy the Bulgarian hospitality and hang out with his wonderful girl friend Rachel Row and his polite mum. Very special thanks to my friend Dimitri Andreas who helped me directing the original version and Shield with his crew at Rebirth Records who put all their love and passion into this track. Before I even started to produce my own music in 1992, I bought Blake’s first album on Tresor and was totally blown away.

I felt the inner urge to contact Blake and to show him all my respect and enthusiasm about his music.
So, and here is the fifth person not to forget when I talk about people I love to make music with. His talent combines the rare mix of passion for techno music and highest knowledge about making music and playing piano and keyboards. Osunlade was well received by South African house fans during his tour and spent a fair amount of time socialising with South African music industry. After observing his comments, we are still uncertain on the exact incident or reasoning for his comments but the general sentiment by South African's is that Osunlade did make a few good points with regards to the current socio-economic differences in South Africa, but he did not completely understand the current 'social-diaspora'.
Massive Attack - Larry Heard AKA Mr Fingers (Live) - Kamasi Washington - Hiatus Kaiyote - Moritz Von Oswalf Trio Ft. For those that would rather wade into a pool of epic electronic music than dive right in, the Electro Beach festival organizers have you covered. Check his new album on Stefan Goldmann´s Macro and watch out for his upcoming single on Systematic Recordings later this year. When you hear her distinctive, warm and soulful voice you will probably never forget it again. A deep techno groove combined with his recognisable voice and house elements was something completely new to my ears and touched me a lot.

We were really desperate as we thought that his car could not be released, but after a while and a bit of luck, he could drive his very dirty SUV again.
However it was during this time that he made a few observations about the disparity of South African culture and apparent 'White Privilege' that seems to be lingering on post-Apartheid. Is he right in his observations to make these open remarks after spending just a few days in the country? Prolific Spanish DJ Oscar Mulero is traveling to Australia this March to play two dates in Melbourne and Sydney. His studio rooms are situated in Nivelles, a little town not far away from Brussels in Belgium. Is he being unfairly harsh by calling on other international artist to boycott travelling to South Africa for gigs, after he has just performed to packed out South African fans and left the country with considerable set-fees? When we went to my hotel it was raining cats and dogs, it felt like the biggest thunderstorm I ever experienced.

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