It might be because, if he did, he would be at war with NATO and probably a large portion of the world. In the end, North Korea was lost and the longest retreat in US military history was at the hands of the Chinese. Barbary War, War of 1812, Mexican American War, Spanish American War, Philippine American war, Panama War. I think they meant a neutron bomb, which uses fusion with the energy of an initial fission reaction. Indeed, no one on the planet has harnessed nuclear fusion in a controlled reaction for much more than a few seconds. If anyone in The West actually had a fully functioning brain, they would nuke those lunatics off the planet, entirely ERASE that religion, same as Africa, where Islam has infected the minds there too, and teach those sand-kissing, pigeon-mooning s-for-brains that they truly are NOTHING but mindless and meaningless fleas on a rat’s ass.
If u think destabilizing the world economy will make the world safer then yeah whatever u say. The Sikh would be able to do crap because your primitive Indian technology would be annihilated by the Chinese and so would your primitive culture.
Yet they had enough cannon to make the British run, and have them declare Nalwa would rule Asia.
I don’t know much about North Korea, but judging by their poverty and lack of oil, this all sounds very silly to me. In recent months, both North Korea and Iran have threatened to launch separate EMP attacks upon the United States.
Short of a 3 mile-wide asteroid landing in the ocean, I cannot think of a more devastating event than an EMP attack.
I strongly concur with my Congressman, Trent Franks, that an EMP attack is the most devastating event that our country could ever face.
Our power grid is susceptible to hurricanes, flooding, lightening strikes and Corona Mass Ejections (CME). In 2010, an executive summary from the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission, warned that an EMP would destroy the power grid, or at minimum, would seriously damage it.
Most experts agree that the most effective delivery method for a nation-wide EMP, or HEMP attack would be the Club-K Container Missile System. An EMP attack would literally send thousands of small and mid-sized businesses in the United States into bankruptcy in less than a millisecond. Education records would be destroyed and only hard copies of transcripts would serve as the remnants of an extinct system. America would see catastrophic conditions immediately take place in our hospitals and convalescent centers.
One of the most tragic developments arising from an EMP attack with the fate of schoolchildren geographically isolated from their parents who have already commuted to work.
If you were a teacher, how long would you stay on the job and ignore the welfare of your family?Getting home and reuniting with family will be problematic.
The greatest threat to human survival, in the aftermath of HEMP, is the public’s availability to obtain clean drinking water. In 2010, when Haiti was hit by a major earthquake which killed over 200,000 people, the misery did not stop with the survivors. Keeping drinking water clean and separate from human sewage and other contaminates would prove to be humanity’s biggest challenge. There are multiple technologies which are used to pump water from the source to its final destination. In a time of a HEMP attack, the availability of water, as well as the safety of water would come into question for the vast majority of Americans. Most people will perish within 30 days of famine, thus, making water shortages the greatest threat to survival. BE AWARE THAT A NON-EMP GRID TAKEDOWN WILL HAVE THE SAME DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES AS AN EMP ATTACK WITHOUT THE CATASTROPHIC AFTERMATH. What is more likely is that the United States will be hit with localized EMP attacks, as needed, in order to subdue more difficult areas, and this will be accompanied by an assault upon most of the regional power plants in the United States but EMP weapons would not be employed. Ex-Green Beret, John Moore and I have had several on-air conversations about how two eight-man Russian commando teams can take down a power grid, the size of the city of Metropolitan Phoenix which has a population of four million people. I have learned that the Jade Helm 15 (JH 15)  drill is covertly practicing for the suspension of grid services to isolated communities who are hypothetically “resistant” to the takeover of the United States by foreign entities. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details).
Previous Post: US News Website Accuses Google of Censorship over Photos of Abu Ghraib, Dead UkrainiansNext Post: Gosh Darnit Hoo Diddly! Taking out the power grid would not stop resistance, electricity is not needed to resist tyranny. Gee, you mean King George didn’t stage a nuclear EMP attack on us before the limeys came onshore?
They’d likely be blaming the tea party and right-libertarians all the way to their destination. Unplug the antennas from all of your electronic receivers and transmitters and ground it and you’ll be largely immune to EMP. Any EMP deserving of the name would have to be a HEMP, because the nuclear detonation’s effect on the outer layers of the atmosphere are what causes the damaging radiation.
What reason would anyone privy to information about the results of such an action have for telling us?
Social chaos occurs continuously in the same way that it is always raining somewhere on the planet. As long as the fittest, most equipped and adaptable are willing to do the fighting, they’ll be equipped and sent wherever their jingoism can be best put to work. That explains how all Internet and phones, including cell phones, got taken down for an entire day here in Northern Arizona on 25 February 2015 . Only a complete Bozo would give out their actual residence address to the Obamunists or for purchasing arms, ammo, and all the other supplies and equipment that we have stocked up on over the past ten years. You should consider yourself lucky if Arizona is refusing to comply with the real ID requirement to place your residence address on your drivers license record.
Since the US Postal Service refuses to deliver mail to our residence address, due to their trucks being too delicate to come down our driveway, our state ID cards show only our mail drop address at the UPS Store in town. They didn’t lose any electronics, they lost the telecommunications connection required by electronics. ArizonaM, we had a similar thing happen here on big island hawaii, half the island lost cell and phone, including 911 service for a day. I don’t think common sense is something I would attribute to Hodges given the lunacy of his site and articles.
Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic energy that creates an electromagnetic field around itself, which disrupts electronic devices, causing them to shut down within range. The blast from an EMP is sufficient to disable any electrically-powered device within its blast radius.
In the initial years of the Machine War, stationary EMP cannons alongside EMP cannon-equipped human tanks were capable of mass destruction and deactivation against the Machines, but the latter's numerical advantage would mostly nullify this threat. When Smith entered the real world disguised as Bane, he uses an EMP to take out most of the hovercraft, leaving only the Nebuchadnezzar, the Mjolnir, the Logos, and the Vigilant operative.
The electricity grid has been characterized as the world’s largest and most complicated machine.
When North Korea last December successfully launched a satellite into orbit around the Earth, much of the chatter in the news media was about the ability of the rogue nation to reach a U.S.
But for one set of experts, who accept the calculations about the size of the North Korean nuclear arsenal, the advances in the country’s ability to deliver a warhead over vast distances raised another, possibly more troubling, prospect. But the EMP threat extends further down the threat chain than bad state actors in nasty neighborhoods. The key to the rail gun, according to the Navy, is a pulsed electric power system located on the ship. Maloof also describes how a terrorist cell with a primitive EMP weapon in the back of a panel truck could easily bring down a passenger airplane landing at Washington’s Reagan National Airport. The visions of Franks, Maloof, Pry, and others about the possibility of an EMP threat have critics, although their critique is directed not directly at the physics of an EMP assault but at the doomsday nature of an attack.

The problem is the civilian grid (upon which the military also depends for more than 90% of its operations). As is often the case with special governmental commissions, nothing came of the 2004 report.
Graham’s commission estimated the cost of hardening the grid and other critical infrastructure at $10 billion to $20 billion over 20 years. The lack of a federal government response, despite what he believes is the clear nature of the threat, led Michael Maloof to title his book A Nation Forsaken. Despite legislative failures in the past, Franks and his 13-member bipartisan caucus hope to move EMP legislation in the 113th Congress.
POWERnews is a weekly e-newsletter that keeps you informed about the latest developments in the electric power industry. The Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 ion carbine, or DEMP 2, fired high power ion bursts capable of disabling electrical systems and stunning organic targets. The DEMP 2 had two modes of fire, a regular fire that consumed a few charges per shot, and an advanced fire that shot a higher-powered bolt that exploded on impact, spreading the ion damage around it. At a bare minimum, this EMP could theoretically damage electronic equipment south of the Korean DMZ. Wars are about objectives, but I don’t think we can have a nuanced discussion on that. A normal TND uses a heavy lead or uranium casing which absorbs the initial burst of neutrons.
It would be like the 1800s almost instantly, except some of the old beater autos before electronics would weather the EMP just fine as long as they have points and a standard 12 volt battery?
Korea got those EMP bombs from Russia, I would believe if they got them from China, as to how can they develop their own bombs I will pick China as the first one to help them out. The little faggots from the Sikh Regiment wouldn’t even be able to kill a little Spartan girl. Congressman Franks represents a small group of Congressmen who have desperately been trying to attract attention to the possibility that a nation-wide EMP attack would prove more devastating than if a dozen of our cities were to be hit by a nuclear attack.
The most malicious threat would be a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP).  A HEMP attack would have a devastating impact on all the normal channels of government coordination and communication, including intelligence and data gathering assets, and nuclear forensics.
Most data backups of commercial systems are protected from just about every other threat, but not protected against EMP; and most data backups are located within the area likely to be affected by the EMP attack. If there is a silver-lining, at least Common Core would stop wreaking its havoc on American students before the damage was too widespread.
Within a few days, old age homes would lack the resources and services of the staff to help preserve the lives of those who are virtually helpless.
Reuniting parents and their children would be next to impossible for the majority of Americans who have a 30 minute commute or more to work (20 miles). Nearly all broadcast stations, especially television stations, would go off the air.  Due to the high level of computerized automation, the equipment in most radio and television studios would be so completely destroyed that most commercial stations would be damaged beyond repair.
House of Representatives on July 8, 2011, a limited number of critical radio stations are being retrofitted with some EMP protection.  However, most of us will be without the benefit of mass communication.  Smoke signals anyone? Six weeks following the earthquake, Haiti announced its first cholera outbreak in over a century. The availability of clean water supplies would be the most critical threat and would claim the most victims. The takedown of a power substation will eventually have the effect of an EMP attack without the devastating aftermath. In other words, although a nation-wide attack upon the grid is not likely, isolated attacks are likely as will be the takedown of most of the power grids of the United States without the use of EMP weapons.
However, I received credible and multiple reports that JH 15 is already underway and there is a lot about this drill that is not publicly available but the details are beginning to surface through back channels. Then they will bleat about why they were never informed whilst being led to slaughter in FEMA camps. In the real world, it is one of the most effective means of defense against the machines by the Resistance, though due to its indiscriminate effects, it comes with severe limitations, as humans are nearly as reliant upon electrical equipment as their adversaries.
During the Battle of Zion, the Mjolnir, under heavy attack from Sentinels manages to burst into the Dock and activate its EMP, crippling the Machines army of Sentinels and its digger machines.
The grid, like all machines, requires periodic upgrades and maintenance to prevent outages during the normal course of business, and it can be brought down by various outside forces. He says that in 2004, a delegation of Russian generals to the first Congressional EMP Commission revealed that the Kim dynasty was working on such a weapon. While a nuclear weapon detonated above a modern country could spread broad havoc, much smaller devices can use pulses of radio frequencies to take out specific targets such as power plants, refineries, electric substations, and the like, arming terrorist groups, disgruntled employees, or addled individuals with asymmetrical weapons that profoundly challenge conventional arms control and police capabilities. The attackers, he writes, use “small, rifle-sized arms that shoot not bullets but radio frequencies, weapons that can be built for about $400 with easy-to-obtain parts. The electrical system would produce an instantaneous burst of electrical energy that would push a projectile down a rail path and toward a target. Popular Science reports, “Rail guns require a massive amount of electricity that current naval ships cannot spare if they can generate it at all. In 1989, a solar storm caused widespread disruptions in the Northeast, raising the issue graphically, both in terms of solar storms and an intentional attack. In the meantime, an enormous blackout that struck most of the Northeast in 2003 reignited concern about the vulnerability of the U.S. Mitigation involves, among other tasks, developing backup capability for grounded transformers, which would be among the most significant components of the grid to be damaged by an EMP attack.
For many policy experts who have worked on grid issues for years, eliminating islanding is a goal, because it defeats the concept of economic power dispatch. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL) are working on ways to increase the resilience of the electric grid. The development of conventional E-bomb devices allows their use in non-nuclear confrontations. At higher power levels, a real EMP device can melt any electronic device or system within hundreds of miles. This allows the gamma rays to spread out before they hit the atmosphere, creating a huge area of effect.
Only that just saying it would be war against NATO and a large portion of the world is not the end of discussion.
If a state has open carry and every man does not, versus another place where they do you can predict the outcome.
Militarily America could win any war with great ease, but that is not in the interests of bankers or corporations. A neutron bomb uses a thinner casing which allows the neutrons to escape which takes the form of neutron radiation which zaps any human within a given radius depending upon the power of a given bomb, with like 8000 rads of radiation which would immediately incapacitate anyone caught in the burst and cause 100% mortality within 2 days.
Taliban’s main fight was to oust the warlord system that supported, post-soviet regime. I mean a country that is isolated from trade from the rest of the countries, where do they get their materials from? Would a foreign entity dare to launch such an attack given the threats made by Iran and North Korea? John Casti, author of the book, X Events The Collapse of Everything states that EMP is only something that we have known about since the 1950’s when the United States detonated nuclear weapons in above-ground testing in the South Pacific.
Indeed, with a  severe societal breakdown, the basic continuity of government agencies would be at risk. And their deaths might be considered merciful compared to the fate that the majority of the rest of us would face over the next two years.
It is likely that in the 24 months following the event, that most people, who will die as a result of this event, would succumb to cholera and other water-borne diseases.
And even if your water system was powered by non-electrical means, how would the personnel and staff, who monitors and maintains your water supply, get to work without proper transportation? The resulting casualty rates stemming from civil disorder and death due to lack of water would be unimaginable.
With hydroelectric power gone, where would the water come from for many food-growing regions in the country? Yet, I was unable to locate any government or academic documents which attempted to project how bad it will get.

It is certainly an effective means for the authorities to eliminate all dissent and resistance and believe it or not, that possibility of part of the Jade Helm 15 drill.
A phone call to a  trusted source revealed that JH 15 is indeed underway and attacks upon the power grid are part of the drill. The victory is short-lived, however, as Zion's defenses are also rendered inoperative and a new swarm of Sentinels arrives for the final assault.
The spread of the EMP is caused by gamma rays hitting the atmosphere at an elevation between 12 and 25 miles altitude, causing rejection of electrons that are then deflected sideways by Earth’s magnetic field. The electromagnetic railgun launcher is a long-range weapon that fires projectiles using electricity instead of chemical propellants.
The rail gun would be able to reach enemy targets some 70 miles in the distance, far beyond conventional chemical ballistic, ship-fired missiles. In 1982, facing a series of challenges on how to base the next generation of strategic ballistic missiles, the MX missile, the Reagan administration began lifting the veil of secrecy around EMP effects.
Over the years, the military has spent hundreds of millions of dollars hardening its own infrastructure against an EMP attack.
Congress got interested in the issue, and in 2001 established a commission to examine the threat of EMPs. Now he’s preparing legislation that will separate out cybersecurity from the EMP issue. Because there is no national grid, but three separate, loosely interconnected systems, an EMP event likely would lead to islanding and isolating the grids. In a briefing paper, INL scientists Craig Rieger and Ray Grosshans describe how they are working on “resilient control system technologies that adapt and transform in real time to both failures and attacks.
Now toddle off into the hills and fight your Maoist guerillas that you’ve never managed to clean up. There is still a blast with thermal and overpressure effects including destruction of infrastructure but not to the degree which a normal TND would inflict since part of the energy release is in the neutron radiation rather than solely blast effects. Nothing has 100% good intentions, and no one was the right thing always for the right reason. However, the emerging information does not suggest that North Korea or Iran will be the perpetrator. When one sets off a nuclear weapon, a pulse is emitted which “short circuits” all electronics and permanently damages them. Under such circumstances, it is judged unlikely that the source of a  HEMP attack, given even a minimal attempt to disguise it, would ever be known. These delivery devices would be readily available on the open market and a cargo ship could be rigged to launch such missiles.
The disease thrives in places where there is insufficient water treatment, poor sanitation and inadequate hygiene.
Iran) to launch a nationwide attack upon the grid because, for all intents and purposes, China owns a good portion of America’s assets and they are intent on realizing a profit from this ownership of our debt as evidenced by their domination of Inland Ports (e.g.
Under such a scenario, the temporary takedown of the grid would be recoverable and that would keep the Chinese creditors happy, however, the devastation would be similar to an EMP attack in terms of social chaos and the destruction of the American culture. It levels the playing field completely, and reduces them to our level- hand to hand combat and manual warfare. One was blamed on a truck hitting a bridge and cutting the line and the other was struck by a back hoe, supposedly.
Whether by an economic collapse of the US Dollar or a short war surrender by Obama; this could easily be a resultant reality. Magnetic fields created by high electrical currents accelerate a sliding metal conductor, or armature, between two rails to launch projectiles at 4,500 mph to 5,600 mph.
The blast caused an electrical pulse far beyond what the scientists had calculated, driving their instruments off scale. The president (with Executive Order 12400) appointed a panel under the direction of General Brent Scrowcroft to examine issues related to siting the missiles. In 2004 that commission concluded, “Our vulnerability is increasing daily as our use of and dependence on electronics continues to grow. Truly resilient systems intelligently route around broken system components to avoid cascading failures. China is exponentially most powerful than it was during the Korean War and it has accumulated much. However, there is a lot more that is beginning to surface about JH 15 that is equally devastating. Not shown on this diagram is the magnetic signature of Earth that accentuates the EMP effects south of the pulse and attenuates the effects north.
Electricity generated by the ship is stored over several seconds in the pulsed power system. The explosion caused damage as far away as Hawaii, some 900 miles to the east, where it blew out streetlights, set off burglar alarms, and fried a telephone company microwave repeater. The impact of EMP is asymmetric in relation to potential protagonists who are not as dependent on modern electronics. If a big EMP was detonated above the USA, the E1 burst would probably melt most of the electronics within 1,000 miles or so.
They will never risk China’s gains for North Korea because their path cannot be repeated. However, the real perpetrator are likely to be the forces connected to JH 15 and the drills are providing cover for such an event. The Iranians might, depending on how much technological assistance they have received from Russia.
Many hospital personnel would walk off the job by the beginning of the second or third day.
Many people on the various subways, would be hopelessly trapped depending on the time that an electromagnetic pulse would be released.
Meanwhile, what is one to do with regard to an attack upon the grid? This will be the topic of a future article along with the JH 15 factor.
Although the Air Force initially supported rail gun research, the program has shifted to the Navy, which sees the weapon as a way to increase its reach for ships firing at targets beyond what conventional armaments now allow (Figure 2). Next, an electric pulse is sent to the railgun, creating an electromagnetic force accelerating the projectile to Mach 7.5.
The chairman, William Graham, testified to Congress in April 2008, “vulnerability to EMP that gives rise to potentially large-scale, long-term consequences can be reasonably reduced below the level of a potentially catastrophic national problem by coordinated and focused effort between the private and public sectors of our country.
Again, these countries are not going to carry out this attack, the coming attack scenario is setting up to blame these countries as a pretext for war. The only medical personnel that would stay would be those that live too far away from home to walk.
And we can all be sure, that the release of an EMP, through false flag planning, would occur at the optimal time to ensure the maximum loss of life.
Using its extreme speed on impact, the kinetic energy warhead eliminates the hazards of high explosives in the ship and unexploded ordnance on the battlefield.
Since then, though, as far as we know, there have been no further testing of nuclear EMPs by either the US or Russia.
People would not be able to get their life-sustaining medications and services, most of which are electrically powered.
Kahn—diverted European centrifuge uranium enrichment technology to Iran and North Korea. That is just one example among many of what China did to grow today and how they cannot do it a second time. The E1 induces very high voltages in just about everything, causing wires to melt, fuses to blow, and insulators to break down and become conductors. E3 is hard to protect against, but its effects are generally only felt by larger electrical installations, such as power lines.
With modern tooling and technologies, creating an EMP weapon isn’t particularly hard.

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