Courses in Electronic Engineering will make you an engineer with sound knowledge in all founding areas of Electronic and Information Engineering, with a strong knowledge of Physics, Mathematics and of all the fundamentals of engineering. Professors of the courses in Electronic Engineering are involved in national and international research projects, and networks and consortia in the area of micro and nanoelectronics and ICT. A new discovery by chemists and scientists specializing in polymers could potentially pave the way for a material which is more cost-effective and efficient and may be used in mobile devices, lasers, laptops, LED lights and even facilitate fiber optic communications. This has come as a result of identification of a particular property in the molecule of an organic semiconductor by researchers according to report from the University of Massachusetts in a recent Nature Communications.
Alejandro Briseno who is a polymer scientist and Michael Barnes who happens to be physical chemist collaborated with three doctoral students- Hilary Thompson, Sarah Marques and Nicholas Colella along with Joelle Labastide who is a postdoctoral researcher.
In a statement, Barnes noted that upon observation of the separation of intrinsic charges does not occur in polymers and as our present knowledge goes this usually occurs in nanowires of organic molecules which are comparatively small. In a separate interview, Barnes confessed that the result came as a surprise to the researchers and the discovery was a first of its kind. He further added that there have been observations, which are similar, in pentacene crystals but were absent in directionality. The team behind the discovery is supported by the Department of Energy of the United States in addition to the UMass Amherst Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing.
Briseno and his colleagues chanced upon the discovery while reaching a point in the synthesis of crystals where their devices made of polymers refused to perform the way expected by them.
This entry was posted in Electrodiction News, Electronics News, Electronics Training, Electronics Video Tutorials and tagged discovery polymer science, New Generation Electronics, UMass Amherst Center on March 30, 2016 by admin. The role that semiconductors have played in the formation of the life of the members of our society is monumental to say the very least. The most common material with which transistors and chips are created happen to be silicon, a fact which gave way to the coining of terms like the silicon economy and eponymous- silicon valley. A diode may said to be the most simple semiconductor device possible and as such serves to be a good beginning point in order to gain an understanding of the way semiconductors function. Semiconductors have a unique characteristic in the structures of their electrons which is having for electrons in its outer orbital, a trait that is shared amongst carbon, germanium and silicon.
In the lattice of the element silicon all of the atoms of silicon bond together perfectly to four neighbors without leaving any electrons free to conduct electric current which sort of makes a crystal of silicon more of an insulator rather than a conductor. Metal are usually good conductors as they typically have free electrons that are able to move about easily between particular atoms and electricity implies free flow of electrons.
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In what may be rightly termed as a breakthrough, scientists from the Italy and the US have been able to develop a material with the ability to sense touch and emit lights of various colors. The recent past has been exceptionally fertile in breakthroughs in the development of materials that change color and may also be stretched including dye filled networks of micro fluids to organic diodes that emit light. The matter has a great and significant bearing on the field of soft robotics that creates machines inspired by biology for applications in manufacturing, healthcare and domestic chores. One of the primary goals of such robotic systems is to allow them to carry out tasks like sensing their environment in addition to their own physical state.
Salt-water plays a major role in the material by acting as the medium for conducting electricity in spite of the polymer having the properties of toughness and transparency which lets devices to be stretched in excess of 480% of the length of the original device. The solution has already been dubbed a super solution to a long-standing problem particularly having soft structures being integrated with rigid electronics. If all this sounds exciting to you but you maybe a newbie in the field then you surely need some Electronics training which you should not hesitate to get as quickly as possible for your interest may develop into a full fledged life long passion. This entry was posted in Electrodiction News, Electronics News, Electronics Training, Electronics Video Tutorials on March 7, 2016 by admin. If you think imagining a solar cell so light that it may be balanced on a delicate soap bubble is stretching the realms of imagination a bit too much, then think again.
Such minuscule, super-thin and light solar cells may be placed on almost all kinds of surfaces and though it is away from the market by years, in its own sweet time it has the potential to revolutionize the field of solar technology as an MIT statement promised. In the prestigious journal Organic Electronics the team published a study and said that the fabrication is made within a vacuum so that exposure to dust or other sorts of contaminants is avoided according to Professor Vladimir Bulovic.
The scientists conceded though that this was merely a proof of concept experiment and for the technology to realize its full potential more effort directed towards its development is needed. In order to synthesize the cell, the team put into use a polymer named parylene which is flexible and serves as the substrate as well as the protective overcoating.
Ordinary solar cells are synthesized through the use of harsh chemicals and high temperatures but in this particular instance scientists were able to create the cell at room temperatures, in a vacuum without the need for any solvents.
The flexibility, thinness and the lightness of the solar cell would let them be placed on nearly any surface including even a paper sheet.
According to Bulovic the innovation lies in the realization that the substrate may be grown at the same time as the device itself. He further added that they have a proof-of-concept that is functional and more hard work was needed in the direction. This entry was posted in Electrodiction News, Electronics News and tagged MIT Scientists, organic electronics, Revolutionize Electronics on February 29, 2016 by admin. The Maharashtra state government inspired by the Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ drive has recently set an ambitious target for collecting a cumulative investment of INR 300 crore in investments which is offer an outrageously high turnover amount of INR 1200 crore within the upcoming five years.  This strategy as per the government is also expected to generate more 1 lakh job vacancies within the state of Maharashtra.
Recently, the state government on Tuesday approved the Electronic Policy – 2016 with a promise of a one-window clearance system that will allow the clearance of all such system units. Last year this Indian state was ranked the eighth in India for ease of doing business in the country by the World Bank. The government expects at least two semi-conductor manufacturing units will be set up in the state within the next 10 years, although there are no semi-conductor manufacturing firms in India as of now, despite the Central government offering 20 to 25 percent capital subsidy for the semi-conductor manufacturing industry.
This new financial policy offers an attractive subsidy to and various incentives to industries such as lithium ion battery manufacturing firms, LCD or LED manufacturing companies and much more. But on the opposition side the question about the financial stability of the government was raised in a note to the cabinet after the passing of the bill. Also the improvement suggested for the state information and technology support service policy of 2015 was approved by the government on Tuesday. These improvements are more of further clarification-based in nature and clearly outline the role of IT backrooms within the states, including sales of houses, the matters of various sops in the information technology industry, inclusion of other allied industries in the IT industry and so on. With these steps by the Maharashtra state government the dream of “Make in India” may finally move toward materialization that has long been put on hold despite various ambitious plans and announcements made by the government.
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Despite putting their fastest foots forward, the attendees at the recent CES or the Consumer Electronics Show hosted at Las Vegas will surely be able to attend only a minority of the more than 3000 companies exhibiting their innovations spreading across no less than 2.4 million square feet of the exhibition space. A plethora of devices was exhibited at the show but the categories of the IoT or the internet of things and virtual reality stood out as the ones which hold the most promise if the enthusiasm of tech companies to develop products from the same is anything to go by. This post lists 5 devices which managed to stand out among the glitter of cutting edge technology. Eyefluence demonstrated as to how in the future you might be able to control things through the use of your eyes.
Vayyar, a startup from Israel makes use of 3D imaging fused with radio waves so that they may see through solid surfaces including varied materials, liquids and objects. Through use of the augmented reality headsets conceived by the Osterhout Design Group, one has the notion of having a 65inch TV screen right in front. For the uninitiated Beacons may be stated to be devices that may connect to smartphones through local Bluetooth networks. This entry was posted in Electrodiction News, Electronics News and tagged Consumer Electronics, Electronic, Electronic Devices on February 4, 2016 by admin.
The recent development in the world of digital electronics has revealed a new avenue of carrying traffic in the World Wide Web at the speed of light.
The main idea behind the research was to address and find a plausible solution to the biggest problem faced by the present internet environment which is, the lack of abilities to incorporate independent developments and innovations at the physical network level, with layer functions and to be able to support the expanding bandwidth demands by changing and diversifying the applications simultaneously. As per the main researcher Reza Nejapati, the software and hardware technologies reported in this research has the potential to revolutionize the whole world of optical network structure in a way similar to how Google, Apple iOS and android did for smart phones. He is a reader at the optical networks of the High Performance Networks (HPN) group in the University of Bristol at the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This entry was posted in Analog Electronics and tagged digital electronics, Electrical and Electronic, Electronic Engineering on January 29, 2016 by admin.
The VTT Technical Research Centre Located in Finland has developed the breakthrough roll-to-roll overmoulding process of manufacturing.
The project has been funded jointly by VTT and has achieved results which might considered significant when it comes to the promotion of flexible, printable and functional electronics related commercial and services business in Finland. This translates to in practice that conductors, sensors and circuit boards are assembled into film with the electronic components finally being assembled by an assembly machine. Products manufactured through this process have been extensively tested and their durability examined through various tests including spraying of salt and other mechanical tests by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Focalspec a supplier of measurement equipment and one of the corporate partners of the project discovered that staying ahead on the tech curve is accompanied by concrete benefits.
For Clothing+ the properties of data transfer of the conductors printed in products that might be worn was the big takeaway.
Flexbright which is a manufacturer of LED light foils that have the property of flexibility was another partner who participated in the project.
The business community is looking at industrial production of printed intelligence as a game change in the manufacturing scenario at Finland. This entry was posted in Electrodiction News, Electronics News and tagged Applied Sciences, electronic products, University on January 20, 2016 by admin.
Netflix made a surprising announcement saying that 130 new countries were added into their service network of streaming TV services. 3D printing technology is slowly emerging to be included in the mainstream industry with Google and Lenovo joining hands to produce their first consumer electronic device.
There were tremendous (almost Sci-fi like) developments in the Internet of Things with innovative products like the Smart Mirror from Haier which offers weather reports, news forecasts and also connects to other appliances. Now the 4K HD televisions form the base for all television manufacturers after the conclusion of Consumer Electronics Show, 2016, that allows enhanced viewing experience for the users with thinner devices.
Samsung wowed the electronic community with a smart new refrigerator that allows users to determine what they should go shopping for by viewing the contents in the refrigerator on their smart phones.
Automobile manufacturers are now slowly leaning towards not only smart phones but more so towards smarter houses to expand their horizons on digital living.
Startups are trying to use electronics and technology to tap into the workings of the brain for enhanced neuro-marketing techniques.
BrainCo a start-up firm unveiled their new product – a smart ‘headband’ that taps into hacking brain signals to identify various aspects for improvement like, increasing attention span, controlling home appliances, detecting diseases and even controlling prosthetic devices.
Virtual reality is slowly taking over other realms such as sports, space exploration, sales etc.
This entry was posted in Analog Electronics, Electrodiction News, Electronics News and tagged 3D technology, Consumer Electronics, electronics and technology on January 12, 2016 by admin. But Goran also futuristically contemplates whether this technological revolution will be confined to cars and the external world or permeate into our bodies as well. Their line of thought- “instead of letting health problems be issues big enough to be taken to an hospital, we should instead implant sensors within our bodies that will convey information about any abnormalities- the early warning system applicable to cars. Working in tandem with researchers affiliated to the Linkoping University of the same country, Gustafsson and his team has managed to develop sensors which may be placed both on the surface of the skin as well as an implant in the body. Despite these hurdles there is a lot of potential health care issues that may be resolved through such devices and also stand to lessen the health care costs further.
This entry was posted in Electronics News and tagged computers and communications systems, Mr. A study conducted by them came across TAT charges to contain specific directionality which according to Barnes might prove to be useful in devices that make use of polarized light for the purpose of optical switching. If one is to take into account applications the researchers are involved in the exploration of different manners of arrangement of crystals uniformly and from there they intend to proceed to turn things off or on based on optical polarization.
This is indicative that other materials too might have comparable properties which might provide cues to other researchers as well. They propose that the charge transfer interaction in the nanowires of the molecule may be programmed.
Special instruments for measurement were then put into use to investigate and the team found a structural defect that may be remedied.
You will come across them in a range of devices that make use of transistors as well as microprocessor chips.
In the periodic table silicon finds its pride of place below carbon, next to aluminum and above germanium. As appropriately put forth by John Rogers who works at the University of Illinois as a materials scientist, the tech would not only serve as a soft skin meant for robots but also as indicators lights on the next generation of wearables on really thin electronic systems meant for the epidermal layer.
But the research is groundbreaking in the sense that few have succeeded in combining all of the elements as present in the developed material we are talking about.

The performance of this robotic skin is impressive as it might sense deformation and emit lights of varied colors at the same time. Researchers working at the famed MIT have in the very recent past have managed to create just that which has the distinction of being the lightest and thinnest ever solar cell which is as light as a bubble produced by soap in very literal terms. The layer that absorbs the light was derived from DBP which is a material that is organic in nature. He added that the device was so light that one may not even be aware that it is there as a part of one’s notebook or shirt.
The Make in India summit from 13th February to 18th February is being hosted by Maharashtra this year. The BJP-led (Bharatiya Janata Party) government of Maharashtra has taken several reforms this past year to increase the ease of doing business and to set up industries in the state.This policy dictates land availability at lower subsidized rates for corporate players, waiver of electricity bill dues for up to 15 years with uninterrupted power supply and more importantly 100 percent return on CST and VAT. In response to this question the industry department had said that they are still unsure about the costs of this ambitious plan as they believe the cost of the two semi-conductor manufacturing unit will require an additional amount of at least INR 1000 to INR 1500 crore more than just the above incentives. But their best offering yet is the 55 inch transparent TV meant for your living room which was presented by Panasonic. The future R-7 headsets are set to have a technology with viewing in wide angles and having an aspect ratio of 22:9.
This landmark research has revealed groundbreaking possibilities of carrying out traffic in the internet at the speed of light while making it open and programmable. It is expected in the scientific community that these technological advancements will camouflage the complexities of the optical networks and render them more open for the traditional programmers and other insiders like application developers to build new kinds of applications which will be capable to the advantage of the speed of light internet data exchange system. With its use components may be overmoulded into electronic products which have the property of durability like wearable solutions for sports and toys and even household appliance that have an overmoulded solar cell. The aim of the project named Printed Into Products 2 is to encourage the growth of manufacturing industrially printed intelligence by various companies. This  came in the form of  in case of Focalspec the optical scanner that is able to measure the contours of a 3D surface and come up with the thickness of the layer of pattern printed down to the sub-micrometre. They developed a demo project that combined intelligence along with wireless control with foils of light as an application which may be potentially used in the Internet of Things.
They are world leading pioneers in this particular sphere and it is by and large stands as a beacon of hope and reinvigorate industrial production in the country.
They will be using the US industry giant’s Project Tango 3D technology to manufacture and procure this new device. These spectacular displays will take the viewing experience to the next-level for those who are willing to pay the price for such technologies. He wonders the great divide between the cars of today and those who rolled out say a few decades back.
This may serve as the basis of an intranet which resided in the body itself without compromising on the privacy of the data of such intranets. But the challenge lies in radically shrinking electronic circuits, make it flexible as well as have the ability to stretch which cannot be perceived by the tissue itself. This property was determined to be present in the crystalline nanowires of particular of a particular semiconductor called 7,8,15,16 tetraazaterrylene. By and large it may be said that all things that are computerized and makes use of radio waves is dependent on semiconductors. The electrons in the outer orbital form perfect covalent bonds along with four atoms that lie nearby and create what is called a lattice. The stretch-ability of the material owes its origin to a transparent electrode constituted by a salt water swelled polymer. He further added that this will further drive the transition to electronics research and production and spark the light of technological creation within the national demographics for driving the economy forward.
The instructions are not that difficult to follow and in a matter of minutes you are able to control and navigate through interfaces of augmented reality glasses in addition to headsets, thereby serving as a missing link in the development of VR technology. The methodology works by shooting radio waves in to solid objects and making measurements of the ways in which it bounces back and forth among objects.
The journal about this revolutionary research was published in the journal of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. The Project Manager at VTT said that their results bear proof of the fact that components which are overmoulded may be easily assembled to a flexible film before finally emerging as durable products. Further benefits of printed intelligence include the high cost effectiveness and swiftness of this method of production. This new device will revolutionize the world of smart devices with new features of augmented reality, indoor mapping and much more. The latest tech sensors, the incorporation of computers  and communications systems of a highly sophisticated nature  that warn drivers of potential issues while they are still comparatively easy to fix and hence prevent the cars from causing catastrophic breakdowns. Gustafsson is happens to be an engineer and is also a part of a team from Acreo, an electronics company in Sweden. Like, skin patches that can forecast heart attacks to devices capable to detect epileptic fits. Other challenges include innovating the creation of interfaces with the body of the person, sources of the power of the device and innovative methods to transmit information.
In the case of Carbon the crystalline form takes the shape of diamond, while in case of silicon the result is a substance that looks like metal and is silver in color. It will also generate new interests for development of intellectual property rights and their proper execution, as this is an alarming issue in the current times.
The glasses come with the staple Bluetooth radios and Wi-Fi to altitude sensors and gyroscopes. But by combination of tech from Spansion which has been acquired by Cypress product designers were able to create a Beacon that has an array of solar energy and is able to generate electricity on its own. India is their new market this year with efforts of getting into Chinese markets still continuing. It does not stop there but also deliver drugs automatically to the areas of the brain affected. But the true test of the material and its fruitfulness will only emerge when actual devices are built with the material.

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