Tecnologic's range of timers and counters are fully programmable whilst remaining easy to use. Used where accurate counting or timing of a critical process is needed (not real time) these powerful units cover a multitude of applications. Several customer requirements were able to be fulfilled simultaneously using the very same device with the development of the flexible to use multipulse or multilog pulse counter module. In the simplest application case, the read-out and remote read-out of inaccessible meters is facilitated by using the device as a remote display.
MinoConnect enables mobile remote read-out of measuring devices and bus systems, as well as mobile parameterising of measuring devices.
The circuit consists of two main parts, the first part is the wave shaper which transforms input pulses to a more square-wave-like waveform. I also recommend gutting the internal battery out and placing it within easy reach at repairs. Looking for a digital readout counter to be able to count up and down by means of a microswitch, so one direction a motor will be positive feed and reversing, negative feed.

New electronic pulse counter for gate opener,lighting switch RTU5016, View GSM gate opener, KINGPIGEON Product Details from Shenzhen King Pigeon Communication Co., Ltd.
In addition, there is the option of connecting up to three meters with pulse output - water meter, electricity or gas meter - to the pulse meter module and of taking the meter readings simply and economically on the device display panel. I have used a NE555 since I have a plenty of them, however nothing prevents you from doing this with discrete parts… As mentioned above, my purpose was to integrate the counter with a radiation meter, so the shaped output goes also to a piezoelectric speaker and to a LED diode. To keep things small and simple, I did not want to bother with a driver circuit for a separate display. With normal usage, both the 9 volt and the 1.5 volt batteries should last  well over a year. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The pulse module in a version with M-Bus interface can be used wherever the existing meters that only have pulse outputs are to be integrated into a system for remote read-out or into a bus system.Our multilog device design is available as a data logger.
I haven’t tried this, but I think that with an appropriate resistor the counter itself should run normally even from the 9 volt battery.

As for the pulse registration itself, this counter has had no problems registering a rate of 300 pulses per second, just the display gets dim at such a rate, and restores to normal contrast when idle. I am not sure on the circuit board of the tally counter of how to connect it from my pulse wave generator. In conjunction with our GlobalMeterManager (GMM) software, the stored data can be recorded via remote read-out and visualised appropriately on the PC later on.
These counters run from a single button cell and they switch themselves off after minutes of inactivity. In some cases you might need to tinker with the coupling capacitors C1 and C2, especially if a single pulse gets registered as two, three, etc – having an oscilloscope handy will be a great help.

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