Detail more >> neck and body massage machine(CE) neck and body massage machine(CE)the neck of body massager can give you a happy and healthy life. Detailed Product Description Neck massager is in the shape of streamline pillow which conforms to the physical curvature of the neck vertebra and is designed according to the pathological features of neck-vertebra diseases and long-term clinical experience. World's Greatest Vibrating Backrub The World's Greatest Back Massager is even better with vibrating power.
World's Greatest Power Massager - Breast Cancer Awareness The World's Greatest Power Massager is our Vibrating Back Rub specially packaged for supporting Breast Cancer awareness and research.
From the same line that makes everything simple comes our latest offering; Back Rubs for Dummies!
Now you can treat your body and enjoy even more, with the new iPro Massager that has 9 different modes you can control.
You can increase and decrease the volume of pulses and choose the right mode that is perfect for you. According to the motion principle, it replaces the neck vertebra by means of the layback traction mechanism. Established in Guangzhou in 1996, we highlight personal and scientific research and employ a number of renowned medical experts and senior technical engineers.

This massager contains kinds of therapeutic plans which are more specialized and integrated so that we can receive kinds of treatment at the same moment and enjoy an easy, warm, effective and joyful treatment at home. Apart from winning multiple national patents, our products have been determined by the National Quality Inspection Commission as the National Eligible Product with Stable Quality and we obtained the international certification in 2006, such as ISO13485 and ISO9001.We always insist on high staring point in theory-personal experience in design and more practice in clinic. Meanwhile it has the functions of low frequency electronic pulse therapy, traction, infrared and heat moxibustion and magnetic therapy. Clinical research and the combination of the successful development of instrument for cervical spondylosis, waist guard and other patented products. Because of selection as well, a high content of technology, reliable quality, modern design unique, significant efficacy, our household medical massage instrument has been advertised on CCTV and provincial and municipal TV stations as well as in multiple media, especial Zihuan instrument for cervical spondylosis invented by us earliest, have been well receive by medical specialists and welcomed by quantities of customers in China and Consecutive years of sales revenue breakthrough billion mark.For the purpose of curing disease and removing pains, we have also developed some kinds of new products-The new generation of Zihuan, Chuanmu massage instrument for cervical spondylosis, waist guard, which re-combine multiple therapies in rehabilitation on the basis of previous products for design more scientific, humane, products sold far away from home and abroad, the widespread consumer preferences. Medium and low frequency electronic pulse therapy, infrared and heat moxibustion, magnetic therapy and pillow traction can work together and directly act on the deep tissues and bones.2.
4 therapeutic electrodes on the pillow surface are against Tianzhu, Bailao and Dazhui acupoints and can simulate 6 kinds of massage methods.3. The high-energy magnetic disc which is installed on the pillow surface can give magnetic therapy to the acupoints in the body.4. The electronic pulse infrared application can warm and dredge channels, stimulate blood, disperse stasis, expel dampness and coldness and relieve pains.5.

Provided with an automatic protection device, the therapeutic massager will stop automatically if it is not operated within 3 minutes.6.
AccessoryIt is composed of the main unit , power adapter , temperature control Ashi post it , wire controller and Ashi wire . The low frequency therapy has preferable curative for pains of shallow tissue, such as muscle spasm. Infrared therapy The six infrared heat compress of cervical vertebra massage instrument has best function for warming and activating meridians, promoting qi (Chinese medical) and blood circulation, eliminating dampness and dispelling cold. It can improve local blood circulation of tissue, release muscle spasm, and eliminate appeared swelling.Magnet therapyAdopting the principle of magnetic field acting on affected region and acupoints of human body, the cervical vertebra massage instrument can reduce the excitability of nerve ending, accelerate interior blood circulation to arrive at the effect of relieving pain, decreasing swelling and diminishing inflammation, it has also distinct release function for pains, swelling pain, sense of heaviness caused by neck type and nerve root type cervical spondylosis.
Function of heating therapy Produce heat through the doing heating element ,improving the neck temperature( the maximum is 45degrees ).
It can eliminate dropsy and inflammation ,improving shortage of blood supply and enhance metabolism and nutrition of tissue.

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