One of the most common users of two way radio, security guards will use radios in a wide range of applications.
Invaluable for communication over a large construction site, two way radios keep everyone in touch. Safety is crucial on petro-chamical sites and our Motorola ATEX Intrinsically Safe two way radios are extensively used. Fork lift truck drivers, shunters, pickers and management all keep in touch with portable two way radios. Porterts, cleaners, maintenance staff, security, car parking, all in touch with Motorola two way radios.
Two way radios are used extensively within stations and can even be connected to tannoy systems to allow staff on the move to make tannoy announcements.
Schools and universities can benefit from the instant communications offered by two way radiios. Many National Trust and private estates such as Longleat make extensive use of two way radio to keep all staff in touch over very wide areas.

Extensive users of two way radios for a wide range of staff including security, maintenance, baggage handling, catering, airline staff, cabin crew etc. Two way radios provide communication over very wide areas such as port facilities and often include our Motorola lone worker facility and Intrinsically Safe features. Our specialist hire department supplies many large events including the annual Bristol half marathon. CCTV operators use our new Motorola Point to Point to connect control rooms economically to remote locations. Zoos often cover very large areas and their zoo radios keep security, maintenance and customer services personnel in touch at all times.
We supply throughout the UK but mainly we sell two way radio in Bristol, two way radio in Bath, two way radio in Weston, two way radio in Gloucester, two way radio in Swindon, two way radio in the West Country.
Call us now if you think two way radio may be able to help your particular communication needs. Our website makes use of non-invasive (no personal data) cookies to provide you with an enhanced user experience.

Additionally they will often make use of the alarm and lone worker features available on our Motorola radios. Two way radio plays a crucial part in allowing shops to share information and help reduce crime in their shops.
Intrinsically Safe is normally abbreviated to IS radio and often refers to the US FM standard.
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