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With the Pocket Patch, quickly and easily turn any pocket into a radiation shield for your reproductive organs, protecting you from damaging cell phone & WiFi radiation. Cell phones emit a type of radiation that can damage your reproductive organs, affecting your fertility and virility. The Pocket Patch is made with an advanced combination of silver and copper, woven into comfortable, high-quality cotton. The Pocket Patch was tested for shielding effectiveness at the UCLA Center for High Frequency Electronics. You never need to remember your radiation protection, because it's always right in your pocket. This portable kit includes a single, four-compartment pill box that holds one day of medication.

The waterproof DryBUDS SPORT with microphone is the newest waterproof headphone from DryCASE. Listen clearly - Sleek noise-canceling WindStop microphone delivers superior audio quality in windy environments. The Ztylus ZGS-4 Case features a tripod mount, interchangeable lenses, and a hand grip that will turn your Samsung Galaxy 4 into a better camera. The Ztylus ZGN-3 Case features a tripod mount, interchangeable lenses, and a hand grip that will turn your Samsung Note 3 into a better camera. Blue de Genes from Denmark developed a classic five pocket which is loaded with rich details. The Blue de Genes ‘Repi’ model is a five pocket jean with some creative twists, the selvage coin pocket is for example slightly angled and their emblem which is the inner part of their logo, the city shield of Genova, is placed on the right pocket. This is what makes the Pocket Patch comfortable against the skin and hypoallergenic, while still deflecting up to 99% of cell phone radiation.

It features a sliding desk that turns your work, reading, or gaming time into a healthy part of the day. The jeans model is called ‘Repi’, named after Renzo Piano which is an Italian architect from Genoa.
To make the jean complete they added an authentic pocket flasher on the right back pocket with all the details.

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