I know I talk a lot about zombie survival, alien invasions and other crazy Apocalyptic scenarios, but most of that is to keep a somewhat serious topic (human survival) to more of a fun level. So I’ve decided to share a list of items I have in my personal Post Apocalypse survival kit. Emergency Blanket (Thermal blankets): These are those little aluminium- looking blankets you can buy at any camping store. Energy Bars (food ration): Have a couple in your kit for backup if your food source is running low and you need that extra energy. Rubber Gloves: Anytime you’re administering first aid to someone, you should wear gloves! Tinfoil: Can be used in lieu of a mirror to signal planes or boats, and takes up less space. They also have some premade survival kits and survival backpacks if that makes it easier for you. A survival kit you can simply put together yourself and may already have a few of the items in your home. Try to go camping or hiking every so often, to test your skills of survival in the wilderness. They are good for making into an emergency shelter, keeps you warm, and is reflective (i.e. Something easy enough so you can grab and go and is your life support till you find new resources. There are a number of DIY tricks that you can use to get your car cleaned up and perfectly organized.
I would recommend you make a survival kit for each member of your family just to be extra safe. You just have to begin by cleaning out the car and making a list of things that you need to carry with you.
If you have something someone else wants desperately, they will fight for it, or even kill for it.

Even if you have children, teenagers or even pets who ride with you frequently, we have put together a great list of ways that you can perfectly organize your car and keep it looking clean while ensuring that you always have everything that you need.
The truth is that if you are more prepared than your opponent then you’ll have a bigger chance to win and survive another day. Many of these will work in everything from small sports cars to larger SUVs so they are perfect for any vehicle.Remote Holder Doubles as StorageIkea has a great Flort Remote Control that is perfect for keeping the backseat organized and clean. You just run it under your little one’s car seat and it will hold toys, paper, crayons, books and anything else that your little one wants to take along. Via – Ikeahackers Use a Cheap Beauty Bag for PaperworkYou can pick up a makeup bag for around $1 at most Dollar Stores and use it to keep paperwork organized. The bag will fit nicely into most consoles and glove compartments or you could simply store it under the seat.
Via – Pedalsandpumps Learn Where Everything Should GoBefore you can perfectly organize your car, you need to know what should be with you and what you can do without.
Just as if you were organizing your closets or anywhere else, you should make a list of things that you need and figure out what you can get rid of. Once you know what you need in the car, you can keep everything better organized so that you can find it when you need it. Via – Cleanandscentsible Use Shower CaddiesPlastic clear shower caddies work great to hold items that you need to keep with you.
Then you just have to fill them up with all of the things that you need and hang them on the back of the back seat or even the front seat if you want the items to be handy for passengers. Via – Diyncrafts Use a Backpack as a DeskWith a little imagination, you can turn an ordinary backpack into a great desk that will keep kids organized and occupied. The backpack will hang perfectly on the back of the front seat and it can be filled with everything that kids need to keep them busy during travel. Via – Best-b2b Keep Your Keys OrganizedOk, so this one doesn’t actually go in the car but it is important to keep your keys organized.
If you tend to lose your keys from time to time, this is a great idea for keeping them all together.

You just have to create a station for the keys with a picture frame, some hooks for keys and colorful paper or fabric for the backing. Via – Etsy Keep Plastic Bags OrganizedYou can make a great storage container for plastic shopping bags out of an empty Kleenex box. The box can be easily stored under the seat or just anywhere you have room and the bags will come in really handy for trash, wet clothing, diapers and a host of other things that you may need to bag up while you are traveling. Via – Campclem Use Space WiselyIf you have space between your seats, this is the perfect place to keep things organized. You can add a tote, plastic box or bag filled with whatever you need and fit it nicely into this empty space. This is great for keeping kids toys and other necessities within reach but still perfectly organized so that they don’t lose crayons, LEGOs and other smaller items under the seat. Via – Craftapple Get an Entertainment OrganizerWhether you buy or make one, an entertainment organizer is a must, particularly if you have children of any age. You can keep cell phones, drinks and other items like small toys, coloring books and crayons and practically anything that any child would need when traveling. And, when you have their things close by and organized, you get less “Are we there yet?” Via – Ajennuinelife Organize Your SnacksKeeping snacks organized is essential in keeping everyone happy. You can store it under the seat and it has room for all types of snacks so you can take along something that everyone loves.
I have been using plastic name business tag holders to keep them in order and from losing them.
I use double stick tape and clear plastic strip to keep them in order and sliding around inside the holder. I have lost one holder and three tags at one time while pulling out my keys so I had to reorder those lost tags.

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