Flight planning is simplified by the inclusion of aircraft-specific performance data (V-speeds, takeoff distance, climb performance, cruise power settings, true airspeed, fuel burn, and landing distance), as well as weight and balance graphs.
Additionally, a wealth of other useful information is included, such as VFR communications and weather requirements, METAR & TAF codes, IFR Holding Procedures, illustrated Airport Signs & Markings, Light Gun Signals, and Intercept Procedures. Conveniently sized at 6” wide by 9” high, ProPilot Checklist fits easily on your kneeboard. Related:cessna c172 checklist cessna c150 checklist 172 5 cessna 172 5mm cessna caravan 172 tortoise cream demo lens pa 28 161 checklist wedding checklist bug out bag checklistDid you find what you were looking for?If not, do another upc barcode lookup using a different query.
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Each year, aircraft accidents and incidents occur - events that would have been easily prevented had the pilot used a checklist. These handsome booklets are fully laminated and wire-bound for durability and long life, and are perfect for VFR and IFR pilots of all skill levels. IFR checklist items are integrated into phase of flight, and IFR Approach and Departure Briefing sections are also provided.
Metal binding and heavy lamination makes this probably the most robust checklist I've picked up.
Secondly, the emergency section is broken down and not only color-coded, but has pictures associated with each type of procedure for FAST reference.
Basic performance charts in the back for rough calculations (Every aircraft is different, so always reference your POH for the actual data), and basic, but rarely used data like lightgun signals, and common frequencies for in-air reference.

Overall, the checklist is very detailed, but broken down into boxes pertinent to each phase of flight. I highly recommend this checklist for aircraft owners, and even for flight school use as well.

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