Perhaps the most important part of your long-term emergency storage will be a supply of clean drinking water, experts recommend 1 gallon per day per person. The long-term emergency water supply kit includes 5-gallon water pouches and heavy-duty boxes, a hose to fill the pouch from a sink, and Aquamira water treatment drops. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I have been using Emergency Essentials for years and have nothing but the best of service from them. Emergency Essentials has the best prices, the best customer service, excellent quality food, and the best selection of products anywhere. Emergency Essentials® delivers exactly what people reach for during widespread disasters like storms and earthquakes, as well when facing everyday challenges like an accident, illness or job loss. We are the nation’s oldest and largest supplier of all things preparedness, specializing in the finest in freeze-dried food, emergency gear, and water storage. You’ll also find a wide selection of emergency kits, MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), year supplies of long-term food storage, auto kits, water filters…in short, everything a person, family or institution needs to be prepared when an emergency strikes. There’s no way to be ready for everything, but Emergency Essentials can get you pretty darn close. Think about how much you depend on an ever-present supply of food, water, electricity, and heat, an ability to communicate, a place to lay your head, and an ability to travel. While natural or economic disasters pose definite risks, personal emergencies like job loss, divorce, or physical disability due to accident or illness all too often turns the lives of individuals and families upside down, making putting the next meal on the table all the more challenging. The bottom line is: unfortunate things happen all the time–and you are the first and best defense for helping yourself and your family.

While you?re working on gathering and storing supplies, visit our official blog for great ideas and to learn some useful skills. Legacy Essentials bulk emergency food storage ingredients provide high quality, affordable ingredients like powdered eggs, honey powder, pancake mix, diced onions and more. Buying bulk ingredients is a great way to round out your food storage plan. With water supply boxes you can utilize your storage space and have an emergency water supply that you can take with you.
Move the 55-gallon water barrels out of the way and maximize storage space with stackable boxes that contain emergency water bags.
Each bag has a pourable spigot; water bags fit in stackable boxes and are conveniently compact and portable. Protect your family with a boxed emergency supply of long-term storage water that does not contain harmful chemicals. We also provide warmth and shelter, first-aid and sanitation, lighting and power back-up, communications and more.
Preparing for your survival needs in a disaster can seem daunting, but if you follow a simple plan, you’ll be prepared before you know it.
Here’s an easy Emergency and Evacuation Plan template you can use—just fill in your information and you’re ready to go! Our Preparedness Pantry blog and our Insight Articles provide top-notch emergency preparedness education.
But the truth is, most preppers are just everyday people planning ahead for unexpected circumstances with a bit of food storage, water storage, emergency power, and other supplies that will fulfill their basic needs if somehow their supply to their everyday source of supplies (like a grocery store) is unavailable for a while. Legacy Essentials bulk ingredients are purchased from our distributors as single pouches or as a value six-pack.

Store long-term potable water in 5-gallon BPA-free water bags, Aquamira water treatment tablets included. Aquamira treatment tablets purify water for five years, eliminating the cumbersome task of emptying and refilling the immovable water barrels.
We are confident you won't find a better deal anywhere else within 30 days of your purchase.
There’s more great information available via our Emergency Essentials Forum and Facebook page to get you exactly what you need. Each 5-gallon bag is thick, durable, hard to pierce and stored in stackable, heavy-duty boxes. Compile your supply of Aquamira-treated water into heavy-duty storage boxes and be prepared for any long-term emergency that may affect your water supply. The filling hose can be hooked up to any bathroom or kitchen faucet; an outdoor ?-inch spigot is also included.
Chlorine Dioxide tablets will not discolor storage water or create harmful byproducts like bleach will. If you find the same product anywhere else for less, let us know and we'll match the price and give you a gift certificate toward your next purchase in the amount of the difference.

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